Best Future Baby Generator Apps For Android And iOS

It is always interesting for people without children what their children will be like. Or if someone even has children, they also wonder about what their future babies look like. But we live in the 21st century where almost anything is possible.

There are many applications where you can see the face of your future baby with your beloved or anyone else. You can also select the photos of your friends for fun. Anyway, the result will pleasantly surprise you by the similarity between the parents and their generated baby.

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Using these applications you will no longer be involved in an intrigue. If you want to try them, read this post in which we have listed the 11 best baby generator applications of the future that you can download from Google Play or App Store.


Best Future Baby Maker Apps


One of the applications of the future baby generator is BabyMaker . The user interface is very easy: upload your photos and those of your partner in good quality, then click the heart-shaped button, choose the age and tone of skin of your future child and admire the result!

The main advantage of this application is that you can use colored backgrounds, designs, frames, and then save this photo created by you and share it with your friends and family.

So try to find the best photos to see various variants of what your future baby will be like.

The paid version of this application is also available. PS The result will not be as accurate if you or your partner wear glasses or have a beard or mustache.

Baby Predictor

Baby PredictorIf you are a pregnant woman, or if you are a man whose wife is in a particular condition, this application is for you.

We can’t help but admire Baby Predictor for many reasons. Using it you can predict the sex of the baby, the color of eyes, skin and hair, weight, blood, and Rh type . You have the opportunity to get highly accurate detailed predictions right now. All you need is to enter all the necessary information.

The application will generate your future baby according to the laws of genetics and the traditional Chinese calendar.

More than ten thousand people have already downloaded it, so don’t wait, generate!

Make A Baby : Future Face Maker

This application is also considered as one of the best baby generators of the future. Do you want to see what your baby would be like if you were a couple with an object of your affections?

 Download Make A Baby: Future Face Maker , take photos of the two of you, blend your faces into one photo if necessary, and then see the result. Without a doubt, the baby will have the best features of both.

The amazing animations in this app will make these moments that much more moving. Now share your results with everyone you want. If you want, you can edit a photo of a baby before sending it. How to do it? Read here.

How is my baby?

Still not satisfied? Then we suggest an application How is my baby? Here you can also represent the look of your future baby.

The application applies powerful calculations from your photos and those of your partner to create a model that describes a new face that looks like a younger version of the two “parents.” You just have to choose the facial features of mom and dad, and then enjoy the result.

The main advantage of this application is that it is possible to change the age and gender of a child. Another feature of this application is that you can zoom and select the appropriate size of the image to make a portrait. 

There is also a baby gallery feature where you can see all the available children. Therefore, this application will definitely surprise you.

Your Future Baby Generator

Baby GeneratorIf, for example, you are having a baby, this application will also be appropriate for you. There is no need to wait nine more months. 

Download your future baby generator to know what your child looks like in nine seconds. 

The app creates a sensible perspective of what a couple’s baby looks like, so the result is going to be impressive.

More than a thousand people have already downloaded the application, selected two photos, uploaded them and generated future babies. Now you can join them and share your future children.

Baby Maker

One more application of this type will be presented right now. Baby Maker will make you satisfied with the result. All you need to do is upload the photo of Mom and Dad, then click “Get Baby” and enjoy the pictures of your cute future child.

It is not an entertaining application, because the facial characteristics will be like those of the parents. 

You can choose multiple photos of yourself and your partner to create slightly different babies or to make siblings. After that, they can make a moving slideshow with photos of their future children. Read this article and learn how to do it.

How would our son be like ?

If you consider yourself a curious person, this application is also for you. You must carry out several simple actions: choose two photos of you and your boyfriend or girlfriend (you can select them from your photo gallery or take a photo with your camera), zoom in or out on the selected photo, click the button «Start prediction ” and that’s it.

You will surely be glad of the generated photo. It remains to save the results in a photo gallery or share them with your friends. With the help of How would our son be? you will no longer burn with curiosity.

My Future Baby Look

Despite the word “joke” in the name of the application, My Future Baby Look will let you know the exact appearance of you and your partner’s future child.

Don’t you believe it yet? Then download the Google Play application, enter your name and that of your partner, then you have to choose the shading of your face and nationality. T

hen select the most appropriate photos or take a photo, add them to the application and then the face of your future baby will appear. If you still can’t believe it, download it to make sure of it.

Future Baby Generator

“What will our little boy look like?” – This is an essential question for young couples. Using a complicated algorithm and connecting the facial features of two people together, Future Baby Generator will create the appearance of your desirable toddler.

Just follow the instructions: select two photos of you and your partner, and that’s it! You can see your future baby’s face in seconds!

Nowadays this application is also popular among users around the world, now it is your turn to use this great application.


The last but not least application is called Instababy . All actions are the same: choose your photos and those of your partner of good quality, upload them to the application and finally enjoy your future baby quickly generated by the application.

There are also some advantages. First of all, it is no longer necessary to select faces – special face detection will do this automatically. 

Second, you can share these beautiful and colorful photos with your friends on various social networks: Facebook, Twitter, etc.


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