Top 10 Best Microphone Apps For iOS And Android!

A computer microphone is often used by users to communicate in voice in different application.

And if you are a student or a professional, we all have used microphones to communicate in voice while using Apps like Skype. In a nutshell microphone is the basic necessity for communication.

It helps you to easily converse with colleague, team, group or individual. Usually we all have microphone pre-installed in our smartphone or PC.

But what if your microphone stop working because of accidental fall or for another reason unknown to you.

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What you will do? Will you buy new microphone or compensate with the degraded voice quality? Whatever is the case you don’t have to stress about anything, because technology has the perfect solution for you.

There are plenty of microphone apps are available online. And you don’t have to even spend single penny for it. You just have to download the app on your phone and your smartphone will work as microphone.

These apps increase the quality and volume of sound. Moreover you can use these apps to make announce, speech, presentation or other purposes.

It is temporary yet effective solution when you are out of external mic. Here we have dodged out some of the best apps for both iOS and Android users.


Best Microphone Apps

 Microphone Live

Microphone live

Microphone live is one of the highly rated apps specially designed for iOS users only.

This app helps you to easily use your smartphone as microphone by plugging your iOS device in stereo system.

You can make announcements, go wireless with Bluetooth and Airplay streaming without using any external device.

Besides this you get some other features such as easy on off switch, swipe option to adjust volume, backgrounding and lock screen support.

And the best thing with the app is that it allows you multi app audio mixing.



If you want to have a mobile recording studio for music, podcasting and filming, then this one is best you can have.

This app will turn your microphone into 17 different studio formats.

It allows you to record, import, and change the sound of any audio for free.With this app you can also swap microphones for different sounds.

Besides this you get some amazing features like live monitoring, input adjustment, and colour code for recording and much more. You can also change the sound of pre-existing audio in any format.


Microphone By wonder grace

It is another powerful app to enhance the sound quality of smartphone or PC. It is available for android users only.

This app converts your smartphone mic to speaker routing, so that your phone can work as microphone.

Apart from this you get many features like amplifier, stereo, equalizer, widget support, Line in- out selection and much more.

You also get an option of resizing with this app. And to provide you security it has lock feature that keeps your data safe and secure. Additionally, it also supports Locale/tasker plugin.

Pro Microphone

Pro Microphone

Pro Microphone is another popular app easily available for both iOS and Android users. It is specially designed for beginning singers to make their sound little louder.

With this app you get many awesome tools for rehearsal or singing exercises for concerts and karaoke parties.

You get a huge array of mics such as dynamic, stage, valve and condenser. And each mic has its own sound effects. Additionally, you also get detail information of each mic.

Besides this you get some other options like recording and loops with multiple slots, equalizer, automatic saves, metronome and your own backing tracks.

Extra Mic

Extra Mic

Extra Mic is best microphone app for android users with ultra-low latency technology.

You can easily connect your device to an external speaker and speak in front of internal microphone.

It can be used for music performance, presentation, outdoor activities, audio amplifications and other purposes.

Besides this you get many other features like control volume, equalize, bass, voice options and many others.

So if you are looking for an app that can fulfil all your communication needs then it is worth trying. As this app is only available for android users, iOS users look away.



It is a wireless microphone app that you can use on your smart device. It is free and easy to use speech recognition app which can be used to dictate notes, submits transcriptions to service and any other means.

It easily converts text in to speech and vice versa. With this app your phone instantly become of high quality because of advance volume feature.

Additionally, it also has a feature of noise cancellation. Usually you get all features in free version but if you wish to experience advance one you can buy subscription anytime.

This App is exclusively available for iOS users. Also, If you are facing issues with the microphone then consider reading a helpful post.

Ez Mic

Ez mic

If you want to use your smartphone as a microphone on your computer then this app is perfect for you. It is easily available for both iOS and Android users.

This app helps you to easily add different voice effects from its library. Though you can also import sounds from other sources for free.

And the fun feature with this app is that you use this app to make a prank call to your friends and family. This app is also compatible with many devices.

Additionally it is also available on Windows7, 8, and 10. So what you are waiting for download the app and have fun.

Wo Mic

Wo mic

Wo mic is one of the best app that allows you to turn you phone into PC mic. It easily captures your voice data from phone microphone and transmits the data to computer through Wi-Fi.

You can easily use this app with any program on your computer list just like real microphone without any lag.

It also has audio format 4800 sampling rate, 16 bits per sample, and mono channel which helps you to start video chatting with strangers for free.

And If you wish to get rid of ads you can buy subscription anytime.



Megaphone is a popular voice amplifier app for iOS and Android users. This app instantly transforms your phone in to microphone when it connects to external speakers.

Whether you are making a speech or at a party it enhances the sound quality and makes it crystal clear.

Besides this you get some other features like easy connection with wired speaker, Bluetooth speakers, speaker via airplay and much more.

It also has a dark and light theme which you can choose as per your preference. And the best part with the app is that you can stream it live on apple TV.

3M Microphone

3M microphone

It is last but not the least option to use your phone as microphone. It is easily available for both iOS and android users.

This app allows the clinicians to dictate using 3M fluency directly from desktop without any physical microphone.

Besides this it securely transmits the data to stream audio from mobile device directly. It also allows you to change your voice and echo your voice after a set time.

Apart from tis you get many features like landscape view, toolbar buttons with easy configuration and background recording for 10seconds.


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