Top 7 Best Free Invoice Maker Apps For Small Businesses & Freelancers In 2023

Invoicing is very important for all kinds of small businessmen, freelancers and people related to business. Free Invoice Apps adds ample of convenience to the hectic financial processes.

Now you must know that manual invoicing is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time and expenses to create, share and keep track of invoices. Not all freelancers or people in business can afford this expense or can invest so much time in sending invoices and keeping track of payments. 

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This is why experts recommend that every businessman should promote invoice maker applications. There are more than hundreds of estimate generator applications and tools on the web, but we will tell you all about the best ones for freelancers and small business owners in this post.

Out of dozens of free and friendly applications, we have handpicked the most useful options. These are the top invoice maker applications for all kinds of small businesses and freelancers!


Why Use an Invoice Maker?

Manual invoicing is tedious and hectic, especially for small businesses and freelancers, as they have a tight budget and cannot afford to hire an accountant. The following reasons should urge you to use an invoice maker instead of opting for manual ways:


The invoice maker app will do all the calculations on your behalf instead of asking you to calculate everything manually. It will give you the assurance of accuracy in your invoices, and you’ll be able to beat the losses that could occur due to the errors of manual invoicing.

Easy Access

As these apps are accessible on your smartphone, you can monitor the payments, receipts and generate estimates for customers urgently from anywhere. There’s no need to carry a pen and paper for using an invoice maker, but it’s a necessity for manual invoicing.


Even if you are running a small business or freelancing agency, you need to show professionalism for growing your business and flourishing its name in the market. Manual invoicing won’t let you achieve this objective, as you won’t have a proper invoice template in it. However, the invoice maker app comes with readymade templates that can be used without any hassle. Plus, the app also allows the users to incorporate their business’s logo at the head of an invoice.

Best Free Invoice Making Apps

Invoice Maker – Receipt & Billing app

Invoice Maker

This invoice maker app is one of the most top-rated applications available on the web. On this receipt creator, you will find dozens of unique templates that you can use for multiple clients and customers. 

The free invoice maker is not only famous because of its pre-designed templates, but it is also famous for creating estimates, totals, receipts and even bills. It can be used as Notepad apps as well for tracking expenses.

The app is free of all kinds of restrictions and limitations, so it is considered best for small businesses and freelancers. You can also use this estimate generator to manage your accounts. If one cannot afford to manage invoices or hire a person to manage accounts, this invoice maker is the hot choice.

Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple

Invoice simple as the name tells us, is one of the simplest applications that can help you connect with your clients and customers with complete ease. Invoice simple is very famous for its easy to understand interface and fast invoice making services. 

This application is considered best for small businesses and freelancers because it is free to use and has no such limitations. You can not only create new invoices with this app, but you can also keep track of them and your payments. You can easily install this invoice maker on your mobile phone or also on your desktop.

Speed Invoice


Invoice maker by Speed Invoice is a complete package for all invoicing related tasks. Along with invoicing this amazing app allows you to generate quote, estimation and maintain bills. It supports more than 500 backgrounds for professional invoice look. Also you can use your personalised background by importing it from Photos.

This App facilitates sharing of generated documents over whatsapp, SMS, Skype, etc. Additionally, it supports 35 Languages for invoice preparation and you can generate Invoice using various currencies.

Estimate shared to client can later be converted into an Invoice. You can also copy data from old invoices and quotes for quicker edits. It also provides you options to import and export from excel.

Also this app can be used on various devices including PC, Mobile or Tablet. This App is available for both android and iOS users in free and paid versions.

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is another online application that is specifically designed for small business owners and freelance workers. One should know that not all small businesses need simple invoices; some have complex needs and requirements. 

This application provides them with multiple kinds of invoice templates, which can help cater to more than a hundred unique clients. Invoice ninja not only rank top in the league for best invoice makers, but with this application, you can make tracking, billing, branding of invoices, payment receiving for free. 

So you can consider this invoice maker as a complete package that can help you manage your accounts and bills. If you are hunting for free and formal applications, then you can get this one on your phone for free!



Invoicely is easily one of the best options for managing invoices and the complex accounting needs of small business owners and freelancers. This invoice maker is very easy to use and is considered a popular option when it comes to managing different kinds of businesses and managing different types of clients. 

This invoice maker helps you generate and share invoices without any restrictions. Not only has this, but it also enabled you to receive payments from your customers and clients. 

It allows you to process payments directly using Paypal or stripe accounts integrated within app and thus facilitates currency conversion easily.

Invoicely has a very important feature that helps freelancers and businessmen get reminders for payments and alerts when an invoice is paid off. You can try this invoice generator on your mobiles as well as via the website source.

Fresh Books


Invoice makers are all about getting rid of the cost and time consumed in traditional invoicing. This application is a simple and affordable solution for making invoices and getting accounting solutions for a business. It doesn’t matter what size your business is. 

This invoice maker would provide you with features and options like time and expense tracking that would help you manage your accounts and invoices. With new books, you can create invoices, share them and also track payments. This app can also help you receive payments by providing gateways for charging credit/debit cards.



This is another all-in-one accounting application that can also help small businesses and freelancers in managing invoices. Xero isn’t just an app; instead, it is a complete platform that connects you with hundreds of other third-party apps to manage your business. 

Using this app, you can create business invoices, set payment terms, create standard messages, and keep track of payments. This application comes with both free and paid versions. It is up to you to hook with the one which is suitable for you.


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