Top 10 Best Hamachi Alternatives in 2023!

Multiplayer gaming had always been the first choice among youngsters to have fun to fullest. You are sitting together with your friends, connecting each system through the LAN router and playing same game & beating each other via keyboards.

 It’s fun to be victorious sometime or being a team leader once. LAN party has always been fun, but what if you are away from friends and want to play together.

There has been much option like playing on online public server but what if you can create your own Virtual LAN server.

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And when we talk about Virtual LAN creators Hamachi is one name that had been the preferred choice of many gamers. But along with its benefits Hamachi lag behind for many reasons.

Like access to only 5 clients connection including the host, gaming lags, driver issues and 100ms+ping.  It completely ruins the gaming experience.

So if you are a fan of virtual LAN gaming and want to get rid of all the drawbacks of Hamachi. Then read on, we are introducing some of the best alternatives of Hamachi for your better gaming experience.


10 Best Hamachi Alternatives

Evovle (Player.Me)


Evolve is one of the most popular option for creating VLAN client. It works on stream like approach that gives you feature rich overlay which work in thousands of games.

It has all the regular features like party mode, matchmaking, extra tunnelling drivers to facilitate communication.  Apart from this it also offer integrated live streaming on all social media accounts.

And you can also use hundreds of designed template along with widgets, stream and alerts to create a stunning gaming profile. Evolve also give the option to text and voice chat with friends via client.

Game Ranger

Game Ranger

Game ranger is also one of the popular Virtual LAN gaming clients. It gives you a place to play more than 700 games online with friends and opponents worldwide.

And it’s most upside feature is its security that is top notch. Unlike other Virtual LAN gaming client Game Ranger use its own internal driver via client that make it more secure.

But Game Ranger has its own supported games. As a result, if your game is supported then there is no better option than Game Ranger.

Though its free but also available in purchase with extra features.

Zero Tier

Zero Tier

Zero Tier is an open source software with easy user interface. It permits you to use VPN services along with SDN and SD-WAN that too in one system.

Apart from this it supports all the operating system including Windows, Mac-OS, iOS, Android and Linux.

In Zero Tier all virtual system encoded end to end that make it secures to use.And as its open source software you get huge community that will help you in any trouble.

In short Zero Tier is simple but advanced virtual LAN creator for your smooth gaming experience.



Wippien is very simple and easy to use application to emulate VLAN connection. It use the Wippien enabled application that run on Wippien service.

Further it establishes the PCs with P2P connection with each client to establish a VPN. Its most interesting feature is its light size just 2MB that too free of cost.

But it only supports Gmail and Jabber accounts for all the services. So if you want to get rid of huge installation on your system then this application is worth having.



NetOverNet is basic and simple VPN emulator that can be used for gaming purpose. It is very simple and powerful tool that allow you to connect multiple devices using the internet.

With this tool, each device gets a log in and password for connection which can be access in virtual network by an IP address.

Along with this you get direct access to remote computer that are part of network and allow you to share data across all systems via client.

You can also get paid option with 16 max clients.


Parasec Gaming

Parasec is another popular alternative for virtual gaming. It allows you to create virtual LAN gaming servers using local co-op feature.

On Parasec platform you get access to play multiplayer game with anyone across the world. Apart from this Parasec is of high performance that uses its proprietary technology to connect with multiple devices from anywhere.

And their matchmaking services provide you the gamers of your choice and connect with them. In short this platform is future of Arcade game and best alternative for Hamachi.



FreeLAN is simple and easy user interface for VPN creator. It is open source platform and can be customized according to your needs.

In addition to this, it forms a network by following different topology like client-server, peer to peer and hybrid. And to run application file you will need to configure manually as it lacks GUI.

As far as gaming is concerned you can play game very smoothly without any lag. And it’s easily available for all the operating systems including Windows, Mac OS or Linux.



Softether is also one of the most amazing and easy to use multi -protocol VPN software. It is completely open source and gives you the best features and flexibility.

Softether use the SSL-VPN tunnelling on HTPPS and passes through firewall. Apart from this it provides AES 256- Bit and RSA 4096 Bit encryption for all your privacy needs.

 And it also supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Solaris.You may get uneasy on learning in start but Softether is perfect package to give a try.



P2PVPN is an easy user interface for VPN creation. Though it was developed for single thesis project but it also fulfils your VPN creation needs.

It is open source software developed with Java for easy access to older system as well.

It is easily usable to end users and doesn’t require central server. In short P2PVPN is best option for the one who want to play some old and classic game that to free. You should definitely give it a try.

Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN is great software for creating virtual VPN with easy user interface. And for this you don’t even have to spend any penny as it’s free.

Its interesting feature is that it doesn’t limit the number of gamers. You get a great high speed of 100mbps that make your gaming experience a virtual treat.

Apart from this you’re VPN always get encrypted that make it more secure. In addition to this it is easy to setup and manage for both IT Professionals and Home Techs.

So If you want to experience gaming just like in LAN speed then this is just for you.


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