Top 9 Best Games Like Among Us

Among Us, through your discussions, you can test the trust and friendship of people who have been friends for many years. However, in a great moment of meeting with the best known so that games take place in a lighter game and where communication prevails. 

If you already think that InnerSloth’s title falls short, we have some games similar to Among Us.

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Let us bear in mind that its mechanics are very particular and that there are not many copies that come close to the Among Us model, even less so on Android. 

But, in our eagerness to specify the search for alternatives, several of them will remind us of the game of crew members and impostors. Others, on the other hand, just want to get their friends together to have a fun time.


9 Games Like Among Us

Murderous Pursuitap1

And well well well, we are going to the first place of this top of games like Among Us! with Netease and with one of the most handsome spies, assassin, and whistleblower games on mobile devices. 

Here is this Murderous Pursuits, a game where we will play 8 players in real-time. It is a game where we will be assigned a prey and we will have to hunt it, but at the same time, we will be the prey of other players. 

To the endless cycle of the Lion King. Our goal will be to avoid being exposed to be able to hunt down our prey without being killed by others first. 

Every time we kill someone we will be assigned another prey and the one who hunts the most will be the winner of the game.

ap2Storm Island

We are going to position 2 of these top games like Among Us! with another game that is in beta and is actually still in Chinese called Storm Island. 

A multiplayer survival game that if they release a definitive version soon, will hit a lot. It is a game in which we are eight survivors stranded on a desert island. 

Seven of whom are going to be good guys and must work together to escape the beach alive, but one of them has a completely different goal: to kill the rest.

We have more than acceptable graphics, very good gameplay, although yes, it is a game in beta and Chinese. Still, you have it available in the link below.

ap3Town Of Salem

We continue in this position three of the top games similar to Among Us with Town Of Salem, probably the game that is most similar to Among Us! of all those that I bring you today. 

And also to say that it is a game that has cost me a lot to connect to the servers. We can play between 7 and 15 players, who will be randomly assigned to one of the following alignments: civilians, mob, serial killers, arsonists, or neutrals. 

And every night events will happen, basically, if you are one of the good guys, then you will have to do everything possible to capture the bad guys and vice versa. Of course, in terms of roles and abilities, this game is much better than Among Us!

ap4Granny’s House

It is time to talk about a game, rather than being a game similar to Among Us, although it is a game where there will be two murderers and 6 survivors, perhaps we could say that it is more like Dead By Daylight

I present to you this Granny’s House, a very recent game that is growing a lot, which in fact they also update very frequently that we could resemble Among Us in certain aspects! This is a game where 6 players will fight to escape against 2 assassins who try to kidnap them. 

ap5Party Hard Go!

We are going with a game that I love and that we could say is like an Among Us but if we are only left with the part of the murderer. 

I present to you Party Hard Go, a game where you are going to give life to someone who is tired of the neighbours making a lot of noise and parties, and instead of calling the police, you decide that the best idea is to kill them all, using your faithful knife and things that you are finding. 

But of course, not everything is so simple and if people see you, they will call the police so you will not be able to be very shameless and you will have to create a strategy to kill them all without anyone knowing account.

Werewolf Online!


In position 6 will be nothing more and nothing less than Werewolf Online! The mobile adaptation of the classic wolf game. A game similar to Among Us, and that is as if we were left with only the text part. 

We will have to defend our village or be the werewolves and hunt down the villagers! This is a game that works great, it is very well optimized and the result is very fun

We can play up to 16 players, we will have different special abilities to betray other players although of course, the most important thing in this game will be to use your psychology, persuasion, and lip to convince other players to make certain decisions.


We are going to position 7 with one of my favorite games to play with friends! It’s about this Psych! A game that we could say is like a textual Among Us in which we can connect with our friends in one of the many game modes it has. 

The truth is that the game is brutal, although Warner Bros, they have not yet introduced the Spanish language, so all players will have to have a minimum of English to avoid giving themselves away.

Triple Agentap8

Let’s go with the game that we could say is the mobile version of the game  “The town sleeps”  or  “The wolf” 

I present this  Triple Agent, a cooperative multiplayer game for Android and iOS in this case that we can play locally with a single Smartphone and where each player will have a role. 

Very similar to Among Us! but with the theme of agents and spies. With the free version, we can play between 5 and 7 players and it includes 12 operations that are mixed and matched to make each round a completely different experience.

GM Online


Having said that, let’s cut to the chase and enter this top of games similar to Among Us with position 9 with GM Online, in this case, a game that at the moment we only have available on Android and not on apple devices … a game that is in alpha phase and that as you can imagine has thousands of things to improve. 

Among its various game modes, it has one called Among Us! Murderers were depending on the role that touches us, we will have to kill everyone else without being detected or try not to be killed.


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