Top 7 Best Funny Weather Apps For iOS And Android

The weather is undoubtedly the most unpredictable aspect of nature. You cannot always trust weather forecasters and specialists, and you cannot always tell whether you have characterised the weather properly from the window.

Indeed, perhaps the sun is shining strongly outside the window, the sky is clear, and the temperature is less than zero. It becomes an unpleasant experience in that instance, and it might even destroy the day.

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At the same time, our smartphone’s regular weather forecast appears to be very dull, it is either a standard line with the room temperature at the closest weather station or the figures on the blocked screen.

As a result, we rarely pay attention to these data. Installing an application on your smartphone is a simple way to accomplish this.

Not the most basic and typical one, but something unique that will grab your attention right away.

So, here we present you some of the best funny weather apps!


Best Funny Weather Apps

What The Forecast?!!


What’s The Forecast?! prepared to shoulder the burden of voicing your outrage at what is happening on outside of the window.

The creators say that their app is the most precise and that it can thoroughly describe how awful it is to walk down the street. The application allows you to change all of the weather-related terms.

You can both watch and switch off odd linguistic expressions, for example, if you are worried that youngster may notice them.

What’s the Forecast?! will be much more impressive if you can play all of the sentences with the assistance of a voice assistant. All you have to do now is add the weird vocabulary to the application’s settings.

It is also worth noting that the weather forecast is extremely accurate, with hourly forecasts provided for the following 48 hours.

The application’s background, in most cases, accurately represents the environment outside the window.

This manner, you may acquire weather information both visually and audibly, even without using words.

Grumpy Cat Weather


Grumpy Cat has become a favourite of many people on the Internet due to its melancholy and sorrowful appearance.

Even with its cover, the Internet meme cat catches notice right immediately.

Many people relate with it as they are exhausted, sleepless, and it is raining outside the window.

Even this melancholy cat, however, can be pleased or become a little happier and it will all be reflected on your smartphone’s screen.

You will smile every time you check the forecast or simply refresh the information on your smartphone, because such a close match between the cat’s mood and the weather is quite remarkable.

Every change in forecast is accompanied by a change in Grumpy Cat’s mood. Air humidity, wind, pressure, and dawn and sunset times are among the various meteorological indicators displayed.

Naturally, they are not the most common indicators. The temperature, on the other hand, is displayed almost instantly.

The cat can only assist you in determining how to respond to these indicators: smile or be sad, and stay at home.

The temperature in the city you want to visit will be calculated automatically using GPS. A map, on the other hand, can easily show you what’s going on in other areas.

CARROT Weather

Carrot Weather is indeed a hilariously funny programme that will certainly brighten your day, even if the weather is bad.

It is an app for checking the temperature in your city, as well as in some really strange locations, thanks to accurate and concise language and amusing phrases.

Ain’t joking when saying you can locate clues and track down all 32 locations. Chernobyl, Egyptian pyramids, and other historical sites may be among them.

Everything is displayed to you, including dense fog, heavy rain, and blizzards, as well as extreme heat and wet wind.

You won’t be surprised by terrible weather anymore, you will know ahead of time. It can be installed as a widget on your smartphone’s home screen.

You will observe the temperature, pressure, and other fundamental weather conditions around you right away. All of this is supported by precise and amusing facial expressions that will make you smile.

Real-time travel is also available. You will be able to see weather from up to 70 years ago, including the forecast on your birthday, as well as forecasts for the next 10 years.

Many intriguing features are only available with a Premium subscription, so keep that in mind during setup.

It makes typical and boring weather predictions a lot of fun, and its unusual locations might make you feel like you’re travelling.

Weather Cows

Weather Cows is yet another amusing weather app. Many people believe that cats, frogs, dogs and other animals are adept at predicting weather and climate changes.

However, the creators of this app chose cows as their model, what if they are actual weather forecasters?

After all, there’s a saying: “It rains if you pass by a field of cows and they sit down.” Isn’t it wonderful? Clearly, no!

Cows, on the other hand, provide a constant accompaniment to the weather forecast, which makes you grin. There is also a tiny biscuit in the app with whom you may play and have fun.

The cow on the screen does have its own personality. You can learn everything about it by clicking on it. It is also possible to pet it. The weather forecast is, however, the application’s primary role.

You can either manually establish your location or use the search box to find your city. Then it will offer you detailed information on the temperature in your immediate area.

You can also look into other places of interest, cow forecasting is not only for your area.

LOL – HumorCast Weather


LOL – HumorCast Weather is yet another amusing weather app. Have a look at the user interface and prediction presentation, and you will want to give it a try.

Probably the finest feature of this application is the plethora of amusing phrases that ensure that collecting environmental data never becomes tedious.

It gives reliable weather forecasts, allowing you to keep track of every detail that important to you. If you enjoy personalising things, there are hundreds of pretty creative backgrounds to choose from to dress up the overall design of the weather reports.

Not only that, but you can obtain this amusing weather app for free. But keep in mind that HumorCast will not give you all the stuff for free.

Aside from the price, it may easily be added to the list of the best weather applications.

Fu*** Weather


With a unique sense of humour, the Fu*** Weather app can make you giggle. It has a unique manner of displaying weather forecasts.

So, whether you are in the middle of a clear sky or in the middle of a rainstorm, the amusement will keep you entertained until the conclusion, similar to some comedy shows.

In addition to providing amusing phrases, the app also provides accurate weather information. It also keeps you informed on the hourly weather conditions so you do not get caught out in the rain.

You can fine-tune everything to your liking because it allows full customization. Despite the fact that the app is free, in-app purchases are required to unlock features such as the two-week forecast.

Troll Weather – Funny Weather forecast


Last on the list comes Troll Weather – Funny Weather forecast. Even though it’s simply an app, it has its own personality.

It will mock you and others as well as mock the weather, and be really amusing to say.

If you are bored of weather forecasts that are too serious and professional, this app is for you.

The forecast is almost always correct. It detects your location and, use this information to display the present weather conditions outside your window as well as what may occur in the near future.

Troll Weather can vary its background and, as a result, the statements, according on the current temperature and weather. You can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit depending on location and your preferences.

The complete prediction is updated frequently, and you can track the weather for up to seven days ahead of time.

And each watch can be linked with its own joke, allowing you to analyse each one and stay on top of things at all times.


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