Top 10 Best Music Player Apps For iPhone in 2023!

Music has been an integral part of life since ages. Because it does not only lighten up your mode but also brighten your stressed days. Also If you are using iphone then you might look for different music player apps for iphone.

Whether it’s during morning commute, doing exercise, cooking meals, and even taking shower you need music to ears. Though we always have a default music player along with iPhone but the experience of soothing music is not same anymore.

As earlier iOS music app was just a music player but now just a vehicle for Apple music. In case you yearn for experiencing much more than this then there are awesome third part app.

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With these apps you can enjoy your local music files with more personalized experience on you iOS device. You get high quality audio formats, cloud storage for music files and sound enhancer to improve the bass.

With so many apps already available in the market it gets hard to choose. Not because each app offering you the best service but because of different interest a particular person have.

Keeping that in mind, we have curated some amazing music player, each designed with slightly different music lover in mind. So let’s get back to the list.


10 Best Music Player Apps For iPhone



Flacbox is one of the highly rate music app specially designed for iOS user. This app comes with powerful music player and downloader with audio equalizer and bass booster.

It supports multiple high quality audio formats like FLAC, MP3, ACC, WAV and many more. It also enables you to seamlessly browse music stored on cloud storage including Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive and few more.

And you can also use Flacbox to play music directly from your local storage. Apart from this you get inbuilt equalizer, playback speed control, and advance search option. Its unique feature is you can bookmark your favourite part of particular track.

VOX Music Player

VOX MP3 Flac

This app is another great option to listen high quality music from different sources. Interaction with app is totally relies on swipe gesture that eliminates basic play back button from interface.

This app supports high quality audio format like APE, WAV, ALAC, OGG etc.  Along with this you get access to personal music collection, iTunes library, direct streaming form Spotify and Sound Cloud.

And its most special feature is in-built equalizer with a score of pre-sets and graphical interface to suit the sound according to your taste.

Jam On Toast

Jams on toast

Jam on Toast is a delightful music player for those who truly care for music. This is the only app which let you manually organize your library any way you would like.

This app shows you a album wise layout and also allows you to tidy up the interface by stacking on the top if each other. Though it doesn’t have a shuffle option but it will take you in the era when gramophone was the only means.

You can choose any genre on the app and arrange it alphabetically and move it anywhere in your record collection. In short if you are fan of art with music this is the best choice you can have.

New Monaural

New Monaural

New Monaural is a simple and clean user interface app for music lovers. This app is specially designed for aurally impaired users.

Additionally it covert the stereo track in to monaural ones by layering both channel over each other. And that’s how it let you enjoy natural sounding music even if you are listening track through a single side of headphones.

Apart from this you can also use this feature to provide a surrounded sound experience on wireless speakers with single driver.

CS- Classic Music Player

Classic Music Player

This app is perfect combination of attractive tools and easy user interface. This app let you take full control of iOS library seamlessly, grouping the tracks based on album and artists and much more.

Interaction with app is totally based on swipe features. Apart from this you two them Light and Dark, classic design with re arrange able tabs, full width album artwork, and landscape mode.

It also supports powerful sorting, display options, track details, tagged lyrics and much more. In short if you want original iOS music experience this app is just for you.

Foobar 2000

Foobar 2000

Foobar is an advanced music player specially designed for iOS users. The playback interface of the app only feature the essential options alongside a rich setting interface.

It supports many high quality audio formats like MP3, AAC, Vorbis, WAV, AIFF, and FLAC.  Apart from this you get a customized playback through many options like comprehensive DSP effect manager for feature like crossfade.

You also get 18 band equalizer and the ability to down mix the channel to mono or stereo. In case you are looking for a multifarious music player then it’s definitely one of the best.

Stezza Music Player

Stezza Nusic Player

Stezza music player is simplest and stylish way to interact with iTunes media library. This app gives you a place to organize you music perfectly at one place.

It comes with a very intuitive interface with easy to use tools. Apart from this you get adaptive album theme to decorate your record with custom color theme.

Moreover it also has an option of video playback and it is compatible with Pioneer and App Radio. In short if you want to have a music player pleasing to your eyes nothing can beat this.

You can buy it easily on apple store.



This is another simple and lightweight music player for iOS user that too free of cost. This app is specially designed by keeping in mid the people who enjoy road trips with music.

It offers an immersive experience that work only in landscape mode. The whole app interaction totally based on swipe feature. You can play, pause, increase and decrease volume just by swiping.

As a result it makes the music experience on road trip hassle free. It also recognize ambient and lightening changes and appropriately adjust the interface so it’s always optimal where your drive in day or night.

Jet Audio

jet Audio

Jet audio is another music player for iOS user both in free and paid version. It comes with 10/12 band graphic equalizer and various sound effects.

It also shows the majority of playback options within the main player screen. Besides these it has many features like light & dark color theme, album art background for player, accent color and much more.

It also features sound enhancer to improve the bass, depth, pitch- shifting, and reverb options. And moreover you can anytime transfer files using web browser.

Onkyo HF Player

Onkyo HF Player

It is one of the apps that design specially for your high quality music experience. It optimizes the sound based on the make and the model of headset.

This app comes with amazing features like HD equalizer mode, automatic up sampling function, easy shuffle, and real time DSD conversion. It also gives you an option to download EQ pre-sets based on different artists.

Though enough feature comes in the basic version but if you want to unlock other high quality formats you can switch to premium version.


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