Top 10 Best Free Battle Royale Games For iOS & Android!

Are you one of those people who love experiencing different genre in gaming world and looking for really cool and free battle royale games? Then this piece of information is just perfect for you.

With the advent of technology it is much easier now to get any game easily on smartphone or PC. From puzzles and episodes to action & adventurous game you get everything on your fingertip.

And in the league of games battle games are most popular. These games give you such adrenalin rush and adventurous ride that it become hard to resist for long.

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You will continue playing it all day along. And today there are different categories arrived in this genre that you get different theme with each game.

Moreover you can easily access all these game on your smartphone. With these games you enter into a new world where you can be anything hero, villain and fighter.

And the best part is that it tests your strategic ability and analytical mind. So if you want to brush up the strategic mind and ability you ought to try this.

Here we have curated some of the best battle royal games for both iOS and android users so that you can enjoy without any glitch.


10 Best Battle Royale Games

Call of duty

Call Of Duty

Call of duty is one of the highly used and popular games for both iOS and Android users.

With this game you get 100 player battle royale mode, a 5v5 death match, multiplayer modes like CoD, Black Ops and much more.

Besides this you get a huge array of tools like weapons, dress, character, and gears to customize your character as per your preference.

You can use skill & strategy to get rewards and get the top rank in gameplay.

And whether its gameplay, events, controls or loadout this game never lag behind. You get smoothest experience while handling all the controls.

Free Fire

Garena Free Fire

Freefire is the ultimate survival shooter game that allows you to enter in a remote island.

And each 10 minutes game places you on a remote island where you have to compete with 49 players.

Additionally each player is given preference to choose their mode of travel. It has an array of vehicles like parachute, air mode vehicle and land vehicle.

You can also create your own squad of four players and compete against others. In this game you ca search weapon, loot your enemies, and stand last in the game and much more.

Danger Close

Danger Close

If you wish to play an intense fighting game then this one will definitely blow your mind. It is an ultimate online FPS/FPP for mobile with tactical gunplay, proper design and a fun progression system.

Beside this you get a large collection of weapon, skins and grenades. And with its easy and intuitive control you can dominate your enemies in real time.

You get 9 maps with variety of location like bank heist, Pirate Island and star wars.

Additionally, you can also invite your friends and family and enjoy & compete with them in gameplay. It also allows you to be the part of game community and chat with developers.

Battlelands Royale


It is harmless and fun battle royale game for both iOS and Android users. This game has such a simple user interface that you never get any confusion.

Just play, parachute, loot, shoot and survive. With 32 players and 3-5 minute battle this game is pure non-stop carnage.

You can play battle events in many modes and compete in challenges to unlock more character, weapon, battle flags, emotes and much more.

Along with this you can win trophies and male a way to the top of global leader board.


Zooba is another unique interface game based on zoo characters with little different touch from tradition battle royale games.

With this game you can easily play any character and each character has its own strength and weakness. What all you have to do is to use the strength of character in best way possible to win rewards.

Besides this you get option to choose a different skill to get ahead of your enemies, compete against 19 players, climb through ranks and much more.

Additionally, you can also team up with your friends and family to gang up against other.

Pixel’s Unknown

Pixel's UNknown

If you want to give yourself a break from regular tradition battle games then this one is the best option. In this game you to outlast the wrath of enemies in the block city.

And you can shoot you enemies with an AK, Pixel Gun, SMG, multiple barrel and other weapons to end the death match.

And the best thing of this game is it has an auto shoot option which made your gameplay little easier.

Moreover you can also make your own squads and compete against others. And if you phone lack graphics it provides advance graphic setting for better experience.

Black Survival

Black Survuval

It is real time survival anime based game played by 10 players on a deserted island. Besides this you get 35 characters and you get in to the skin of anyone.

From doctor, cook to student and police you can become anything and compete.

Moreover each island is further divides into 22 areas including hospital, forest, beach and many more.

You also get 7 different styles of weapons such as Gun, blow, hunt and blade.

But the best feature of the game is that you get hundreds of different ingredients that are hidden to craft 600 types of food, weapon and tools.

Hopeless Land

Hopeless Land

Hopeless land is a special designed brand new game for both iOS and android users. This game supports 121 players in gameplay at the same time.

The game environment has an Asian aesthetic that give you feel that you are at home.

You can drive a helicopter, land in new places and face the fatal battleground to win the death match.

This game not only provides you gun and weapon but also test your strategic skill against others.



Scarfall is an ultimate battle royale game for both iOS and Android users. It is offline and online shooting game with survival challenge.

You can experience the environments of shooting battlegrounds with parachute landing from high speed flying helicopters.

Along with this you can play the daring 24 hour challenges and earn exciting rewards. You also get huge array of weapons like machine guns, pistols, snipers rifle and shotguns.

And it has perfect aiming and shot system with 3D graphics. Moreover this game is AI driven that it never fails to amaze you.


Crossfir is last but not the least option to enjoy battle royale game in unique interface. This game allows you to enter in to an uninhibited island and compete with 99 players at the same time.

Besides this you get many characters that you can choose per your choice and equipped them with different skills to win against others.

Along with this you can collect any type of gun & weapon you see and eliminate all players you win over.

And it is only available for android users so iOS users look some other games.


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