Top 10 Best KissAnime Alternatives

Anime a Japanese word means animation in which hand drawn images could be photographed one at a time, each a bit different, and when stringed together would create an illusion of motion. Kissanime alternatives are high in demand due to increased popularity of anime.

And who doesn’t love watching cartoon. This is the one thing that made our childhood so amazing with fun characters. That’s why even now if we are asked to watch cartoon, hardly anyone deny.

And when we talk about Anime live streaming one name always stands ahead. Kissanime is paradise for anime lovers.

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This streaming site has huge collection of anime genres such as Action, Adventure, drama, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi.

In a nutshell it is the best option to watch cartoon shows and movies. Now that you must be wondering when Kiss Anime has all what an anime lover wants, then why we are looking for an alternative?

But over last few years their site has become unstable and its server get down sometimes due to network glitches. Therefore it is better to choose some alternative that are safe & secure and also provide better live streaming features and huge genre of cartoon shows.

Here we have dodged out some of the Kiss Anime alternative that you can easily access and enjoy your shows.


10 Best Kiss Anime Alternatives

Anime Planet

Anime Planet

Animeplanet is one of the oldest and most popular sites among anime and manga lovers. This site comes with more than 45000 anime episode and movies.

It is professionally designed website that categories different genre in neatly manner for your easy access. Additionally you get recommendation every week as per the popularity of any show.

Not even this you can also know all the details of a top loved character, top hated character, and many more. Along with this you can also join Anime Planet community to join people who love to watch movies and shows like you.



Crunchy roll

If you are an amid anime lover then this is one of the authentic site for anime lovers. This site has world’s largest collection of anime that is popular among 50 million registered users.

It comes with more than 900 series contain over 25000 episodes. You can also browse other content including Asian Drama and Manga titles. For new users, it is available for 14 days free trial so to get the unlimited access you have to take subscription.

Apart from this you get latest episode of any new series after one hour of its release. Moreover it also features upcoming anime shows as well as anime voiceover artists and animator.


Anime Lab

Anime Lab

Anime Lab is one of the site that let you stream multitude of anime titles for free. It has over 718 shows and movies across 32 genres.

And its best feature is that you can request your favorite anime if it is not included in catalogue.

Moreover you get access to watch your favorite shows and movies account on multiple devices like Samsung, apple TV, Sony TV, Chromecast and even smartphone apps.

Anime Lab delivers the most popular shows and movies including simulcast straight from Japan.


Chia Anime

Chia Anime

Chis Anime is considered to be true Kiss Anime alternative for several reasons. Firstly, just like Kiss Anime it also provides both free access and a great collection of Anime stuff like movies, shows, and videos.

And the best feature of this site is it not only gives you access to watch shows but also you can download the videos to watch anime offline.

And you get both subbed and dubbed version of shows and movies so that you don’t have to be regional native to watch your beloved cartoon shows.


Gogo Anime

Gogo anime

Gogo Anime is another site that offers dozens of anime shows and movies. You can easily access any of the show and enjoy it directly through the website.

It has a beautifully designed home page where the entire genre are categorized according to alphabetical order for better user experience. Along with this you get many other features like old show’s episode, popular anime movies and upcoming series.

Apparently, this site also has strong social media presence so that you can easily follow it for more updates.


Anime Freak

Anime Freak

Anime freak is another go to place for anime and manga lovers. This site has largest database of anime and manga content with tons of different genre including romance, horror, humour, and action.

It also has an attractive user friendly interface with many useful links like ongoing anime, latest episode, popular anime, browse by genre and more.

And it’s one of the best feature is totally safe and secure no copyright infringement. So if you are looking for a simple yet safe user interface site then this is best you can have.


9 Anime

9 Anime

It is another fast online streaming site with a sleek design and even sleeker library of anime content.

On this site you can enjoy millions of anime shows, movies and cartoon series that too without any registration. Apart from this you get both subbed and dubbed version of anime shows with amazing sound quality.

And its best feature is that you can make request for any show if it is not available on site.

In a nutshell it is the best alternative that gives you enhanced feature than Kiss Anime.


Anime Karma

Anime KArma

Anime Karma is the site that gives you access to a place where you can stream dozens of anime videos and movies in high quality.

From top IMDB anime, and trending movies to features shows this website has enormous library of all type anime that you can enjoy anytime anywhere.

And its unique feature is that you can get access to old and classic shows of different genre with ease. Additionally, you also get an option to watch top rated and trending shows, series and movies.


Anime Heaven

As its name depicts this is truly a heaven for anime lovers. It is the place where you can watch anime video for free.

You don’t need any survey, instant premium streaming of anime.

And most important it comes with an updated mobile friendly interface. Moreover there is no limitation on watching videos you can stream unlimited.

So if you are looking for an app with easily categorized option to watch videos then this is the best option you can ever have.


Horrible Subs

Horrible subs

Horrible Subs is another highly rated app where you can stream your favorite online anime in all video quality 480p to 1080p.

It also gives an option to user to vote and rate the shows so that they can uplift the viewer’s experience.

Along with this it has many features like categorized genre to choose from adventure, fantasy, horror, comedy, drama and many others.

Additionally, this site also has a release schedule feature where you can get a list of all upcoming anime episodes with specific anime release date and time.



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