Top 10 Best Games Like Episode In 2023!

Have you ever been in situation when you thought that you could have reacted much better if you get the same situation right now then there is plethora of games like episode make you relive again

These episode games are designed in way that make you addictive to this place and you will find it hard to leave your fingers from your phone. It’s a new genre in gaming world where you get thousands of stories bases on some of your favourite shows and movies.

And all these stories further categorised in different genre like science, fiction, high school, Hollywood, robotics and much more .You can easily choose your genre and can play any story of your choice and earn points.

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Even you can personalise your story and can make characters, plots and style that will eventually take your creativity one level high. Isn’t it adventurous thing to play someone else while just being yourself.

So what you are waiting for just grab you smartphone, download the game and enjoy to the fullest.

And for this you don’t even need to have to pay everything free of cost. Here we have selected some best of the episode games for your entertainment endeavour.


10 Best Games Like Episode

Choice of Robots

Choice of Robots

Choice of robots is one of the highly rated epic and interactive science fiction games. This app has more than 30,000 words that can be used as per choice for your story.

You can create your personalised robot and equipped with all the emotion, love and different qualities you want to imbibe in.

Along with this you get an artificial intelligence feature so that you can control your robot by making different commands on your own. So if you want to make a change to world as Robot maker this app is just for you.

Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist

Adventure capitalist is a unique and ideal simulator game. This app gives you a place to set your business, invest money online, earning weekly badges, golds megabucks and exclusive badges.

You even get different outfits and wardrobe to be decorated as per your choice. Along with this you can hire managers to automate your business and dominate the market and increase your profit like never before.

In short this game is unique combination of mathematics and economy so want to feel like a millionaire just grab your phone and roll it.

High School Story

High School Story

High school story is a popular and easy user interface game. This app gives you a place to create a school of your dreams.

You get more than 30 unique characters to date, battle, crush and party with as per your storyline. Along with these this app give you access to enormous outfits and decorative theme to customise your look as per your storyline.

And it’s most interesting feature is that you can add your own friends in the game and play their stories .And all this you get free of cost so want to relive teen life just grab this app.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons

The simpsons is one of the great adaption of its own sitcom in the form of a game. This app allow you to make your own city or spring field and make you rule on your people.

Along with this you get your favourite characters and you can even add more people in your city and earn rewards to make your city build more beautifully.

It is fully fun and easy going game that’s too for free so are you ready to live life the simpsons way

Hollywood U

Hollywood U

Hollywood U is also a popular, unique and stylish game. This game gives you a place where you can make your on Hollywood story as per your choice.

And you can choose your character either to be director, actor or a movie fashion icon. Along with these you get dozens of fashion outfits, celebrity characters, video making tools and storyline to make your own blockbuster movies like never before.

In short this app is a whole entertainment package to make you irresistible.



Choices is one of the amazing story games that is hard to resist. This app gives you a place where you can add play story as per your interest.

And for this you get different genre like romance, love, magic, fantasy, horror and much more. You can easily choose your story and can customise your character as per storyline.

Its most interesting feature is that you get a chance to interact with thousands of strangers and can make friends with such ease.

Hollywood Story

Hollywood story

Hollywood story is also one of the interesting interactive games. This app allows you to be Hollywood star and create your own blockbuster.

Along with these this app give you access to create and customise your character ,shoot movies, get fans ,date with celebrities.

You can also unlock the different cities, make the cover ,socialize, connect and interact with the world.And it’s all free of cost on your smartphone.

City Of Love Paris

City of love Paris

City of love Paris is an amazing unique and popular episode story game. This app gives you a place to create your love story in your own way and live a Parisian life with different levels of activities.

You can discover, unravel, indulge and replay the storyline according to your choice. Along with this you get thousands of background images and covers to beautify your moments.

In short if you are fan of reading romantic novels and fiction enthusiast then this app is just for you.



Amensia is a typically unique and easy user interface game to play on your smartphone. This game has interesting concept in which you have to awaken your lost memory and play as per your instincts.

And its interesting feature is that you get so many different game playing options and music genre to revive and play more.

This app has both free and paid features to use as per choice. So just grab your phone and take a route down to the memory lane.



Chapters is an interactive popular story game app for both android and ios users. This app gives you access to play your story according to your choice.

For this you get different genres like romance, young adult, reality, love, adventure and fantasy. You can choose any of the stories and can make choices according to situations and win more in the game.

In short it’s a whole package of fun to your mood. And all this you get free on your smartphone with single click.


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