Top 10 Best Karaoke Apps for iOS and Android

Music is an integral part of our life that brings calmness and melody to life. Whether we are attending any function, arranging a party we all need some peppy numbers and dance song to groove on. Also Karaoke Apps can add spark to all your fun plans.

And among all the entertainment activities singing is one of the most desirable. For some it could be just an activity but for some it is passion. Gone are the days when budget posed a big problem in fulfilling a singer’s dream to achieve popularity.

So if you are passionate for singing but short of funds to buy instrument and other supporting equipment, then karaoke app is here for your rescue.

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Karaoke is a form of singing to pre-recorded music where a singer can record with vocals in sync with music to form a fully packaged song.

Along with this you get full lyrics on the screen of the app to maintain a constant flow with song. With time, the demand and popularity of karaoke went up and many mobile companies pounced on to leverage this demand.

Here we have dodged out some of the best karaoke apps to help you to achieve the fame in singing all around the world.


10 Best Karaoke Apps


SongPOP 2

Songpop2 is one of the highly rated apps for android and iOS users. This app comes with more than 100,000 real music clips from artists like Rihanna, Queen, One direction and many more.

You can choose any of them and sing along with it. It allows you to record yourself while you sing. Apart from this you get music from every genre such as classic rock song, countries favorites, the best rap and hip hop songs of all times.

One of the best features of this app is that it allows you to balance the music with themes, video effects and other customization.



Voloco is a real time voice processing app that combines automatic tuning, harmony and coding. This app has 6 different vocal effects that you can choose as per your choice.

It comes with an easy interface where you can pick any track from your music and voloco will automatically guess it and tune it with your voice. You can also create your own selfie video with this app.

And its best feature is it allows you to mix your song with other app to create your own version. You can anytime share your songs and video with your friends and family.



With this app you can sing and make music with your friends from all over the world. It also allows you to make single and duet karaoke with your friends.

And its most exciting feature is that you can duet with some popular singer such as Ed Sheeran, and Luis Fonsi. Apart from this you get many editing tools effects, video filters and visual effects to make your song more eyes catchy.

Along with this you can also start a live jam to sing and perform live with friends and other music lovers all over the world.



Karafun is a karaoke party app specially designed for iOS and Android users. This app comes with more than 35000+ songs that you can easily access from your computer and tablet.

You can easily choose a song and record it in your voice. Apart from this it also allows you to record in offline mode too. You get weekly updates and control over each vocal track individually.

One of the best feature is it allows you to make a list of your favorite songs and new song track list. It is available in both free and paid version.


We Sing

Wesing is an amazing app that comes in a very delightful pocket version. With this app you can sing, record with new song updates every day.

This app helps you to record your performances on every favorite song and make you shine like a star. Along with this you get many features like intelligent search function, visual and sound effects for recording, and duet option to sing with others.

Its best feature is that you get a replay option and cutting edge voice enhancement technology for best quality recordings. And you can also share your song on many social media sites.

Karaoke by Yokee

Karoke By Yorkee

It is the app that let you and your friend sing along through your screen for free. It has a huge collection of song from different artists.

You can easily search and record in your own voice. Apart from this you get many features like sound effects, video themes and visual effects to make your song attention seeking.

It has an amazing sound effect so your voice can be auto enhanced with echo and little reverb. And not even this you can share your work with your friends all across the world.

Star Maker

Star Maker Sing Karoke

It is one of the best apps that will bring the hidden singer out of you. And that is one of the reason it is widely popular among 50M+ users globally.

With this app you can easily pick any song from international catalog and record it. You can also edit your recording with wide range of voice effects, video themes and music.

Not even this you can also share your recording with your friends and gain likes and followers from all over the world. Additionally you also add images and texts to share your thoughts through music.

Singing Machine karaoke

Singing Machine

This is one of the amazing apps that are easily available for both iOS and Android users. It allows you to pair your karaoke machine with this app.

You can pick any song from a hug collection of 18000+ songs and record it. You can also become a DJ by queuing up your favorite 100 song together.

Aside this you can also enhance your recording quality by adding sound effects and echo to make it more attention grabbing. And its best feature is that it allows you to collaborate with your friends and popular artists.

Magicsing Karaoke

Magic Sing

Magicsing karaoke is another app that allows you to record song from its huge collection available for iOS and Android users. It provides more than 20000 songs from different country and languages.

This app gives you access to choose a song, alter the tone, tempo, and melody so that song can be tailored to each unique singer.

Along with this you get many features like voice search function, streaming method to search song, and instrumental accompaniment with volumes and controls. One of the best features of this app is that you get professional musical notes.



Singa is one of the best karaoke apps with 80000 high quality songs and hundreds of curated song list.

With this app you can enjoy singing by yourself, organize your own karaoke party with friends and find the nearest Singa karaoke venue and hit the stage.

Apart from this you can save the best songs and song list to your profile and sing it again and share it with your friends.

And you can also add pitch to a level that suits your voice perfectly.


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