Top 10 Best Homeopathy Apps for Android & iOS

Do you want to get rid of the cold and fever without going anywhere? Are you looking for some remedies to get the best homeopathic treatments?

Then Homeopathy apps are best option for you to try. If you are a supporter of taking alternative medicine then homeopathy treatments can cure any diseases.

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You may know that sympathies can prevent any disease. With these apps, you can learn remedies to defeat disease with our studying in universities and buying books.

I have created a list of Top 10 Best Homeopathy Apps for Android & iOS. To help you with finding remedies. Read every detail about these apps and download the most suitable for you.


10 Best Homeopathy Apps

Boiron Medicine Finder

If you want to know more about homeopathy then this homeopathy app is best for you.
By Boiron, it has a wide collection of essays. Through its convenient interface, you can easily understand homeopathy. Also with this, you will easily get rid of the symptoms and give them a cure.

You can get detailed information about every topic which is stated in lists. Just 3 clicks and you will get quick medications recommendations.
This app contains a description and dosage of each remedy. In fact, you can also go through with other lifestyle tips.

Homeopathy UK

Want some local homeopathy tips? This homeopathy app has information about modern approaches to this.
For every person who is interested in homeopathy can get a huge range of information.

Just open the map which is in the app, it will allow you to see all the homeopathy which is around you.
This app will also allow you to know about the homeopathy center near you.

Homeopathic Repertorium​

This homeopathy app is made with a simple design. Just select the symptom and it will give you detailed information about it.
With this, you will get to know how you can deal with the symptoms and its causes.
For quick report this app is ideal. It has more than 50 thousand downloads. This app helps worldwide people to understand homeopathy better.

Hompath FireFly

If you are a beginner in homeopathy then this homeopathy app is right for you. It has a wide collection of knowledge for beginners. There are books for valuable knowledge more than 109.
Just download this app and get a pocket encyclopedia on your phone. More than 107 books volumes are there about homeopathy.

HomeoTips Schwabe

To know about what homeopathy is and how to use it in the medicines this homeopathy app is ideal. There are different schools of homeopathy available on this app.
There are booms and article collections of various scholars of the homeopaths. It also offers tips and video lectures. To find more interesting information you can read blog posts here.
This app is easy to navigate because on the different topic this app sorts the articles and texts.

Homeopathy Remedy Finder​

This homeopathy app provides free information about homeopathy and its methods of treatment. In fact, it doesn’t require any registration also.
Just follow 3 steps to get your remedy. Open this app, select your symptoms and then click the remedy button. Here there are no distractions like ads and pictures.
Thus it has a simplified design. This all doesn’t need so much storage on your phone, it has less than 1 MB.

Select Remedy – Best Homeopathy App

To read homeopathy anytime and anywhere this app offers you offline books. With a well-organized container.
You can share remedies and specific symptoms with social media to your friends. This app has intuitive navigation with a blue interface.
You need to select the disease category and it will show you all the remedies and symptoms about it.
You can also read out the biography of homeopathy scientists. This homeopathy app is also downloaded more than 50000 times.

Homeopathy 1000+ treatment

Homeopathy is the best alternative to medicine sometimes. And you are able to study this concept in this homeopathy app.
There are benefits of homeopathy proven by many homeopathy scientists. To find more information about it just select the symptoms.
Thus we can say that it has an easy navigation process. This app will show you the types of remedies and disease, characteristic signs of your symptoms.
For your favourite articles, this app has a bookmark feature. You can bookmark on the page and the questions to study them later.
As its name shows, it has more than 1 thousand remedies and symptoms. Which will definitely help you to cure the problems you have. It has been installed by more than 1000 users

Materia Medica Lite​

With this homeopathy app, you can carry the materials of homeopathy with you anywhere. It doesn’t need any internet connection for work.
You can search by alphabet, remedy or materials. If you love to read the past physician works this app is great for you.
To understand the basic homeopathy principles you can read the introduction first. This app has been used by 100 thousand people. It was an easy to read font with modern design.
The developer of this app always provides an update to the additional problems and regular fixes. So download this app and get the most valuable information about homeopathy.

Homeopathic Clinical Tips Lite

If you are interested in making clinical research to get homeopathy tips then this homeopathy app is specifically designed for peoples like you.
It contains over 500 clinical tips of homeopathy. Without putting any extra effort you can solve the cases in a shorter amount of time.
It has a warm orange interface and simple design of a search engine. To know the tips just select the remedies of the symptoms.


These are the top 10 high ranking Homeopathy Apps for Android & iOS. So start searching for your suitable remedies and household illness treatments today. But make sure that you are using homoeopathy just as an additional treatment only. So download your favourite app and get rid of the symptoms and enjoy your life.


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