Top 10 Best Green Screen Apps In 2023!

Green screen apps have replaced the need of renting out costly studios and exotic film locations to make a video. In this modern world, where everyone has a smartphone, green screen apps are becoming the first choice for all the content creators and low budget movie makers.

We have also seen an upsurge in the number of content creators on social media platforms in recent times and their requirements of flexible background are being fulfilled by these apps.

These apps also provide you the tools and features to edit your video in accordance with the viewers’ taste and liking. With various filters to choose from, multiple audios, backgrounds, and much more, you will never run out of ideas for your content creation.

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Green screen apps also consist of various tools that can help you trim, enhance, erase, or add a clip in your videos.

After the creation of your videos, there’s a need for it to be shared with the world. Luckily, these apps have this sorted out for you. You can share your videos directly to major social media platforms using these applications.


10 Best Green Screen Apps

Kine Master


 One of the famous video editing apps for the content creators and video makers, Kinemaster is a complete package in itself. 

You can add and combine multiple layers of video, pictures, stickers, and special effects. It has tons of editing tools for perfect splicing, trimming, and cropping of videos.

Kinemaster deals with 4K and HDD videos with ease and also gives you the feature for implicit video quality conversions. This app also consists of many video and picture filters, making sure it fits every video editing need of yours.

Pocket Video

Pocket video

This iOS-exclusive video editing app is a delight to use. You can edit and add effects to your videos in one tap. the pocket video app also enables you to mix audio. 

It also boasts a huge music library comprising of many genres to choose from.

Working on videos in many formats including landscape, portrait, and square videos is also possible using this app. With unique filters and audio, you can choose anything that fits your taste. 4K and UHD recordings are also available in this app.



Using this video maker and editor, you can mix, edit, and seamlessly work on your videos easily and effortlessly. 

Speed adjustments allow you to produce video in fast forward and slow motion. shaky camera recording can be stabilized using the inbuilt video stabilizer.

You can replace the background with any video or picture of your choice using the Chroma-key feature. Videos can be uploaded straight to social media platforms saving time and memory.



If you are an iOS user, this app video editing application is for you. 

You can choose from 14 trailer templates with stunning graphics and original soundtracks from top artists and composers. 

Sync your data across all of your iOS devices so your work doesn’t stop.

It has 8 unique themes with amazing transitions and music to keep you indulged in video making. You can also create your original soundtrack using built-in music which automatically adjusts to match the length of the video.

Look away android users, cause this app is available only on the apple app store.

Stop Motion Video

Stop Motion Studio

With simple and easy to use user interface, stop motion video promises a smooth and sleek video making experience. 

It has an inbuilt green screen so that you can set whichever background is most suitable for your videos.

The interactive timeline ensures that all the video frames are easily accessible. You can also introduce animation in the video background.

You can insert, cut, copy, or paste frame at any position. Connect your keyboard and work quickly by using shortcuts. This app also consists of many video filters for you to give your videos the perfect look.

Media Studio

Media Studio

Media studio enables you to work on 4K videos and leaves no watermarks. It also has a green screen and allows you to export a full-length video.

 You can choose from over 150 video filters and test these out using live preview.

Videos can also be converted into square videos. supports various audio formats with live editing and GIF creation, reverse video, and a lot more.



With this complete video editing app in itself, you can trim and arrange video clips, add subtitles and captions to your video. 

Publish in 4K, add text elements, and create amazing videos with multiple filters. It has a unique video library from where you can add your custom soundtrack and also add to the collection.

Enhancing of vertical videos using blurred background is also possible using this app. With endless syncing with google drive and direct posting on youtube, you can easily share your work with the world.



Create spectacular videos and short clips using veescope. This iOS-exclusive is another great app for your content creating purpose. 

It allows you to shoot high-resolution 4K videos. Apart from the green screen, you can also add images from your local gallery as your background.

Includes 20 background movies and photos, stop motion animation, and live green screen preview using airplay. This app also possesses an exclusive light guide software which makes it easy to adjust your lights to shoot the perfect green screen every time.

With over 4 million+ downloads, this popular app promises quality and a premium video making experience every time you use this application.



As the name suggests, chromavid uses chroma key effects to shoot videos and photos just like in the movies. 

This green screen app promises unlimited recording time, and, it won’t leave any watermarks on the videos that have been created using this app.

Any plain color can also be used in place of chroma shades, like, blue, green, yellow, or, red. Any image from the gallery can also be selected as an appropriate background.

With chromavid, You can directly share your work to multiple social media platforms.

Do Ink


This 2019 winner of the Best Apps for Teaching and Learning by the AASL is one of the top green screen apps ever made. You can use green-screen effects to create videos and photos that fit your creativity and thought process.

Combining up to 3 elements using this app is one of its key features. Use Chroma, crop, and mask tools to remove unwanted areas of your project.

 Can Mix audio tracks using pre-installed music tracks. After finishing off, you can save videos and images to your Photo Library, or iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox.


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