Top 10 Best Free Legal Websites To Download Music!

Music is the most touching art form that ever existed. You do not need an elaborate understanding of all the pitches, notes, etc to feel the emotion of music. With the era of everything being available on internet, music is too!

You may stream or download music from hundreds of sites for free. Streaming is a less popular choice due to advertisements and buffering related issues. 

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Being readily available for download freely among so many resources leads us to question- is it legal?

All the websites offering free download of music are not legal. They often publish pirated versions of the songs and hence do not promise high quality sound.

Here, we have looked up Top 10 free and legal websites to download music for you to enjoy high quality sound, offline.


10 Best Free And Legal Website


soundcloudTo talk of music and not start with SoundCloud would be a sin. This one is the most popular source of free music among all kinds of music audiences.

With the largest collection of songs and most of them available for download, SoundCloud comes up as the most preferred website to download and stream music for free.

It also allows the young artists to upload their songs which are then available to the users to hear.


As a close competition to SoundCloud, Jamendo offers a vast variety of songs with music from almost every genre.

All of the music is available for streaming and download functions in high quality. With a collection of 6,00,000+ songs as on January 2020, it remains dynamic and updated unlike most websites.

Out of all genres, the indie songs’ collection in Jamendo is remarkable.

Overall it is a really simple and efficient website for you to enjoy uninterrupted high quality music.

Amazon Music StoreAmazon Music

The corporate giant – Amazon aims at making the overall internet experience of a user the best. Apart from all of the OTT, E-shopping, etc. facilities, it also offers the Amazon Music Store for music download and streaming.

This legal website offers more than 50,000 songs for you to enjoy. The website offers categorization of songs for easily locating music.

The user interface and experience might not seem satisfactory to you  but the quality of songs compensates for the same.

Free Music Archive FMA

With a vast collection of songs, the next up in the list is Free Music Archive. The website offers free music for you to stream and download legally, for free.

It also allows young and budding artists to upload their songs.

The download and streaming services do not require you to sign up or register in any way, therefore, it is also completely secure.

One striking feature of the website is especially curetted playlists – not just by the other music enthusiasts, but by radio stations and labels.

For people who love discovering new music on recommendations- this is the website to go to.

YouTube Youtube

The most popular video streaming website is also one of the biggest communities of music enthusiasts. Artists are free to upload their songs as videos and all users are free to stream any of them over internet.

Most of the songs are also available for download or save, with which you can listen to it offline.

Various mix-tapes, mash-ups, versions, covers, etc. can also be seen in YouTube. If one wants to get the particular video song in mp3 format, it is as easy as saying “YouTube”.

There are many websites that offer conversion of YouTube videos to mp3,mp4 and other formats – and also provide a direct link to download the converted format.



ReverbNation is the website that offers music of millions of artists from all around the world. It comes with an option to stream or download music, both of which are of high sound quality.

The user interface of the website is easy to use and understand. The music, being from around the world, comprises of most of the genres of music.

Internet Archive

Internet archiveThe website of Internet Archive offers almost everything for you to download on legal basis for free. In the audio section, the website provides a varied collection of music available for streaming and download.

The most interesting ingredient of the website is the availability of many podcasts, audio books and live music collections apart from music, again, for free.

The website also offers categorization of music, which is, however, not very praised.

Overall, it is a great option for downloading music and podcasts if you are looking for a free and legal alternative.



The website SoundClick comes packed with a decent number of songs from every genre to make your listening experience a great one.

Most of the music is available for download. A distinct feature is that it depends on the artist whether or not he wants to give his music for free. The budding artists generally offer their songs for free streaming and download.

The song collection is categorized into different moods and genres to enhance user experience.

The hip hop collection, however, is not the best.


DatPiffFor the major hip hop and rap fan in you, DatPiff offers the greatest and best collection of music in the genre for free, legally.

Where almost every song has the option to be downloaded, all of them are free to be streamed online.

The music available is of high quality.

The website lacks trendy website interface, yet, it remains the best choice if one is a hip-hop lover.

Google Play Store

play storeNo jokes, this might come a little surprising to you. The greatest website of applications and games also offers music for you to download for free. One does not have to worry about legality when it is Google.

The Google Play Store offers variety of genres for you to enjoy. The music, completely free in most of the cases and always of high sound quality, is available for download.

The shortcoming here is that this website lacks trendy collection of music. It takes time for a song to be available in the Google Play Store.


When online, there are many options to stream your music.

To download the music, however, one should ensure downloading from a safe and authentic website for the best experience. After all, music is the greatest art forms of all time, why compromise with the quality?


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