Top 15 Best FM Transmitter Apps For iOS And Android

If you like music and want to download some online music applications for your mobile. Then you can find the best FM transmitter apps useful. 

These apps will make a long trip with your friends and family more enjoyable. FM radio is one of the most common and oldest sources of music, news, and essential information. 

Great facts, geological news, music, and other items from all over the world are accessible. There are a few new FM transmitter applications available that use cutting-edge technologies. These apps allow you to listen to and play your favorite songs and radio stations on your smartphone.

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You’ve come to the right location if you’re searching for some nice transmitter apps. We’ve compiled a list of the latest, most common FM transmitter applications. We have considered the app for both of our Android and iOS users in this post. 

You can download your favorite app and listen to music, read the news, or amuse yourself or a family member. You can also attach your mobile and a speaker to listen to loud music when on the go. These apps let you listen to music for free from internet radio-based stations on your mobile.


Top FM Transmitter Apps

ap1Radio tuner

Radio Tuner is a popular free Android and iOS application. It has more than 50,000 professionals and users worldwide. 

You can find and play a song on your mobile, and your favorite radio station. It has tools for filtering radio stations by their type, languages, and genres. So you can pick, scan for and select your favorite one.

ap2FM Radio

FM Radio is an official program for playing music on your mobile online. On your Android and iOS smartphone, you can play Internet-based radio. You can find and listen to music on your mobile by title and by genre. 

Even ,You can listen to Interviews, shows, comedies, gigs, songs, and others. Also, You can look for songs on topics such as Christmas, New Years’, Birthdays, and others.

ap3TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is another famous and biggest Android and iOS FM transmitter application. It has over 1,000,000 radio stations. You will find your local radio station to listen to on your mobile to live sports, news, radio, music, and so on. 

Your able to hear your favorite chat show as well as free music on request. You can also get some exclusive features through the payment option.

ap4Simple radius

Simple Radio is one of the easiest and most accurate apps for your favorite FM, AM, and internet radio. Both Android and iOS users can install this app on their respective smartphones. 

In this app, you can explore and listen to your favorite new and old songs. In these radio applications, there are more than 40,000 world radio stations.

ap5MyTuner radio

MyTuner Radio is another popular application. It lets you listen to your favorite radio station on your mobile too. This represents more than 40,000 radio stations from 200 countries and territories. 

You can browse your FM channel and listen to various shows, songs, and conversations. Play the 100 best albums. you listen to them and share them via social networks with your friends and relatives.


TuneLink is an app that allows you to use an FM on your mobile with Bluetooth to FM wireless application. It operates with the hardware accessory of TuneLink. This provides decent audio quality in your vehicle. 

It is easy-to-use and mobile-compatible. You can run this program on your smartphone and without any problems. You can add TuneLink to your stereo and play free FM online.


iSimple is one of the best free Android and iOS applications for FM transmitters. It enables you to track your smartphone’s FM transmitter. From your mobile, you can reach your sender. 

Find various frequencies and current stations in your neighborhood. You can play your music on your mobile without the use of cords. It’s a simple to use and easy-to-use smartphone press. is an incredible and popular Android and iOS free FM transmitter apps. It’s a one-place radio application that lets you play free radio from around the globe in one app. 

you can listen to About 30 million national and international radio stations. It helps you to scan and also to save the song offline by its title, city, genres, and others.


iHeartRadio is the newest, most popular radio app. It provides unlimited music and more than a thousand radio stations. You can browse and listen to music, news, sports, and other things. 

iHeartRadio is for both Android and iOS smartphones for your favorite radio station. It enables you to browse and get thousands of FM and AM stations. So you can listen to podcasts of renowned celebrities without charge.

ap10Online radio

 Online Radio is a fast-to-use, basic radio player app. This has searched and listened to thousands of radio stations. It is a powerful traffic app that works well even though mobile does not have a fast internet connection. 

It also allows an equalizer, timer, filter, stream selector, and more. Depending on the internet link, you can find your preference for different quality.

ap11Radio Stitcher

 Radio Stitcher is one of the best, Android and iOS applications. It allows you to perform on-demand functionality. Like, listening to music on call, comedy, athletics, television, talking. 

You can hear all this from outlets such as CNN, ESPN, BBC, NPR, and many others. It also encourages you to find fun things to suit your interests and get them free of charge on your mobile.


Pandora is an app that lets you listen to your favorite music online. You can collect your favorite songs and make a radio station free of charge from your playlist. 

It also encourages you to share your radio station of music with friends and families. A premium app with some extra and exclusive features to use is also available.

ap13Slacker Radio

Another famous free radio app, Slacker Radio, offers you free access to music. It is mainly known ass Live X Live. 

You can browse this app for your favorite songs and tune your radio station to suit your taste for music. There is also an alternative for subscribing to music offline. You can adapt and listen to your radio station offline on your mobile.

ap14Radio Audials

Audials Radio is new to this list of streamer applications, but it is as common as others. It includes more than 80,000 radio stations. This program allows you to browse various radio stations on your Android smartphone. 

Songs filtered according to various types of radio stations. You can find them in different genres as well. Allows you to see before listening to the song title, styles, name of the artist, and other information.

ap15SiriusXM Radio

SiriusXM radio is the safest option for Android and iOS apps for radio transmitters. You can listen on your mobile to free comedy, music, chat, sports, and activities. 

It offers you access to hundreds of customized sources of music and comedy on request. This software allows you to browse and get your favorite radios and channels.


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