Top 10 Best Hydration Apps (Water Tracker Apps) in 2023!

Are you finding it difficult to keep yourself Hydrated because of your busy schedule? Then Hydration Apps would be the best option for easing this difficulty.

Drinking water is one of the most important task of our life. Now a days, staying hydrated is something you do not pay attention to. This is due to the fact that you are so consumed in all your day to day activities making hydrating yourself a task taken for granted.

Drying lips, scorching throat and feeling dizzy are natural alerts that you must have neglected and can relate to it now.

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Hydration Apps will help you in reminding about sipping a glass of water in between your work. Also, it allows you to set and track your liquid intake targets and accomplishments. Apart from your hydrating habits, there are some app that reminds you about watering your plants which is again a thing that slips from your mind.

These best hydration Apps or for better understanding, let’s say Best water drinking reminder apps enables you to take a measure of your liquid intake throughout the day. This will keep you concentrated and recharged all the day.


Best Hydration Apps

Daily Water Tracker Reminder

Daily Water Tracker reminderWith the highest rating on both Android and iPhone, this app has secured the first position in our list. Now track how much you drink in a daily with this wonderful app.

It allows us to set our targets of drinking water and then accordingly reminds us to drink water to achieve our daily goals.

We can also check our progress through the weekly charts provided by this app. It helps us to keep hydrated because drinking less water can lead to health problems like dehydration.

Water Drink Reminder

water drinking reminderAre you looking for an app to remind you to drink water to stay healthy? So, this is the app for you. With many interesting features, this app comes second on our list.

Now track your daily water intake through this app. It will calculate the amount of water we need to drink daily and thus remind us to drink more water.

Being one of the best hydration apps on Android, it provides an easy and convenient way to keep ourselves healthy.

Plant Nanny

plant nannyNow develop healthy hydration habits using this app that holds the third position in our list.

It comes with various cute little plants whose life and growth depends on us as it goes simple, the more we will drink, the more the plants will grow and look cheerful.

Those who want to keep a plant in their garden, this app can be the best choice for them as it provides a virtual plant to grow. This app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Hydro Coach

This is another app on our list with several other features which is available on Google PlayStore. With a good rating on Android, this app helps us to be hydrated all the time to avoid several health problems.

It requires to just set a goal of how much water we need to drink in a day for good health and the app will automatically remind us to drink water to achieve our daily goals of drinking water.

Water Time

water time goldOne of the best water reminder app on Android, this app holds the fifth position in our list. Now we can easily track our water intake using this app.

It lets us know that whether the amount of water we drink daily is sufficient or not and if not it will remind us to drink more water as per the requirement of the body and the target set by us.

It not only tracks the amount of water we drink but also tracks the other beverages like coffee and tea intake. This extra feature makes it more popular and cool option to go for.


AqualertAs the name suggests, the app alerts and reminds us to drink more water to meet all the requirements of the body to keep it healthy. With several other features, this app secured the sixth position in our list.

We can track the amount of water we drink in a day by this app. It allows us to check our progress through the charts and graphs. It also rewards us with certain gifts after the completion of the daily target.

Leap Fitness Drink Water Reminder

drink water reminderMoving onto next app on our list with many more features in this app which is easily available on the Google PlayStore on our device.

Like all other Hydration apps on the list, this app also tracks our daily water intake and reminds us to drink more water as per the goal set.

We can backup or restore it from the Cloud. One can check their progress by the charts provided by it on a weekly basis.

Its various features keep us hydrated for day long to provide a safeguard from several health issues caused by lack of sufficient amount of water in the body.

My Water Balance

my water balanceThis app with an aim to secure a proper water balance in our body comes in the eighth position on our list. It ensures that each person who uses this app drink much water to meet the required level of water in the body.

Many people have a habit of not drinking water at all. This app is best for them as it will help them to develop a habit of drinking water regularly. This app is available on both Android and iOS versions.

Drink Water Tracker Reminder

drink water tracker reminder

This is another best app for Android users to keep their body healthy by drinking a lot of water. It tracks water as well as coffee and tea intake by us daily and then keeps a record of it.

It is an easy app to set up and use. The reminder on this app reminds us of drinking more water. We all know our body is composed of 75% of water and to keep ourselves healthy, we need to drink a lot of water.

Water Minder

waterminderAvailable on both Android and iPhone, this app is the other best option to go for.

It tracks our daily water intake and lets us know if we need to drink more water. To stay healthy, it is very important to keep oneself hydrated because lack of proper amount of water in the body makes us prone to many health problems.

Keep a coach with yourself to remind you of drink water with this app.


In this article, we saw some of the best and popular hydration apps which are available on Android and iPhone. One can now keep oneself hydrated using these apps.


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