Top 10 Best Home Security Apps for iOS and Android !

In the fastest growing world at one side when things are getting easier and safe but on other side there are dangers to many. And in many of the graving concern one of them is Home security. Here comes in the picture the use of Home security Apps.

Often the problem arises when we have to leave the home sometimes for vacation or business purposes. And it often gets difficult to keep a check on the security.

And sometime when parents who used to work outside and want to know what their children and pets are doing in home. But they cannot manage to do it.

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And definitely one needs a particular and forever solution for this graving concern. With the advent of technology and experiment it get possible to keep an eye on your house even when you are not there.

There are plenty of apps available in the market that can easily synchronize with your phone and make that gadget your new territory.

 With these apps you can easily lock or unlock your doors, adjust thermostats, get alert in case of alarm trigger and much more.

But it is important to know which app can be the right choice as per your need. Here we have taken a deep look at all of the best home security apps and drilled each of them with their best feature.

 So let’s get back to the details shall we?


10 Best Home Security Apps



Presence is one of the highly rated and widely used home security apps. This app allows you to have a 2 way conversation between you and your children while you are out of home.

You can easily set up the security system of your home on both old and new phone.

 Along with these you get many features like front & back camera, flash light, encrypted cloud storage for video and much more.

Not even this you can monitor, alert and share the security system with trusted person or friends.

And its best feature is that at time of motion instead of sending email and notification it shows all what happened.

At Home


Are you going to buy an expensive set camera or Dropcam for your home security? Then drop this idea and just  have this app that can create a security system on your phone itself.

All you have to do is download this app on 2 devices and you are ready to go.

 Its best feature is advance AI & deep learning technology that trigger by when exposed to human shadow and lights.

Along with this you get many features like 2 ways conversation, remote monitoring, enhanced night vision, cloud service and time lapse video format.


This is an efficient security system with which you can control and monitor your home or business in real time.

It has many features like interactive security, video monitoring, and home automation solution that give you remote control for your home or business.

Along with these you also get other options like watching video clips, alarm switch on and off, set the ideal temperature.

You can even search complete system event history, and images of every important activity.



iVideon offers one of the best apps for remote video monitoring, and video recording for security cameras. It easily supports both single and multiple locations.

And with the help of this app we can keep an eye on things that matter most to us. 

Besides this we get many features like recording & storing video, automatic push and email notification.

And you can even transfer and store your data in securely embedded surveillance feeds in blogs and website.

We also get sharing option pf camera links over social networks.




Alfred is another app that is widely popular among 20 million families all around the world.

 With this app you can get live stream, intruder alert, walkie-talkie and unlimited cloud storage. You can even store, share and playback your video footage.

And moreover this app comes with super easy set up and simple security at your fingertip.

Besides these it also has many features like 24/7 live stream, low light filter, 360 degree camera, schedule reminder, siren and much more.

In a nut shell it is smart, convenient, eco conscious app that fulfil all your needs.



Simplisafe is one of the best apps for the people who want to have a home security app just on their fingertips.

With this app we can arm & disarm the system, set instant notifications, and keep a track of everything in an up to minute timeline.

Not even this you can even watch and capture the video with this app. In addition to this it also keeps a track of any new number appears in your contact list.

Home Security Monitor

Home security monitor

Home security monitor is an anti-theft app made for guarding and monitoring your house. All you have to do is connect two devices and turn it in to perfect anti-theft system.

Along with these you get many features like safe & reliable camera network, high quality audio system, and multiplatform support.

Besides this you get other options like alarm alert, home security alarm bundle and personalized feature for camera setting.

This app is easily available in both free and paid version.

Security Camera CZ

CZ security camera

Security Camera CZ app is another option for the one who like to keep a track of their home and business on their fingertips.

This app comes with security management system with burglar alarm, motion detection, Image capturing and video surveillance. 

Not even this you get other features like Live video, two way talk functionality, camera access, clear night vision, zoom, torch and much more.

And you can also get option to store images on google drive which makes this app quite extensive. It works simply on internet connection, no wired network is required. And multiple family member can access to security cameras for monitoring.

Reo Link


Reo link is an easy to use security camera system surveillance app that is easily available for both iOS and Android users.

This app enables you to locally or remotely access your IP camera and NVRs on you mobile devices.

It comes with many features  like remote monitoring, multi-channel viewing option, live streaming with Wi-Fi connection. 

It also has video scheduling and control pan-tilt-zoom option. Additionally, you can also get push and email notifications in real time when motion is triggered.

 In a nutshell if you are looking for a simple yet unique user interface then this is best you can have.



This is last but not the least option that can help you to keep a check on your home security system.

This app instantly turns your computer with web camera in to internet connected motion sensing security system.

You can do many things at one time with this app like region you want to monitor, and  prepare to receive a video or photo when motion is triggered and much more.

Along with these you get wide collection of setting to configure the quality of picture and videos.


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