Top 15 Best Fun Apps For iOS and Android

The Internet is considered a great amount of entertainment for all kinds of newer devices. However, it is too difficult for users to find out the funny elements of a very few sources. Hence, come to the apps and games that generate fun and hilarious content based on recent demands and trends.

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They help you decrease your boredom and monotonous lifestyle, and yet they help you laugh, as laughter is an excellent medicine for your body. Some of these fun Android and iOS apps or games contain animations to make the cartoon vivid , while others use real or fabricated images for fun. 


9GAG is a curated collection of jokes, GIFs, memes, vines, cosplay, parody, photos lol, videos, humorous jokes, and many more. This app undoubtedly outperforms most contemporary online apps. 

However, Facebook and other social networks allow you to select a large number of GIFs, but getting the right GIFs for the right content would often be cumbersome if 9GAG didn’t allow us with their timely collection of those memes. This app is made up of genres, such as animals, anime, car, comic, and webtoon, NSFW, WTF, etc.

Easy xkcd


Most fun apps for Android users to use microtransaction at any cost by luring users to fall in love with them. On the contrary, Easy xkcd is one of the fun apps for Android, which requires no money at all. 

Just download the game and immerse yourself in its humorous and ridiculously funny content. 

The exciting part is that whatever comic you open using the transcript, title or number, it will represent the characters as well as the relevant funny images.

ap3MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

There are many fun online  apps available for your avatar to share on various social networks, but spontaneously accessing and using them is a cumbersome problem. 

Therefore, MomentCam will rescue you from this problem and give you the emancipation to express your emotions, as well as your feelings, by making your avatar in these applications. 

You can create personalized gifts on your smartphones and share those cartoons and emoticons with your friends. To access more extensive features, you can purchase them online, but it is usually free.

ap4Voice changer with effects

You may be familiar with the text-to-speech apps and translation apps for smartphones, but they have nothing to do with humor content. 

On the contrary, voice loader is one of the fun  apps that will give you a cramp in the belly and you’ll fall out of the chair laughing. It will record your voice right away or use the preloaded voice, and then use the available effects to sound hysterical and punch it.

ap5Toilet Time – Boredom games to play

Also known as Call of Doodie, it is one of the few fun games for your smartphone  that departs from the conventional fun games that exist in the modern mobile world. 

If you are a corporate office employee waiting in line to go to a shared bathroom, then this game is for you. 

From choosing the empty toilet seat to lowering a tissue paper, finding attacks from various insects, and adjusting the shower handles are many of the tasks you will have to perform in this game.

Cut The Button

The next fun app for your device is the very interesting casual game- Cut The Button.

This one is only available for use on ios platforms, but we hope that in future, it’ll be available across all devices.

Cut The Button involves a very simple game play of the players using an in-screen scissors to cut off the buttons stitched on pieces of cloth and collecting them in the cup provided. The game however simple is capable of keeping you in loop for hours if not days. All thanks to its controls and interface.

As the game starts, the player must pick and drag the scissors on the bottom of the screen with two fingers, and cut the intended button. As the game starts, the scissors must be used to cut the buttons off the cloth using the scissors just like you would operate actual scissors. The players are required to use their other hand to move the cup at the bottom of the screen. Make sure that all buttons drop off in the cup!

The game can be played in two modes- Classic and Arcade and can be customized to be made left-handed friendly.

ap6Robo Bob

The hapless Bob is forced to sneak into other people’s homes and steal everything he can. Out of all the fun apps, Robbery Bob is full of new intrigues, and you will have to steal things with great caution. 

No matter how hard you try to get out of the criminal lifestyle, it always ends because of the mob boss. It is a 2D game with excellent and dazzling graphics. Every act of Bob will make you laugh.

ap7Zombie Catchers Hunt & Kill the Dead

Zombie Catchers proved to be one of the best funny games for you , not because of its impressive animations with distinctive background sound, but because of its unprecedented funny plot. 

The plot is about planet earth, which is infested by the immortal zombies that two businessmen named AJ and Bud wanted to take down by determining them using different weapons and levitating to catch them from above. They are then used to make juice to serve customers for profit.

ap8Pictoword: Fun Word Games and Brain Games Offline

If you have played Emoji Quiz (Combine & Guess the Emoji) which is one of the best trivia games  then you will like Pictoword. 

The concept is more or less the same, which consists of presenting two images together along with the words given below them. 

You then need to choose the alphabet carefully to find the correct words to define those two pictures together. For example, an image of Sand with another image of Witch will make Sandwich.

ap9YouCam Fun

YouCam Fun is one of the best fun apps, especially for beauties who want to customize their photos to make them shine even more. 

This app inevitably transforms your phone camera into a gigantic photo booth with more dazzling features and filters. There are many face filters to highlight the best pose in you with more sparkles and charms. 

Live photo filters combined with animated selfie stickers will enhance the extravagance of your outfit. You can also decorate your photos from the gallery.

ap10Goat Simulator GoatZ

You may have come across some of the dumbest and funniest apps . Still, Goat Simulator Goats, developed by the company called Coffee Stain Studios, which previously released “Goat Simulator,” is the most ambiguous and ambiguous game you have ever played. 

The goat and the zombies are fighting each other in the same game, and that too, the goat is shooting the zombies to run away from the zombie hordes. Unfortunately, this game is no longer free, and you must purchase it.

ap11 My Talking Tom

If there is one of the fun apps that has still been around for a long time, then it is a My Talking Tom game. Developed by Outfit 7, Talking Tom will feature an adorable but fun cat who likes to be petted. 

He demands that he be fed properly, that he sleeps properly, and that he be forced to use the bathroom to give him relief. Tom also likes to mimic the way you speak and repeats it when you call him by name.

ap13Daddy Long Legs

Many apps are depicting dangerous bugs as the funniest and loveliest creatures. Daddy Long Legs is that kind of game that hilariously shows a Daddy Long Legs ride with his legs 5 times his body to walk on stilts. 

You need to make sure this creature doesn’t fall over while manoeuvring without stumbling. It may seem that this game is as tedious and easy as many fun apps, but you are wrong.

ap14Dad Jokes – A collection of Puns & Corny Jokes

The name suggests that this app is not made for delicate snowflakes as American dads excel at puns. well. This app contains all the cheesy and cheesy jokes that might not seem cliché to current generations. 

Its simple interface, along with a wide collection of jokes, will give you a bit of cramp while you laugh. You will see the middle of the sentence, and pressing the screen will bring up the key point of all the jokes.


Deep fake technology has caught the eye among all photophilic users, and there are quite a few fun apps dominating smartphones, which are also used as photo editing apps. Reface is for both fun and photo editing applications. 

It works by allowing you to overlay your image onto tons of available GIFs and memes found in this app. It only takes a couple of seconds to change the format of your photo, but show the world that you are not a celebrity. 


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