Top 10 Best Free Calling Apps For iOS & Android

Smartphone has totally brought out the revolution in the means of communication. Whether you want to make a call using a free calling app and videos calls everything is just at your fingertip. 

Just one tap and you are done. But sometimes it gets tough to be connected through the people when you are at low balance or in low network area.

At that time one need a perfect solution to get connected to world. And now in this era it is quite possible. Because now mobile communications is no longer ties down by Cell Phone Company.

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There are many apps available in the market that allows you to make call without any charges. These apps can be easily downloaded on smartphone free of case. 

All you need to do is to get registered and avail all the benefits. Though these apps work on a data plan but still it’s a cheaper option to make calls and video calls. Apparently, they also offer unlimited calls and text messages.

In a nutshell you can save your hard earned money by using these free calling apps. Here, we have curated some of the best calling apps hat can make your communication hassle free without any glitches.



10 Best Free Calling Apps

Text Now

Text Now

Text now is one of the highly rated apps for the one who want to make low cost & free international calling.

This app gives you a place where you can make unlimited calls, text, and video by using your own phone number.

In any case you wish to do international calls you can add little money in your account and do the low cost international call. And you get all the features free of cost without any subscription.

It also allows you to do conference call and customize your own voicemail greeting.



Viber is a free, simple and secure messaging and calling app for iOS and Android users. This app is popular among 1 billion registered users.

This app allows you to make high quality and crystal clear phone calls. You can also create your own group chat up to 250 members and chat & call with 100% privacy.

It also gives you secret chat option that you can destruct anytime. Along with this you can even make your own Viber community and add unlimited numbers.

And its best feature is that you can enrich your conversation with chat extensions.



Messenger is another highly used calling apps for both iOS and Android users. This app comes with unlimited text, voice, video calling and group chat features.

With this app you are not only able to talk to your friends & family but also it gives you an option to send money through PayPal account.

You can even share your location and plan a meeting or rally the group. Besides this you can use this app for your business purpose at low cost.

And no matter what device you have it is compatible with most of all. Moreover you can also customize the sticker and share with friends while chatting.



Skype is the app that keeps the world talking by saying just “Hello” with an instant message and voice calls.

This app allows us to do HD video calls, chat, and voice calls and share message & photo with your friends and family. What all you have to do is register on the app and add the people whom you wish to talk.

Besides this there is no an operated charge all you need is Wi-Fi connection or mobile data charges.

And it’s compatible with other devices like windows, amazon fire phone, iOS, Android, PC and even in TV.



Popular among 400 million users this app comes with cheerful green interface for both iOS and android users.

This app allows you to do voice, video calls, messages and a variety of exciting stickers to express yourself in the way never like before.

Along with this you get many features like instant messaging, group chats, sticker shops and much more.

It also allows you to connect with official account of many celebrities over the Line community. Additionally, you get many face play games in which you can take part and win the rewards.



Hangouts is the app that allows you to keep in touch with your family & friends with unlimited calls and messaging.

Coming from the Google giant this app comes with safe and reliable user interface. This app allows us to start free voice or video calls and join a conversation with one person or group.

It also gives us the option to add up to 150 members in a group chat. Along with give we also get many options such as video call up to 10 friends, emoji’s, stickers for chat, and management of mobile apps with the cloud service.

It has SMS and voice call integration option for phone number.

Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk

It is fast and multifaceted calling apps for iOS and Android users. With this app you can easily send messages, photos & videos, do calls, and share your location for free.

And to make your experience more fun you get an array of funny stickers and emoticons. Moreover you don’t need to pay for anything else except data charges.

And its most amazing feature is that you get voice filters so that you can modulate your voice while calling. It also enables multiplatform access, android wear and exclusive coupon and deals from your favourite brands.



If you are the one who is looking for an app that come with reliable and safe user interface then this is the best you can have.

This app allows you to make voice and video calls up to 6 people that too with encryption. Besides this it not only support 3G and 4G but also works on Wi-Fi connection.

 Along with this you can also make a group of your friend and family and share media files with ease. And to make your chat little fun it gives you thousands of stickers and emoticons.



Coming from the Facebook giant this app is simple, reliable and easy user interface app. And to avail its feature you don’ need to pay for anything all you need is account with your phone number.

With this app you can easily switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send messages, photos, voice calls and video calls. Besides this you can also group chat with your friends & family and even lock the WhatsApp with passcode.

Moreover, it automatically detects people from your contacts and let you connect with them easily.

Groove IP

Groove IP

This is last but not the least option of free calling apps for iOS and Android users. This app works on Voice over IP technology that helps you to connect with your friend & family easily.

And for this you don’t have to pay any charges all you need is data connection with your phone number.

Along with these it has many features like battery friendly incoming & outgoing calls, customizable voice greeting and push notification for email.


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