Top 10 Best Hair Color Apps for Android and iOS

You must have thought of coloring your hair atleast once but may have end up worrying what would be the actual product of your imagination. For making your desire of hair coloring a success move you should try some of the hair coloring apps.

People who wanted to have a look of their expected hair color outcome can use these hair color apps. These apps have multiple features in terms of hair coloring.

You can check your look with virtual hair coloring. This way you can prevent yourself from getting any wrong hair modification. Instead of experimenting on your real hair these apps allows you to the same virtually.

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Additionally, these apps enables you to connect to various popular hair care brands and you can also get your appointments booked for the same.

You can ask and consult as many as people you want before going for actual hair color and this would save you from possible scenario of getting trolled.

Take a baby step for your final goal by installing any of the Hair color app and start experimenting on your hair.


Top 10 Hair Color Apps

Hair Color: ModiFace

Hair color Modiface

Hair Color app by Modiface is one of the most popular for trying hair color. This app is available to Android and iOS user for free. You can try different hair color and looks upgraded in the app. 

It allows you to both take your picture and try various colors or start live video and check all available colors for your hair. This app gives quite real results that you can show to professional to get the look and hairstyle.

Fabby Look

Fabby Look

Fabby look app enables you to try some really extraordinary color options. These Vibrant colors give natural look depending upon the existing color of your hair. You can try real time look just by starting your video and implement trendy colors. 

Once you are done with your look you can save the look. This app also allows you to share your look over various social networking app like instagram, facebook or snapchat.

Hair Color Dye

Hair Color Dye

Hair color Dye is an exclusive app for iOS Users. The interface that this app offers is quite real and impressive. All you have to do is just take your picture and try various colors. 

The color range available is wide and high quality. You have to mark the hair area in you photo and then you can try coloring the hair. Along with normal colors it also provide look for mixed color range and highlighting range. 

Additionally, it supports undo, redo and erase tools. You can save and share your photo once you are done trying your look.

Hair Color Booth

Hair Color Booth

Hair Color Booth is a complete package for digitally dying your hair. It supports wide range of classic as well as vibrant colors for trendy look. This app is available for iOS users only. You can try multiple color one on the other, experiment streaks or try overall coloring. 

It also provides easy to use tools like selecting colors just by sliding. Additionally you can adjust the translucency and smoothening of the color while implementing. This app also supports social media sharing.

Hair Zapp


Hair Zapp is another complete hair styling app. It allows you to try different colors for your hair. Along with this this app also consist of haircut and hairstyling feature. 

It provides feature of selecting any hairstyle from its huge collection and enables you to see how you look in the same. 

Also it is a virtual Hair cut app that supports feature for cutting and trimming you hair and give you the desired look. Best part of this app is it is free to use. You can download this app in your android and iOS device.


You Cam

You Cam is popularly known as virtual makeover app as it has features of complete face makeover. This app is complete face and hair beauty app. All you have to do is to just take a selfie and try various combinations. 

You can several hair color for changing your hair look. You can also add hairstyles or give your hair a cut. With this you can also apply filters to your face for beautifying it. 

You can modify your lips and also remove the blemishes. You can use this complete package for free. You just have to install this app in your android or iOS smart device.

Style My Hair  L’Oreal

Style My Hair L'Oreal

Style My Hair is the official hair color app from L’Oreal professionals. This supports high quality stuff. It contains all range of real hair color from L’Oreal that you can find in L’Oreal hair salon. 

The 3D natural flow feature present your hair in their most real way to get the real feel of hair color. You can save your hair transformation picture and show the same to professional in nearby L’Oreal salon for implementing the same. 

Also this app allows you to find nearest L’Oreal salon and book and appointment for the same.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay

Mary Kay is another complete beauty makeover app. The hair care range is too vast and intense that it gives you quite real results. You can try various hair colors, styles and cuts.

All you have to do is to either select a model from their library or upload a photo of yours. As soon as you are done with selecting photo, you can explore explicit makeovers. 

It allows realistic hair color, styles for multiple occasions, eye makeup, lip modification, accessories trial and what not. This app is available to android and iOS users for free.

Black Hair for Women

Black hair for Women

Black Hair for Women is an exclusive app for African American women available on iOS platform. Beauty of this app is that it is completely suits African look and so realistic. Most of the black women are tired of conventional hair coloring apps. 

As it doesn’t suits their skin tone and hair texture. This app allows you to take a photo of yours and you just have to try various hair colors on your hair area. 

This app provides intense and suitable colors for rebellious look. Additionally it provides wide range of hairstyles for African hair texture that allows you to try various hair looks.

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror is a great virtual hair transformation app. This app has wide range of hair colors and hairstyles. It provides you to try new hairstyles and on the same you can try different color. 

You can also try coloring your actual hair digitally using this app. It is available for free in lite version. For premium features you can upgrade to pair version of app.


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