Top 10 Best Girl Game Apps For iOS And Android !

Games are an integral part of life. No matter what age type you are, we all love playing games in different genres.

And drama, action, adventure, business, these are some amazing genre that is quite popular among masses.

Moreover, who don’t want to enjoy games with friends and family that too together?

Not even this now there are many VLAN client servers available in the market that allows you to play game with your friends from distance.

You can easily create your own VLAN part and enjoy. But what if you’re getting bored of these action and adventure games?

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Moreover you want to try something new that too with minimum action and fight.

Then, there are many girl games available in the market that you can easily access on your smartphone.

Along with this these games take you down to the memory lane of childhood.

There are so many variety and collection of game that is present is the market, that you get confused what to play.

Additionally, these games give you a chance to connect with people who share same game interest as you.

Here we have inoculated best 10 girl games that you can install on your iOS and Android devices and have gala time with your friends & family.


10 Best Girl Game Apps

Cheerleader Champion

Cheerleader Champion

This is one of the most rated and widely popular games among girls.

It is fun package of dancing and gymnastic games. This game can hook you for long if you have an interest in being a cheerleader for your school or college team.

Using this app you can attend fabulous party and much more.

Along with this it offers you to put a royal makeup have bath & spa, relax your mind and a lot more.

Besides this you get a huge array of dresses that you can choose as per your preference and have fun.

Supermarket Grocery


If you have a keen interest in grocery business and want to test your business skills, then this game is perfect match for you.

With this app you can become a customer, cashier and many more and buy grocery just like real supermarket.

Along with this it also allows you to open a bakery along with supermarket.

And the best thing with the app is that you can even become am advice and help people at the time of confusion.

And you can also weigh, scale and pack grocery in environment friendly bags.

Fitness Girl


Do you want to open your own fitness studio and become a coolest coach? Then this app is just made for you.

With this app you can become a fitness enthusiast and coach others to get their desired body.

Along with this you can gain so many followers by posting amazing fitness tips.

And you can also earn popularity points as per your tips. You can also dress in your cute sporty clothes and have your own charm.

And the best thing with the app is that you can also use spa option in this app, so that you can have your own relaxing time.

Paris Girls


Do you love fashion? Do you love Paris? And want to dress up just like the fashion city, and then this app quite suits you the best.

With this app you can do shopping in the Paris city and have your own line of clothing.

You can choose dresses from huge array of clothes and make your look more spectacular.

And along with this you can also put makeup as per your dressing style and have hg fan following. In a nutshell, it’s the most amazing  fashionista game.

Unicorn Dress Up


This is another popular game that allows you to play with unicorn. If you are a unicorn lover then this game is perfect for you.

In this game you can make create a huge number of outfits from 180 items for 8 pet unicorns.

Along with this you can choose character, dressing, and even create your own customized dressing for them.

Besides this it has some other features such as mask, wings, tattoos, bright and colorful backgrounds, and a lot of accessories. And you can also make photo of your personalized pet and share it with friends.

My Baby


It is another simple yet intuitive user interface that can keep you hooks to this game for long.

With this app you can meet babsy in her bedroom and have fun playing with her.

You can talk to her and she will respond on what you will say and will respond on touch too.

Besides this it also offers some other features such as 3D graphics, cool video interaction, and different animations like sneezing, smiling laughing, dancing, and much more.

Additionally, it also allows you to draw a picture just with your finger tip.

Masha And The Bear


If you love cooking and love making people eat your food, then this app might suit your taste buds.

With this app you can feed all the animals from the Cartoon Masha and the bear.

Along with this you can also learn the wishes of every character and make them eat dishes as per their choice.

And you can also open new unusual ingredients and cook unique porridge.

You can also create pie for every forest citizen. In a nutshell it is fun interactive cooking game that allows you to make recipes.

Make Up Girls


If you are passionate for beauty, fashion and styles, then this app is quite useful for you.

Using this app you get a huge selection of colorful lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, mascaras and other accessories. You can easily choose anything and create your own wild look.

Besides this you can easily choose many of the design and style your model as the way you want.

Along with this there is no age barrier in this game any kid or a person in teen age can have this game and enjoy to the fullest. By using this game you can test your creative style like never before.

Cosmetic Box Cake Game


Do you like baking and want to try a different genre of cake making? If you belong to any of the category, then this app is perfect for you.

By using this app you can bake the creamiest and eye catching cake in the form of cake.

And to make cake you get a huge array of tastes and flavors. From vanilla to chocolate you get every cream in this app.

Along with this there are many formats of cakes such as lipsticks, nail polish, mascara, eye liner and much more.

Star Girl Calculator


If you want to live a life like pop star then this app is perfect fit for you. It is available for both iOS and Android users.

With this app you can easily track your expenses, keep a track on your excess spending, and compute for anything virtually.

Along with this it also offers some other features such as many girls themes, mix and match backgrounds and themes, all basic calculator function and much more.

In a nutshell this app is perfect for calculation and become a style girl with ease.


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