Top 10 Best Money Management Apps For Android And iOS

People nowadays rarely have time to keep track of their income and expenses, which is where the best money management apps come in. These applications will help you understand your income and spending so you can have complete control over your finances. 

There are various apps that will track all of your income and expenses, as well as your investments, and offer financial advise.

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These applications are simple to use and integrate with your accounts, and include features that are tailored to your budgeting preferences.

Here are some of the top money management apps to help you start saving and living a more secure financial life!



Mint has received excellent reviews from both the App Store and Play Store. It is easy to use and can keep track of your bank accounts, credit cards, and investments, among other things.

It automatically categorises your spending when it comes to budgeting. These categories can be customised which are limitless. You can set limitations for these categories, and Mint will alert you if you’re getting close to them.

Mint may be able to assist customers pay down debt, save more money, plan budgets and future costs, and track objectives in addition to its budgeting tools.

Users’ credit scores and net worth are also displayed on the app. Its primary purpose is to provide you with a financial picture.

YNAB (You Need A Budget)


YNAB (You Need A Budget) is an award-winning money management application that focuses on assisting clients in reducing debt and saving money.

It is an excellent app for creating and sticking to a budget. It is well-designed and provides a clear picture of where your money goes.

Its standout feature is that, rather than applying basic budgeting buckets, users designate every dollar they earn to something (defined as a ‘zero-based budgeting method,’ in which no dollar goes unaccounted for). Every dollar has a task assigned to it, such as paying bills , saving money, investing, and so on.

The app aids users in determining their financial priorities and objectives. For the first 34 days, you can test it risk-free.



Goodbudget is all about financial planning than it is about keeping track of previous transactions. The envelope budgeting approach is used in this application. One of the very first strategies to save money was to use envelopes.

It involves physically splitting your funds into envelopes labelled with their intended uses, such as rent, groceries, bills, and a fun envelope. You can utilise the same budgeting strategy with this application, but it will be done digitally.

It’s particularly useful for maintaining a combined household budget because it allows you to sync the budget with other people.

It also offers excellent instructional tools, such as budget webinars and podcasts to help you improve your financial knowledge.

The free version resembles the paid version very closely. The paid version includes all of the same features as the standard version, but with additional capabilities such as unlimited envelopes.



For many couples, household finances are a source of contention. Honeydue strives to improve communication and transparency between couples when it comes to their finances and expenses. Bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments can all be synced between the two couples. Although you have complete control over how much information you provide to your partner.

The free budget tool categorises spending automatically, but you may also create own categories. You and your partner can establish monthly limits for each of these categories together, and it will notify you when you or your partner approaches the limits.

It also sends bill reminders and allows you to chat.



PocketGuard is a good money management application since it shows you the basics: how much money you have, how much money you spend, and how much money you have left over.

The application also shows you which expenses are consuming up the most of your money in a handy pie chart that you can customise. You can set spending restrictions directly in the app to help remind yourself of probable excess.

You can also choose not to link your accounts and instead keep track of your spending manually. It is free but its plus version costs around $7.99 per month or $99.99 for lifetime purchase.

One great feature of the app is that it can help you negotiate better prices on your monthly bills, such as your cable bill or cell phone bill, by linking your recurring invoices.

The app accomplishes this by presenting users with personalised offers based on the information they provide in their profile section.



EveryDollar is a money management application that is completely free. This app is based on zero-based budgeting structure that Dave Ramsey, a financial expert, recommends. It is less complicated and easy to handle. EveryDollar, as the app’s name suggests, the application gives every dollar a role.

The free version is basic since you don’t sync accounts. Throughout the month, you manually enter incoming and outgoing funds. You can also categorise line items in your budget and set bill payment reminders.

With the premium version, you may link your bank accounts to make tracking transactions easier. You may also keep track of your debts, view reports on your spending, and print your transaction history.

You may contact with money management specialists who can assist you with your budgeting through the app. The paid option of the application is available for free to all new users. You can upgrade your app on a permanent basis from the app menu. 

Personal Capital


Personal Capital is mainly an investment application, but it is also an app that can assist
budgeters to keep a track of their expenditures.

You can link your bank account to manage spending and set a monthly budget, but the app shines when it comes to tracking and optimising your investments. Accounts, asset classes, and individual securities can all be used to track your portfolio.

It also has a portfolio breakdown and a net worth tracker. You can check if you’re on track to meet your investment objectives by comparing your portfolio to key market benchmarks.


Many other money management apps are intended for usage by a single person. Spendee helps you build joint wallets with friends and family to keep track of combined costs for a household budget. Import your bank transactions and let the application categorise them for you so you can keep track of your monthly spending.

You can manually enter your expenditure to get a more accurate view of your spending habits. Create allocated amounts for each expenditure category and track your progress toward the budgeted amount to avoid going over budget.

The bill tracker feature ensures that you pay all of your payments on time and avoid late fees. If you’re planning a trip or another special occasion, you can establish a category just for it to keep track of your spending and stay on track.



Stash has features that allow you to keep track of your spending and set savings goals. It gives you access to a variety of money management tools, as well as a taxable brokerage account. If you wish to automate these goals, you can utilise tools like round-ups and automatic investment in the budgeting section of the app to help you achieve them passively.

In addition to passive savings, Stash’s checking account boasts no overdraft fees, no minimum balance, no hidden costs, and cheques received via direct deposit arrive up to two days early. 

Stash offers three different plans, each with a different price and set of features. The plans are $1 per month, $3 per month, and $9 per month.



Mobills categorises your expenses so you can keep track of how close you are to reaching your allocated amount. 

Check how much money you have left, to see whether you need to cut back. The budgeting app has interactive charts that you may use to examine your financial situation.

You can utilise them to make changes as needed to meet your bigger financial objectives. Add your credit cards to the app to check your current balance and spending limitations in one convenient location.

You can enter all of your bills and due dates to keep track of when they are due. The app’s free version offers restricted functionality, however paying to the premium version unlocks all of the app’s capabilities


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