Top 10 Best Happy Hour Finding Apps For iOS And Android

Do you want to find bars and restaurants? Or are you a regular visitor to nightclubs? Then you should obviously save money on things like drinks and food.

Using these unique Apps to discover “happy hours” to stay up to date on the new sales and coupons. These applications would also inform you about exciting events in your area.

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Call your friends, go out, pay the least amount of money, and have a great night with them!


The HOOCH app can help you locate locations where the best deals can be found.Find out where the lucky hours are and how much you can save. 

You’ll discover a new favorite spot with a breath-taking ambiance here. This app will save your pocket.

The HOOCH Club welcomes new members. This way, you can save money by adding your favorite locations to your Wishlist.

In addition, the HOOCH app includes a handy map that shows where all of your city’s best institutions are located. New cities are added to the application with each update. You can now locate your lucky hours in any place.

New restaurants are connected to the app either by consumers or by restaurant operators. Owners may also show specific details about their establishment as well as current specials.

Appy Hourap2

Use the Appy Hour app to keep track of your Happy hours. Here you can find the most beneficial deals. Spending less on leisure programs would help you save money on the holiday.

You’ll find a catalog with the best and highest discounts in this app. This catalog is revised regularly. Discounts on food and drinks can be found here. Also included are details on upcoming activities in your neighborhood.

You may also see the club or restaurant’s menu in this application. In the “Favourites” portion, you can add your favorite place. As a result, you’ll already be aware of their upcoming activities and exclusive offers. You may also use the simple search function to locate the lucky hours.

You should book a table as soon as you’ve decided on a restaurant. Let your buddies know about your latest deals. To do so, go to Appy Hour and log in with some social media account or your e-mail address. 

Hooked Dealsap3

The Hooked Deals app would make it easy for you to choose and explore various locations.It will assist you in determining where to find the most beneficial deals ahead of time. Also included is detail on a variety of activities taking place in your neighborhood.

This software collects data from the finest nightclubs, bars, and event planners. A large number of separately registered institutions can be found here. You can also book a ticket to the requested event and browse the guestlists in this app. 

The profiles of the facilities provide a wealth of material. Reviews, scores, images, menus, explanations, and more are only a few examples. On special pages, you should look for the organization you’re looking for.


The Loople app features all of the most useful club and restaurant deals. You will figure out what the happy hours are and save a lot of money by going here.

It would be able to locate useful deals and exciting activities in your area in this manner. Enable updates and you’ll be alerted to the latest deals right away.

The inclusion of the owners of the businesses is also a good aspect of this application. This bridges the divide between guests and venue owners greatly. You are free to ask them whatever questions you want. They also have details on their own useful deals.

Placing detail about discounts on this app is good publicity for restaurants. It provides people with the ability to attend happy hours and learn about new organisations.



You probably already know most of the restaurants and bars around you, but you don’t know when they deliver new discounts and meal deals by happy hours and other food specials. Checkle is good on your vacation and your hometown also.

Get even better the happy hours! Checkle is an app that lets you save money depending on the current situation. Checkle is a meal finder, a drink Finder app. Plan your social hour out during local affairs in the vicinity of you already!

Checkle makes it easier for you to organize your happy hours on the same day or make arrangements for the future. Tap on the screen to see all the locations nearest to you and use the map address to access the requested locations. Plan future food and beverage activities with the Checkle calendar in your city!

ap6HungryHour – The Happy Hour App

The HungryHour – Happy Hour App will assist you in saving money.You will hear of the most beneficial deals of your pride as a result of it. Follow happy hours in the right spots and go when it’s most convenient for you.

Use the app HungryHour – The Happy Hour’s easy quest to find the best bar or club in your area. Learn regarding this restaurant’s latest promotions.You’ll see a map with markers for all of the open and licenced establishments in the app. When you click on a marker, you’ll see more about the club, pub, or restaurant you’ve chosen.

Images, menus, hours of service, and a short overview are included. You’ll find more about today’s deals in the Happy Hour area. You should even tell your peers about your favourite spots. You can do this for any social media platform or messaging app.


ap7The Cocktail Compass

You need to…STAT! You need a beer! Let Cocktail Compass then locate near you the happiest hours of happiness. Tap the app and you’ll have the closest glad hour at your fingertips, along with your venue, distance, and how long until the glad hour is over. 

Do you need more information? Tap the name of the bar to see the charts, call the bar, or share your information with your colleagues.

You may also look for bars in your area or any district in your city or any of the towns featured in Cocktail Compass. Check for the wireless internet connection or the patios in the bar (or both!). If you know — or almost remember — the name of a bar, check out the bar list for a snap! 

Love a Cocktail Compass spot you found? Make it your favorite to spot it next time—even if the first time you’ve had your memory is a little blurred. Too much fun to have? Click the Cabs button to drive you home at night, and order a taxi.


ap8Manly Happy Hour

Do you want to find out where you can get a free drink soon? Then download the Manly Happy Hour button. Since this is a fully free programme, it is accessible to all users. For both owners and guests.

Find the most beneficial deals. You can do this by changing the search parameters. As a result, you can choose the day of the week, time of day, promotional items, and location.This application’s search function is extremely quick. You will get high-quality results right away.

The ability to function in an offline mode is a useful aspect of this programme. The first time you use it, you could download the details for your city’s lucky hours.Then, even though you don’t have access to the Internet, you’ll be able to see the location and offerings of institutions.

ap9The House

The House – Often know what’s happening in the finest bars and restaurants. Find meal deals, beer deals, hours, festivals, live music, brunch, and even exclusive deals.

See what’s going on in the city today, tomorrow, or every day up to seven days before today. Don’t drink or just want to see Food Specials? To narrow it down, pick from one of our four categories: food specials, drink deals, special events, or brunch.

Follow your favorite places and create your own personal input from your favorite restaurants and bars in the city. See tonight at The House what is happening!

ap10Drink Happy

The Drink Happy app is a great way to find happy hours.Indicate your place. As a result, the app Drink Happy will show you what good deals are available in your city. You will also see all of the details about the chosen bar or restaurant by clicking on it.

For example, descriptions, images, scores, and feedback, among other things. The restaurant’s owners individually add the description and pictures.Users may, however, upload images of the institutions themselves to the “Advanced” site. 

All feedback and ratings are given by visitors to the restaurants included in this app. Both deals can be opened and examined in greater depth. 

The overview of the lucky drinks and dishes, as well as the terms and conditions of this bid, can be found here. The main menu can also be seen. However, keep in mind that such discounts do extend to certain occupations.


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