Top 10 Best Free Funny Face Apps For Android

Are you one of the people who love to play with camera? Or you like to experiments with pictures to give them a catchy but funny look.

Then this piece of information is in your right spirit. Moreover, having a good camera is quite necessity these days.

Usually we all get in-built camera in our smartphone. But what if you want to try something eye catchy and attractive.

There are plenty of funny face apps available in the market that you can easily use to create faces with filters & effects.

With these apps you can not only create funny faces but also can change your hair style, lips, sunglasses, expression and much more.

Moreover, these apps are complete fun package. You can prank with your friends & family by using these pictures.

We can also edit the background; add brightness & contrast and much more. Along with this we can also change the certain part of our face and body part.

In a nutshell if you are the person who loves, joke, fun and laughter then this will surely please you. Here we have dodged out some of the best apps that can easily download on your smartphone and have some fun.


10 Best Funny Face Apps

Face Swap

Face Swap

Face swap is one of the highly used and popular apps for Android users. This app allows you to swap faces in your own photos.

Not even this you can easily get the realistic results in your photos.

Along with this it has many features such as swap faces with up to 6 photos, add stickers, motion stickers.

And the best thing with the app is that it has bomb effect that means we can create many photos with same faces. You cans also swap your picture with celebrity faces.

Moreover, even in free version you never get any ads to trouble your experience.

Funny Face Effect

Funny face effects

Funny face effect is another simple yet funny user interface app. With this app you can create funny face effects such as bold, fat, huge smile and many more.

Not only this you can also change the face of your friend and family members directly through the app.

Moreover you also use this app as easy changer to wrap, move, stretch, and distort any image with your fingers to create an own wrapped face.

Additionally, you can easily import your on social media account such as Twitter, Facebook, and many more.

Face Changer

Face Changer

If you are looking for a great time killer and funny face app them this one might keep you hook to your phone.

This app enables us to make any photo in to funny one. There is also an option to change the eyes, nose, and also make them bold.

Additionally, we can also add some other effects to make the picture quality great.

You can easily make your face thin to fat, point ears and apply other amazing and interesting effects on your face.

We can also draw text over our photos and easily share it with friends and family.

Funny Face Maker

Funny Face Maker

Funny face maker is an amazing tool to create funny and nice photos. With this app we can easily adjust photos, crop, rotate, and resize, frame, clone and much more.

Besides this we can also adjust color management, contrast, brightness and hue.

It also offers a huge variety of effects including clipart and many others.

And the best thing with the app is that you can replace certain parts of face and make it funny.

It also contains special type eyes like cartoons, cat, zombies and staring eyes etc.

Funny Face Changer

Funny FaceChanger

Funny face changer is another amazing app that allows creating funny photos directly through the phone camera.

You can easily capture the picture and apply cool effects and sticker including “Moustache”, “Beards”, “Hairs,” “Glasses” and much more.

Along with this you get some other features such as 150+ stickers, resizable stickers, funny features and others.

You can easily choose any pic and apply the effects on it. Not even this we can easily share and save the photos directly from the phone.

In a nutshell, this app has everything that can make you hooked to your phone with ease.

Animal Face Photo

Animal Face

Do you ever think of swapping your own face with the animal one? Then this app is the best you can ever have.

Using this app you can take your creativity to a one level high.  It will take seconds to convert your face and place an angry lion, tiger, and cute bird face.

Besides this you also get some amazing filters to make the picture little more creative.

You can also zoom in & out, rotate, resize, adjust faces and much more. And once you are done you can easily import the photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ugly Camera

Ugly Camera

Ugly camera is another simple and easy user interface app to create funny faces directly through the app.

 If you every wish to have fun by seeing your own ugly face, then this app is the best choice in this case.

You can easily create several effects such as distorted face, elongated, broad, and thin and many others.

And the best thing with the app is that we can also make our duplicate face without any hassle. Just one tap and you are done. You can also make still photos and animated Gif by using this app.

Make Me Bald

Make Me Bald

Have you ever thought of having a face with no hairs on the head? And if you are interested to know how will you look.

Then this app can make this happen in real time. With this app you can snap a photo, and use your finger as a razor and completely bald yourself.

As a result you get newly updated bald face. This app will surely tickle your stomach with laughter.

Along with this you can also add funny moustache and other effects to make picture funnier.

And after editing we can easily import the photos via email and on social media sites.

Face Changer Editor

Face changer photo

Face changer editor is another chance to share a laugh with your family and friends.

With this app you can select the portion that you want to change and can place the stickers easily according to your preference.

There are several stickers such as cap, beard, earrings, eyewear, hairband, horror, lips, masks, tattoo, nose and much more.

Besides this you get 300+ stickers, resize, crop, rotate and other editing tools to make your photo different and unique.

And once you are done with editing you can easily share the picture with friends & family.

Face Warp

Face Warp

Do you want to edit your face in such a way that it is unrecognizable to others? Then this is the best option that fulfils all your needs at one place.

With this app you can easily click your picture and add effects to make it bigger, smaller, alien style and much more.

Along with this you can also enlarged eyes, nose, ears and face to make it even more unique.

Moreover you can also do face warp while you are speaking and making a video. So just download the app and have fun with friends.


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