Top 10 Best Free Alternatives Of Netflix

Every day it is becoming more common to use streaming services to watch series and movies, such as Netflix. However, there comes a time when you saw all the series of your interest on Netflix. 

Unfortunately, the series is not produced at the same speed with which we see them. It may be that you are tired of Netflix, or that we would like to avoid that little extra expense.

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This is when many look for free alternatives to view content online. Yet, many download platforms can fill the computer with viruses or install some type of malware. In these cases, it is best to switch to streaming TV platforms, alternatives to watch digital content for free.

These are the best 10 free alternatives to Netflix that you can find this 2021:


10 Best Free Alternatives Of Netflix

ap6Pluto TV

This is one of the most popular free streaming movies and series platforms out there. In its catalog, you can find a wide variety of content, including documentaries, reality shows, and much more.

On Pluto TV you can get more than 40 different television channels (which vary from country to country), and the catalog is updated every month. It is not only possible to access the platform from the computer since they have an official application for mobile devices.

Another advantage of this platform is that it is not necessary to register to start using it. Because it works in a similar way to traditional television, you must be aware of the programming and content schedules. As you cannot pause, repeat, or fast-forward the content you are watching.

Plex TVap5

This is another great free streaming service that you can use. Like Pluto TV, you don’t need to register to view content, and it offers a live TV service.

In Plex TV you will find no advertisements, so it is ideal for kids to enjoy content without interruption. But not only does it offer a streaming service, but this platform also allows you to organize your multimedia content.

That is, if you have any movies or series downloaded to your computer, you can upload them to Plex TV and classify them by category or genre. Likewise, this platform also updates its free catalog occasionally. Although they also offer a Premium version of the service with more options.


This is one of the strongest free Netflix alternatives out there. Not only do they offer a wide catalog of series and movies, but they also offer original content. To use this platform, you do not need to register in any way.

However, if you decide to register, you can save the shows, resume the content, and even get different content recommendations.

Even, if you change your device and are registered, you will be able to continue viewing your content from where you previously left off.

This service includes advertisements, but they are not as invasive or annoying as those that can be found on other types of platforms. Likewise, it is possible to download the Crackle application for mobile devices without any problem.

If you are concerned about your safety, you should know that Crackle belongs to Sony, so everything you see here is completely legal and reliable.


The giant Walmart decided to jump into the streaming market by creating a service called Vudu. Although it eventually sold this platform, it is still in operation. 

Here it is possible to find a wide catalog, with thousands of movies and television series to enjoy, with the most varied themes.

This service is mainly paid but it also offers a free catalog with many entertainment options. The main difference is that when streaming free content, advertisements may appear during the shows.

However, there is an extra detail, in theory, that it is only accessible from the United States, so to access its content, it is necessary to use a VPN service.

Yet, it is still an excellent free alternative to Netflix due to its wide offer and the great security offered by its platform.

ap11IMDb TV

IMDb TV is a new streaming service that has emerged to challenge companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu. 

It has one big advantage over its biggest rivals: It’s free. This emerging streaming service has tons of popular movies and TV shows that you can stream for free without paying a penny. 

It works in your web browser, of course, but also in the IMDb apps, which means you can view all this free content right on your iOS or Android device.


Kanopy is probably the best streaming service you’ve ever heard of. And the best part is that you already have access to it without even knowing it. 

If you have a library card or are attending college, you probably have access to Kanopy’s huge library of thousands of streaming movies. 

If you don’t have a library card, this is a great reason to pick one up. You will be surprised how impressive the streaming selection is, and there are also Kanopy apps for all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and more.


Hoopla is the same as Kanopy in that you can access it for free as long as you have a library card and your local public library participates. 

What’s amazing is that you can find more popular movies and TV shows than on Kanopy. 

Hoopla is great, it’s free, and the apps even allow offline downloads when you travel. Kanopy and Hoopla are working the same as the library, but you just have some time to view the contents before you “try it out.”

ap2Tubi TV

Tubi TV is the best entertainment web application that allows you to watch popular movies and TV series for free. 

You can stream in high definition and watch videos on your device. And it’s the best for good reason: not only can you watch a lot of the same content that Netflix has, but there are many great movies and shows available on the service that you wouldn’t be able to find on Netflix or Hulu.

Other categories you can find on Tubi TV are comedy, drama, action, documentaries, family movies, cult classics, and many more. The most important thing about Tubi is that you will not have to pay a penny. 

They earn through the short ads that appear while you watch the content. There are worse things in the world than having to watch an ad or two (at least they are shorter than cable commercials).


For fans of anime and Japanese dramas, the best app is without a doubt Crunchyroll! You can enjoy it for free but you will have to see some ads occasionally or cancel an amount of $ 3 monthly so that you can enjoy all the content whenever you want.

This is an app that has been so successful that it is considered the platform to watch series equal to Netflix but Japanese, being considered one of the best applications to watch anime

And since the download is not allowed, and if you have your paid license, you could use an application to record the pc screen for free on our list.


Check out Popcornflix for a good collection of free films and TV shows. On this Netflix alternative platform, you will find movies from a large number of different genres, such as horror, comedy, and action. 

While the section of the title on Popcornflix isn’t as extensive as what you’ll find on Netflix. You won’t find as many new releases here, you still have a large collection of movies and TV shows to choose from.

To use this app, you do not need a subscription or payment fees and there is no limit on the number of movies that can be viewed or downloaded for free. 

In addition to having its respective application available on iOS and Android devices, you can also get the Popcornflix application on other devices such as Roku, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


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