Top 10 Best Guitar Apps For Android & iOS

The Guitar is one of the most versatile musical instruments to ever come into existence. If not having a guitar is something that refraining you from learning it, then you are recommended to try Guitar Apps.

Its melodious sound and ability to play all types of songs make it popular among music lovers. The sound of an acoustic guitar is soothing whereas the jazzy music of an electric guitar can fill anyone up with energy.

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Guitar playing has been taken up as a hobby or the first choice of professional career all over the world alike. People love playing this stringed instrument

Luckily, we are in the 21st century, and using the technology that we have at hand and some excellent Music Instrument Apps, you can learn or play guitar anywhere and anytime.

In this modern and busy life, people find it hard to learn or pursue this instrument. Here, I have compiled a list of top guitar apps for your ease.

Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate guitar

This guitar learning app offers over a million tabs and chords for guitar, ukulele, and bass. Compatible with both android and iOS, this app gives offline access and many other great features.

The app provides the user with over thousands of songs to choose and learn from and also has a left-handed mode.

In-app purchases also provide more features for premium users.



This app teaches the user how to play the piano, guitar, and ukulele along with instant feedback after listening to the performance of the user. 

It also provides step by step video guide for better learning of the desired instrument with Subtitles.

Works on the finer details of the instrument playing like strumming and fingerpicking. It helps in a better understanding of the chords and fine-tunes the skill set of the user with over 1500 missions.

This app also makes you compete among your friend and millions of app users worldwide, promoting faster learning.

Real Guitar

Real Guitar

This guitar app, developed by Kolb apps gives the user a realistic simulation of an actual guitar. 

App offers a large variety of chords, which can be customised, studio-like audio quality, and also has a recording mode for a hassle-free re-listening.

This app, ideal for both rookies and experts presents the user with different kinds of guitar including electric and acoustic. It also has an inbuilt converter which converts the song recordings directly to MP3.

This simple yet brilliant guitar app is available for android and iOS for free.

Garage Band

Garage Band

 This app is a complete music studio in itself. Offering plenty of features, music-making has never been easier. 

It offers songs mixing up to 32 tracks to make sure that the creativity never fades.

 With loads of downloadable music instruments, it fits the needs of almost all the music lovers and makers out there.

Moreover, it also has an option to add lyrics to the songs and to perform with chord strips for an easier experience.This app is available for free on the apple app store.



 This learning app gives a step by step guide to learn and master the guitar with the help of over hundreds of songs and chords. 

The lessons are taken by Justin, a real-life guitar coach, making sure that the sessions are interactive and interesting.

This app also has a performance tracking system that helps the users to self-assess their achievements and accomplishments. 

Comprising of over 1000 songs, it makes sure that learning stays interesting.This app, developed by musopia is available for free on android and iOS.

Smart Chords & Tools


Whether you play guitar, or a mandolin, or any other string instrument, this app is a must-have. 

Offering over a million chords and picking techniques, it ensures that the user’s understanding of string instruments never fall short of any standards.

This user-friendly application includes more than 500 predefined tunings for Music theory, has a dark mode, and is also available for the left-handed users. It also gives an option to save songs offline without asking for any registrations.

App includes a speed trainer metronome which is precise to 300 BPM, has notepad to write down notes or ideas.

This app is available for free on android. You can also save these tunes and later use it in Vine Editing.

Guitar 3D – Basic Chords

Guitar 3D

As the name suggests, this is a guitar learning app that gives beginners, vivid learning sessions in 3D. 

his app provides clear and three-dimensional imaging of finger patterns, chords, and strumming styles to give a better understanding of the basics of guitar learning.

It also consists of features like auto play, loop, speed control, and chord chain timeline. With the latest updates providing the user with a better UI, learning guitar has never been easier.

Guitar 3D, developed by polygonium music is available for android and iOS for free.

Fender Tune


A fender digital production, this app helps in tuning a guitar, bass, and a ukulele. 

With 26 preset tuning inbuilt, along with a manual tune mode, it makes sure that the user finds it easy to tune the instrument. 

It also gives an option to create and save custom tunings for future references.

With an easy to use ad-free interface, it provides a clear cut diagram of the strings for a better understanding of tuning. It gives the user an option to choose between acoustic, bass, or an electric guitar. 

It also has a dynamic scale library with scale diagrams, patterns, and easy to understand visuals. Moreover, it also provides 65 pre-programmed beats.



As the name suggests, this is a tuning app that helps in the tuning of almost all string Music instruments including guitar, ukulele, or a bass. 

Used by over 10 Million people worldwide, it has a huge chord library from where the user can choose any chord diagram for a better understanding.

It also has an inbuilt metronome to control the tempo, beats, or manual tapping. With over 100 tuning available, a pre-programmed chromatic tuner, and an alternative tuning set, this app is a must-have for all the string instruments fanatic out there.



This app provides over 500,000 chords for instruments like guitar, bass, and drum. 

It offers a realistic guitar engine to learn and play, has a multi-speed playback so that the user can slow down the song in accordance with the learning speed.

This app also has the loop feature which enables the user to play the same chord again and again. Learning and playing Guitar provide Relaxation to your mind.

Since the app size is below 5MB, it is perfect for the low-end devices and is available for free on android and iOS. 


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