Top 10 Best Free Screen Sharing Apps

Be it teaching an old relative to use a mobile phone or presenting heavy documents with friends, showing pictures and videos from a trip to your family or teaching online, sharing your screen makes it easily possible.

While most of the mobile phones have built in screen recording system, sharing the recording is again, a load of task.

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But worry not! There are numerous apps that allow you to directly share your screen with your friends or devices of your own. Such sharing can be done via calling, wi-fi or Bluetooth network depending on app specifications.

Some of these apps might be easy to use and others – a little more complex. Here we have gathered the Top 10 free screen sharing apps based on their features and user-interface.


10 Best Free Screen Sharing App

Screen Mirror – Screen Sharing

Screen Mirroring

This app is the easiest to use. It uses wi-fi to share your screen and hence is compatible with every device including smart televisions.

Therefore, it makes your picture viewing, presentation, etc. very handy. It takes just a few moments to connect with the devices. For quicker facilitation, it comes with a QR which when scanned by another device establishes immediate connection between the two.

The image quality is good.

ScreenTask – Remote Mobile Screen Sharing

Screen task

In regard of screen sharing, it is one of the best apps.

It provides instructions to new users on how to share their screen, and is, therefore, very easy to use.

It establishes an instant connection with the proposed device.

The unique feature of this app is ‘access code’. It protects your data privacy by setting up a code which the other device must enter correctly in order to access your screen.

Overall it is a great app. The image quality is also good.

ScreenShare – One Assistant

Screen share

To teach or learn various features regarding your smartphone, this is the best app.

It allows users to assist or present a screen.

The best part about this app is that it supports all kinds of devices. All smartphones, desktops, laptops, etc. are well suited to this app.

With over one million downloads, this comes up as the highly preferred and easy to use screen sharing alternative.

MiraCast – Screen Sharing App


This gem not only allows you to share or present your pictures to the big screen, but also gives way to playing your videos on the same without compromising with image quality at all!

It establishes quick connection with any wireless device via wi-fi or Bluetooth.

The app is also very simple to use. If you have any difficulty, there are detailed instructions in the app for your help.

It is also a highly trusted choice with more than a million downloads. 

Screen Stream Mirroring Free

Screen stream

Setting up this one might take a little more efforts, but the features are quite compensatory.

To share your screen using this app, you will need to download an extension in your desktop too. Once you have connected both of your devices, you are great to go!

Share files, photos, videos, and camera and even live share your screen to your computer.

Being used by millions of people worldwide – it is sure to fulfill your needs of screen sharing.

The image quality is good. It is also not a very heavy app.

Cast to TV/ Screen Sharing App

Screen  Cast

Another light weight app to share your screen using wireless networks – Cast to TV.

It connects with you television/ computer/ laptop via wi-fi or Bluetooth. Just make sure that the presenting device and main device are connected to the same wi-fi and you are ready!

A better wi-fi connection means a better image quality and vice versa.

In the absence of wi-fi, one may use Bluetooth. However, the quality of presentation is expected to drop.

It is very simple to use and also comes with 3 simple steps for you to begin casting your screen. 

Live Screen – Screen Mirroring and Screen Sharing


It makes sharing of screen easily and smoothly possible via wi-fi. One needs to make sure that both the devices are connected to the same network for it to work.

Apart from basic functions of a screen recorder, it is customizable – change the screen format, choose the image quality or highlight certain information with color.

It is also very small in size – about 4 mb.

The app does not glitch while presenting videos and makes it a handy tool for presentations and video lectures.



The interface of this app is quite different. It lets you chat with your friends, create groups of up to 4 people and also supports video calling and group video calling.

When in video call with friends, one may present their screen. The screen would then be visible to the other people on call.

It lets you and your friends have a discussion over the presented matters. The app is designed for the best user experience.

The image quality is generally good and is dependent on the quality of network connection in your and your friends’ devices. Overall, it is a great app.


screen leap

This app allows you to share your screen in three different modes- broadcast your screen (everything on your screen will be presented), Broadcast your camera (everything the camera sees will be presented) and privately share screen (a code is sent to the proposed screen )

This app offers good image quality and establishes a connection without internet. It is simple to use and is supported in the IOS system as well.

Screen Share

Screen sharing

This app uses internet connection or wi-fi to share your screen. The devices should be connected to the same network for it to work.

This one is also highly customizable. One can choose whether sound is to be accompanied or not. Front camera can be enabled simultaneously, a logo can be added to the screen and the presentation can be recorded as well. A pre- decided session length can also be decided.

Being inculcated with so many features the users might need some time to get used to it, but it is worth it.


If one needs live mirroring, a good wi-fi connection, and in turn, an app that connects over wi-fi is recommended.

To showcase pictures and videos however, one may use the lightweight apps.

Screen sharing/mirroring makes our task of explaining stuff easier. It offers a chance to use the visualized data in the simplest way possible and ultimately, increase the effectively.


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