Top 10 Best Massage Finder Apps For Android & iOS

We all know that self-care is the best care and the massage finder apps help you to take care of yourself. 

You no longer need to go any spa or salon every time, spa will come to your home. You can book online through these apps, and practitioners will come to your home for service. 

Give yourself time in busy schedule; relaxing in your home you can enjoy massage and all other body care treatment.

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These massage finder apps opt to provide spa like services at your home. The main benefit is you can fix the timings at any time in a day whenever you are free. 

These apps are very convenient nowadays; many people are using it since there services are good and satisfying. 

Hence, we have listed the best massage finder apps from where you can book online to get massage in your home.



Urban is one of the most trusted massage finder apps. 

Only four tap on your phone is needed to book any kind of treatment like massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, yoga, waxing and many others. 

There are 30 plus home and online treatments available and to perform them 1000s of qualified and handpicked practitioners are there. 

Give yourself 60 minutes of me-time through these treatments as urban is on a mission to provide affordable and enjoyable services.



Book for massage today from soothe app, the high –rated and on-demand wellness platform in world. 

The app connects you with top class therapist in your area available any time in a day. 

The therapists are very skilled and experienced who gives you the most relaxing and perfect massage. 

When you book for massage from the app, the therapists will bring all the stuff which is needed to create a relaxing space including music. You could request for on-demand massage or rebook your favorite therapist in app.

Zeel ln

zeel in

This massage finder app is well known for its spa quality massage, safety, leading and largest on-demand massage provider apps. 

You could book any type massage and it takes not more than an hour for therapists to come at your doorstep. You have the control to choose gender for your comfort.

 Zeel provide you the option to join its membership programme where discounted massage are for so plus you are able to enhance your wellness routine.

Bloom me


This massage finder app is next in our list. The app helps you to find the spa & salons near your area. 

You can book online in any spa through the app. Booking through this app will give you a huge discount up to 40% on every treatment

Spa information with reviews by other app users is given so you are able to choose the best one. Book online using the app, so you never have to worry about availability in different spas.

Massage seekers

Message Seekers

This app let you to book massage online and the professionals near you come to your home. 

The app is highly rated and you can book massage professionals 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Options are available for you to choose the type of massage you want. Therapists are picked after seeing their experience and certification. 

You would experience the most relaxing and top class massage when you book from this app.



 This is a 5 star massage finder app which give you an amazing experience in massage. 

The massage modalities are available from Swedish, sports, and deep tissue and pre-natal. 

The therapists are professional are trained to meet all your expectations and give you quality and service. The app provides same day, on-demand, in-home massage to customers.

Massage me

Massage Me

Massage me app is the perfect app to find the therapist near your area. 

Therapists are professional and experienced so you do not need to give a second thought before booking. 

You could book any day of a week in day time. The therapist brings all the essentials things like lotion or oil to create a comfortable space at your home or office. 

The app continuously reviews client’s feedback so they always meet your expectations. Download the app and book right services treatment for yourself.



Few taps in your mobile connects you to the professionally trained and certified massage trainers using this app. 

This app provides you the affordable massages in your preferred location with convenience and privacy. 

Massages are available of different types like traditional Chinese tui na, therapeutic sports massage , Thai massage , deep tissue massage and drainage massage and pregnancy massage are also available in the list.



This app is created by osteopaths whom main motive is to help the patients to improve their health by doing a special kind of massage named as knap massage. 

The knap massage is a self massage technique of points located on crucial area of human bodies. 

The app helps you to do the knap massage which can be performed by every age group, from child to elderly. Practice this massage method with the help of the app to improve your health.



This massage finder app is last in our list. The app offers you great discounts on a wide range services at salons, massage and Fitness centers in your area. 

Exclusive deals from top rated spas are also available for you in the app .You don’t have to pay for book and cancel your bookings. 

The services include are Thai massage , yoga , fitness, hair treatments and even dental care. Book your treatment from this app and enjoy great discounts on services.


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