Top 10 Best FileZilla Alternatives In 2023!

Filezilla is quite a famous FTP client tool and people use it extensively. However if you are looking for FileZilla alternatives then you on right place.

Whenever a thought of building websites come in a person’s mind One abbreviation FTP always strike the chord. FTP stands for File Transfer protocol that permits you to transfer files and folders form local server to an online one.

If you are a web designer and made a website on laptop then eventually move all of the files to server for the world to see. But in case you forget where the files were moved and didn’t transfer properly you need one of the best FTP clients

This FTP helps you to be organised and make work hassle free. You can create your website on your personal computer and then can easily move all files to server through FTP client.

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In short it gives you a private environment and check to see when things get wrong. There are so many FTP clients out there but it’s most important to understand which stands best for your operating system.

Although FileZilla is best for FTP client there but recently it gets a lot of fire from user cause it is hosted on Source Forge. So we have curated some best alternative for you to consider with different features.


10 Best FileZilla Alternatives



Cyberduck is one of the most popular FTP solutions that are loved by many users. It is an all-purpose file explorer for multiple files and folders.

That includes protocol for FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV, One Drive, Google Drive Dropbox and Microsoft Azure.

This FTP client gives a choice to choose editor and edit files remotely. You can open any file over FTP in any third party editor. Along with these you get quick look and bookmark features.

As a result all organise files you can see on display with much ease. It supports Windows and Mac as GUI client and Linux as CLI utility.



WinSCP is popular  client app especially for Windows. This is an easy graphical user interface and integrated test editor.

WinSCP support the  SFTP, WebDAV and all the common operations of a file. Moreover, its most interesting feature is live editing so that you can edit your file live on server.

In short you save your time in dragging and dropping file into remote server. And get security to all the data by setting a master password that only you can access. It fulfills all the needs of its users so give it a try.



Transmit is a gold standard of MacOS  apps that drove into future. This allow user to upload, download and manage files on tons of servers with a powerful and fast UI.

Along with supporting protocol like  SFTP it also connect to so many servers like Dream Objects, Dropbox and Rackspace Cloud files.

Its biggest strength is clean interface that give you an amazing sync feature for local to local and remote to remote.

Transmit also offers the ability to add labels in file for easy reorganisation and finding the location. It is available in both free and paid version.

CuteFTP Pro

Cute FTP

CuteFTP Pro is another FTP client best suited for Windows and MacOS. Though it is a bit expensive but its feature will compel you to give it a try.

This Client app allows creating, opening and editing document on your computer or remote server within CuteFTP with an integrated colour coded editor.

And you can also add servers on this app and save yourself from manual work while logging in. It support many protocols including HTTP, SSL and many more that too with password encryption.

CrossFTP Pro

Cross FTP

CrossFTP is a traditional two pane browser like interface for Mac, Windows and Linux distros.

It has some great features like synchronization, editing, local encryption, Cloud Front distribution and remote file search.

Apart from this it’s tabbed mode help you to connect to multiple server at the same time without any hassle. Moreover it also supports batch transfer of files along with the preview.

Meanwhile it’s a versatile client that offers you all the service at one place itself. You can get this in both free and paid version.



Bitkinex is an amazing file transfer client designed for Windows with easy user interface.

Along with FTP it also supports WebDAV and Telnet. Its most interesting feature is robust request handing.

As a result you  easily resume and control every request that is made through the app. You can easily transfer the files to different servers without being worried for protocol.

 In addition to this Bitkinex also supports parallel request posting and schedule requests that too for free.



FireFTP is an open source cross platform FTP client designed only for Mozilla Firefox. Instead of being the app it is just a simple add -on worth having.

This allows you to upload, download, drag and drop the files between your local machine and remote server.

 It also supports remote editing and synchronization between all the files. Along with this you get UTF-8 encoding set that support all the encoding at one place.

So if you are a Mozilla Firefox user and looking for simple yet powerful FTP add-ons then this is just for you.


Forklift FTP

ForkLift is the most advance dual pane FTP client designed for MacOS. It supports FTP, SFTP, BackBlazeB2, Amazon S3 and helps you to manage file all across the network.

Except these you get quick open, sync browsing, tabs, remote editing, archive management, file compare and much more. And its preview option allows you to see all the details of a file at one look.

You also get access to a dark theme that lessen your strain to eyes. In brief it’s a small versatile FTP client to fulfill all your web designing needs.


Core FTP

CoreFTP is fast, reliable FTP client for Windows. This FTP client gives you a place to update and maintain your website.

It supports feature like SFTP, SSL, TLS, IDN, Browser integration, advance directory listing, command line support and much more. You can encrypt and decrypt files to server using the latest encryption methods.

Moreover you also get email notification, external program execution and backup to FTP securely.


Free FTP

FreeFTP is also one of the best FTP client designed for Windows. You can get it in both free and paid version.

Along with FTP it supports FTPS and HTTP protocols. FreeFTP gives a complete web design tool set to quickly edit and designing of your files. And you can edit everything right on the server.

Except this you get more secure file transfer, customizable syntax highlighting, bookmarks and file permission for folders. It’s a perfect package to cater all your needs at one place.


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