Top Free Chromecast Apps For Android And iOS!

The Chromecast is a device that continues to offer a simple and effective experience . Perfect to connect it to any television through the HDMI port and turn it into a Smart TV. 

But to get the most out of it we will need a few applications on the mobile, apps that we will have to install on our smartphone to send the content to the TV using a button.

This is a compilation of the best applications for Chromecast . A selection of seventeen applications that we can install on the mobile and being compatible with Chromecast, we can transfer that experience to the big screen.

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And of course, it is not the same to watch videos on the mobile phone as on the television. For you to get the full potential of Google Chromecast, these are the essential apps that you should have installed.

google homeGoogle Home

We started our recommendation with Google Home. It is undoubtedly the most recommended application for Chromecast since not only is it the one that will allow us to synchronize the device and configure it, also from this application we can receive recommendations, increase the volume, stop playback and in general it will act as the Chromecast control center .

Additionally, from Google Home we can activate the mirroring function of the Chromecast. That is, to be able to duplicate exactly what is seen on the mobile so that it can be seen on TV.


As a Chromecast user for years, Netflix has been without a doubt one of the applications that I have used the most. 

Its synchronization with Chromecast fits like a glove and in fact there are many people who have bought this device solely to be able to watch Netflix on TV . 

And the best part is that Netflix Chromecast works great. We click the button and it is done, we will have the series or movie we want big.

Other Chromecast-compatible services include HBO , Dailymotion and Vimeo. We will not always get as polished an experience as with Netflix, but they are still useful and essential options if our favorite series is there.


Chromecast is a Google device and, as expected, its synchronization with YouTube is perfect. 

Have you been sent a curious video to your mobile and you want to see it big? Is it more convenient for you to search for videos on your mobile phone than with the remote control of the TV? Do you have a food recipe and want to put it in the background? Youtube is ideal for all of this.

But it is even better, since Chromecast supports multi-user and therefore it is very easy to connect several mobiles and each one to place in the list the videos that they want to show. Ideal for dinners with friends.


Sometimes the video that we want to send to the television is not online, but we simply have it in the memory of the mobile . 

For this, VLC is a very interesting option since it allows us to send it to the television as well. As it does? Basically create a specific server for that purpose and submit it. 

Of course, if the movie or chapter is very heavy, we will need a very good connection so that the shipment is fluid.

Google PhotosGoogle Photos

How can I see the mobile photos on the TV ? Very simple, with Google Photos. We open the application, we give it to send to Chromecast and then we will select the photos that we want to show. 

It is very practical because, in addition, only those photos that we want will be shown and not all the saved ones.


Normally the TV speakers are usually better than the mobile ones. 

So listening to music on TV is interesting and with Spotify and Chromecast we can do it very easily. 

Spotify is compatible with a large number of devices and on TV we will not only be able to listen to the music louder, but also see the album cover in a big way to show everyone what we are listening to.


Of course, if what we want to see on TV is not only the music but the lyrics of the songs , then we will be interested in trying MusixMatch. 

The popular lyrics platform is compatible with Chromecast and allows the lyrics to appear large, ideal for example if we want to create an improvised karaoke.

Tune in RadioTune in Radio

With over 100,000 radio stations , TuneIn Radio and Chromecast is an ideal combination for broadcasting radio programs on TV. 

The application works in an equivalent way to the rest of music apps, we simply press the Cast button that appears in the upper right corner and we will send the audio.


Plex is the ultimate solution for viewing all types of content. And it is also compatible with Chromecast. The idea is to build our own streaming service with the content that we have saved . 

Plex is available for all platforms and is also compatible with Chromecast, allowing us to watch practically all the videos we want on TV.


With more than 25,000 episodes of the latest anime series , the TV payment platform allows you to watch Anime series such as Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Hunter X Hunter on the television since it is compatible with Chromecast. 

An essential application for anime fans and that fortunately allows you to see its content large, as other applications of its style allow.


TED is one of those apps that I’ve ended up using quite a bit with Chromecast. 

You have it installed and you don’t usually use it regularly, but from time to time you want to watch a talk and nothing better than to send it to the TV for a while, while you are lying on the sofa, you start listening to one of the almost always interesting lessons .


What other streaming platforms do we have? Twitch is without a doubt one of the biggest. 

And it is fully compatible with Chromecast, so we can simply press the button and see the streaming of our favorite video games big.

Chromecast streamerCast to smart TV – Chromecast

There are numerous applications that allow us to send all the photos, music and videos that we have saved on the mobile to the TV. 

The free versions have advertising and some have a limited number of minutes that it works, but they are very useful to be able to send all kinds of files and not worry. 

In addition to the two that we recommend, there are also others such as AllCast , BubbleUPnP or Web Video Cast .

Just Dance NowJust Dance Now

With the Chromecast you can also play . We have from the classic Alien Invaders , with up to six players simultaneously; Draw Party , to play in teams and guess what the other is drawing, ‘Angry Birds Friends’ or ‘ CastNets ‘ to run NES ROMs.

But if we have to stay with one, it is with ‘Just Dance Now’, the Ubisoft Dancing Game that was even chosen by google as an example of the capabilities of the Chromecast and is a perfect example of a synchronized game to play with the rest of the people who are in front of the tv.


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