Top 10 Best Games Like Minecraft For Android And iOS

The last decade witnessed a great boost in popularity of Minecraft- the Xbox game. Soon after, the game was also developed for the mobile users. 

However exciting the game play was, very different from the violent games trending now, it was not easy to have it in your own device. It included paying certain amount in order to purchase it.

That is when people started looking out for games with a similar game layout, but with slightly different features. Today, there are many apps available as a close alternative to the actual game of Minecraft. While many of them are free to play, others with some exclusive features are to be paid for.

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Here we have enlisted the top 10 Games like Minecraft for android and ios users. Based on features and specifications, you can choose your own mobile sandbox game.


10 Best Apps Like Minecraft:

#1 Survival Craft

Live your life as a survivor in this game which is the closest one to Minecraft to date.

Build yourself a safe place to live in. Have your own plants and cattle. Hunt or grow your food while dodging the various threats that might come your way. This sandbox 3D game lets you explore and bring to life infinite possibilities to life.

Look out for exclusive materials, decorate your living space and make it through ages living one day at a time. The payment involved is $3.99 for both android and ios.

#2 The Blockheads

The blockheads is a very popular choice of alternative to Minecraft, with more than 5M downloads. It is a 2D sandbox game which brings your survival and craftsmanship skills to good use.

The game layout is very similar to that of Minecraft or any other survival game. Build your own shelter and keep updating it, gather your food or hunt for it, and mine for exclusive materials.

Look out for animals and other blockheads players. The game is also suited for multiplayer gaming over a stable internet connection. It is free to play with certain in-app purchases available.

#3 Planet of Cubes

This is definitely one of the best games when talking about crafting, surviving and exploring games for android and ios users.

The players are needed to mine for materials necessary for building and developing their own shelters, hunt or breed or tame animals for their needs and also survive the unexpected situations that might arise.

The game also supports multiplayer mode and is completely free to play!

#4 Winter Craft

The Winter Craft stands as a great alternative to Minecraft with almost the same features and game play in a winter setting.

In this 2D sandbox game, build yourself a shelter to keep yourself warm (or you might freeze to death!), tame an animal to be your pet and protect you against other animals and explore the different kinds of materials and possibilities.

The game is only single player, but you will never get bored of it anytime soon!

#5 Roblox

Roblox is a highly popular sandbox survival game among both android and ios users.

The game involves players from all over the world. The characters are designed just like Lego toys, making it a go-to game for all the 12+ aged kids. 

The game involves surviving through the many difficulties while also discovering the world and building your own.

The best part about the app is that it has many in-app games from different genres to play with. Moreover, it is completely free to play with.

#6 Minitest

This one is a gem for people interested in building their own world, completely according to their likings. The sandbox game allows players construct their own world, without any limitations as to the imagination of the player.

It is an open source app too meaning that players can also alter the code of the game to add certain features or delete any existing one. It is also a free game.

Hence, Minitest is a go-to app for crafty souls.

#7 Block Story

This alternative of Minecraft comes with a role-playing twist. You survive through dark times, build yourself a safe place to live in and pet or kill animals.

 The game has a fantastical touch- like the dragons and wizards with potions that form a major part of completing the game.

However the game does not include mining and crafting like Minecraft, it is a great survival game. The game offers a version to the android players for free which is limited in nature. To get the full version of the game, users must pay $2.99. For ios users, is it to be paid from the very beginning.

#8 Mines of Mars

Focusing on the Mining aspect of Minecraft, this one turns up to be a rather good alternative game app for android as well as ios users.

The game setup is mars, the red planet, where the main character explores different ores and gems. The character can also kill different creatures to earn life points.

The Mines of Mars is a great game for the explorer and survivor side to your personality. It has much to offer to keep you interested in the game. The game is to be paid in order to play it, $4.99 for both android and ios users.

#9 Terraria

The popular PC game is also available for your mobiles now!

Terraria is a game which is built on the same kind of game as Minecraft. It supports both single and multiplayer modes and costs $4.99 for both android and ios users.

There are more than 800 different materials waiting to be discovered by you. The main goal is to find the maximum of them and get closer to victory. The game does not have the best graphics, but the game play is quite interesting.

#10 Crash Lands

The game Crash Lands, revolves around a main character who is a space traveler. The main goal is to keep him alive for as long as possible. Therefore, you must craft. Kill and survive.

Protect yourself against the threats of the unknown lands, discover new materials waiting to be uncovered and build yourself a safe place to come back to every night.

The game is a classic role-playing game inspired by Minecraft, offering the potential players the fun and thrill of a survival gig. It costs $6.99 for a version.


If the survival and craftsmanship instinct in you can’t wait no more, and you are trawling through the internet in search of a great alternative to MineCraft, your search ends here!

With the abovementioned list of the 10 best alternative games to MineCraft, we are sure you don’t have to bound yourself to just watching video tutorials of the game- you can try your hands on them for yourselves!


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