Top 9 Best Sleeping Dogs Alternatives (Games Like Sleeping Dogs)

Sleeping Dogs is a fantastic video game with a combination of exciting features like Action-Adventure and Third Person Shooter. The game takes place with exotic sites, criminal organizations, and busy streets in Hong Kong City. The story is about Wei Shen, a protagonist in single-player mode, a shadowy American police officer from Hong Kong, and an epic mission to infiltrate the Sun On Yee Company and destroy it.

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The main focus of the game is on fighting, parkour skills, shooting, weapons, and objects for exploration and fighting. The game offers a third-person perspective environment in an open world environment. Three kinds of experience points are available, like Triads, Police, and Face XPs. The game enables the player to explore the world, either by car or on foot, to find and complete missions.


To fight enemies, the player can use various types of weapons, articles, and equipment, carry out challenges and earn points. He can use parkour and rock elements to avoid attacks from his enemies. Sleeping Dogs includes Massive Map features, NPC, Difficult Tasks, Melee Combat Skills, accessories, purchasing cars, etc. The actor can jump, walk, ride, climb and fight.


9 Sleeping Dog Alternatives

gm1True Crime: New York City

True Crime: New York City is Luxoflux and Activision’s action, open world, and a single-player video game. This is the second installment of the True Crime franchise. The game is about the actor Marcus Reed who is a former gangster and has become a policeman. After receiving a letter of promotion from the crime unit, the protagonist becomes a detective. Reed is the testimony to the death of his mentor.
The final objective is to assist the FBI in finding and bringing him to the case of the murderer of the friend of the protagonist.

The game allows players to experience some missions and can use its points to unlock additional content while playing. The report contains four major cases, including the Palermo Mob, the Magdalena cartel, the presidents, and the Shadow Tong.



Bully is a video game developed by Rockstar Vancouver for action-adventure, third-person perspective, open world, exploration, single and multiplayer. The game takes place in Bullworth’s fictional town, and the season revolves around a student who wants to rise to school status. The player play the role of Jimmy who is a High School Student .

Bully is a video game developed by Rockstar Vancouver for action-adventure, third-person perspective, open world, exploration, single and multiplayer. The game takes place in Bullworth’s fictional town, and the story revolves around a student who wants to rise to school status. This game allows the player to take on the role of Jimmy, a high school student.

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gm3Mafia III

Mafia III is a 2k video game published and produced by the renowned company Hangar 13: Action, Open World, Stealth, First and Third Persons, Sandbox, and a single-player and shooting Mafia III is Mafia’s third video game series edition. In the game, Lincoln Clay, who is an orphan who searches for a family, can take on the role. It was established in 1968 and is held in New Bordeaux City.

The actor joined the army and took part in the Vietnam War. He came back to his town after the war and re-joined The Black Mob. The black mob was soon attacked by the Italian mob and all members murdered and Clay was saved by a pirate. Now your main task, as a protagonist, is to build your criminal gang and take revenge on the Italian masses. To eliminate your enemies, you can use different kinds of weapons and equipment. In addition to stalware, you can use melee weapons and melee attacks to defeat your enemies.



Hitman is the wonderful sixth installment of IO Interactive’s Hitman series, which is published by Square Enix. It’s a Strong Stainless, Open World, Single-Player, third-party shooter game. The game allows you to play the role of Agent 47, the famous protagonist of the Hitman series, who is a murderer. It is carried out in an open world environment and allows you to travel around the world and to eliminate contractual objectives.

The game allows you to complete each of your various challenging tasks to gain cash. Explore the huge world by car or on foot. Interact with and conclude contracts with NPCs. In missions, you can save your game and start from where you left. By completing tasks and missions, you can unlock additional vehicles, locations, and weapons with the money you have earned.


gm5Watch Dogs

Watch Dog is a video game created and published by Ubisoft that is an action-adventure, third-person shooter, single game, and multiplayer. The game takes place in Chicago’s fictional world, and the story follows a hacker and his efforts to find his niece’s murderer. The game is open and you can discover Chicago on foot or by car from a third person’s perspective.

The main goal is to hack the centralized operating system (COS), which manages the city of Chicago, into the role of Aiden Pearce (protagonist). There are several difficult tasks, each completed and you can earn cash. To reach a specific place outside the city and arms, you can use various kinds of vehicles to fight enemies.


gm7Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a Rockstar Games-created and published action-adventure, exploration, open world, Single Player video game. It is about the racing, shooting, an open and fighting environment. This is the seventh entry in the Grand series and presents new settings, characters, and stories. The game takes place in a massive world from the perspective of a third person and the gamer can interact with the game. It is in the fictional state of the United States, San Andreas, based in California and Nevada. The state includes three cities, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Los Santos.

The protagonist Carl CJ who returns to Los Angeles following his beloved mother’s assassination is the center of attention. When he leaves the airport, a group led by Frank Tenpenny defends his protagonist. In the assassination of an officer called Pendlebury, the antagonist named Tenpenny involved the protagonist himself.



Prototype is a video game developed by and published by Radical Entertainment, an action, third-person perspective, an adventure, Role Playing, and Single Player. It is the first entry in the Prototype series and offers a combination of Sci-fi elements Stealth, Parkour, Hack, and Slash.

The game is held in Manhattan and follows the story of Alex Mercer, the protagonist who has lost her past. The player’s main task is to prevent the Blacklight outbreak, a plague that turns people into deadly monsters. The game involves challenging searches and the player needs to finish the goals and reveal the past.


gm8Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas combines Action-Adventure, Shooter, and Exploration elements. Gameloft developed and published the game, which supports both single and multiplayer modes. It is the fifth fantastic entry in the Gangstar series and is set in modern-day Las Vegas, Nevada. The game’s plot revolves around the protagonist, Jason Malone, a trained MMO Fighter who is chosen by Frank after a difficult match.

It incorporates driving and third-person shooter elements from the Grand Theft Auto series, as well as an open world in which the player can move freely. The player can take on the role of the protagonist, and his ultimate goal is to explore the vast environment on foot or by vehicle, complete a series of missions, and earn a lot of money to buy weapons, items, and buildings, similar to GTA.


gm9Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 created under Avalanche Studios and produced by Square Enix. It is a destructive single player shooter game which you play as a Third person. This is the third successor in the Just Cause series. You have to play the story line of a person called Rico Rodriguez who is the main character of the story. The story is set up in the imaginary republic Medici whose dictator is Di Ravello . So story follows the returning of Rico to his birthplace Medici . This game offers open world experience and allow player to explore this virtual real world in the Rico’s role. 

So being a action shooter game this provides a variety of firearms in its arsenal . You can explore the virtual world of Medici on your foot or in the vehicle. In the game you have to complete the missions and the challenges just lie the other games in our list. As a game of destructive genre ,you have assigned to destroy government facilities. All against the general Di Ravello.



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