Top 10 Best Fashion Designer Apps In 2020

Fashion, this word in itself is a big world, it has become a trademark of new generation in 21st century. Even 10 years old kid knows every in and out about fashion, and when you are a fashion designer then it becomes your utmost priority to be best at your work.

To be best at your work you should know best tools, so we have listed you out ‘Top 10 Best Fashion Designer Apps’ which will surely maximize your productivity.

You see your favorite models or TV actresses trying out different outfits and fashion everyday which surely leaves you baffled that how can these people look so good every day and in every fashion, but what you don’t know is the number of fashion designers working everyday on them.

And to become professional Fashion designer like them you should definitely know proper steps to follow.

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You have to be good at advertising along with your work because more the people will watch your work more you will earn shoppers.

Fashion is a topic which will never run out of business and ideas, so if you are good at your work then you will never run out of your work and money. Only thing you need to know about is proper tools and proper guidance.

Technology is something which always helps us in different ways and you can even use this in enhancing your Fashion designing skills. So let’s get started with some Fashion Designer apps which will surely make your Fashion designing skills more powerful.          

Fashion Empire

Fashion empire

Fashion Empire is one of those Fashion Designer app which is designed for style freaks. It is compatible on both android and iOS, so you can enjoy this game on whatever device you have. 

It provides you wide features from designing to shopping, making it more interesting to use. This app allows you to take online challenges which you can win and showoff. 

The game starts from San Francisco where you are an aspiring designer and learning new skills. Soon you start with your first projects and start earning new shoppers and capital. Similarly you have to grow and expand your business to new cities.  

Color Snap

color snapeComing to the next Fashion designer app Color Snap which is compatible on both android and iOS devices.

It is designed by Sherwin Williams, so you can see any Sherwin Williams colors for your walls and make your photo more attractive. 

This app helps you to find your desired color from its stores and proper guide will be provided to you to make more confident color decisions.

Moreover you will get every get every feature to make your wall more colorful. You can create and share images of room that you have painted.

Dress Up Fashion Design Studio

Dress up fashion

Next Fashion designer app comes with some cool features for fashion savvy girls. You can start your career as a Fashion stylist and compete with other players and win games. 

You have to dress up your model and make her ready for functions like conferences, movie launch and other functions. App allows you to buy your opponents cloths and looks if you like them. 

You can experiment with your model’s look by making her wear new clothes and jewelry, you can even try new hairstyles for your model. This Fashion designer app is also present in Chinese, Italian, Spanish and 25 other languages. 

Adobe Illustrator App


Adobe Illustrator App is definitely for you if you are a fan of digital drawing.

This Fashion designer app allows you to style your art with different customizable brushes and it has pre-installed basic tools like circles, squares, polygons and many other basic shapes. 

You will get detailed photo having zoom up to 64x. It is specially optimized for iPad pro and pencil. You can also share your drawing process through an automatically created time lapse video. 

This app is compatible on both android and iOS devices and you can also buy premium subscription for unlocking more amazing features.



Managing time and working together is always a challenge for Fashion designers. But now your communication and collaboration problems is sorted by Slack.

Now you can move your projects forward anytime with right people. This app is supported by every device, so you can find and access your team and make your project successful whenever you want. 

This app also allows you to share and edit documents, and you can call any person from your team through Slack. Allows you to customize your notifications so that you don’t miss on your deadlines and meetings. Moreover it will make your life easier and more pleasant.   



Next comes the Pantone where you can build different palettes of your choice. This app allows you to build color palettes consisting up to five colors using color guide. 

You can make your custom palettes by taking photo and you can also extract color from your photos or Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

You can get all pantone colors through subscribing in to the app and you will also get free 1 month trial with monthly or annual subscription. 

You can even select trendy palettes for your new design project from trending section. Since its new update the app has proven out be bug free and is more feasible to use.

Fashion Design Flat Sketch

Fashion design

If you are interested in designing Garments then this app is perfect destination for you. Fashion Design Flat Sketch allows you to create fashion sketch in very short time. 

Usually this app allows you to design female garments like skirts, blouses, buttons and many other things. You can also customize your design by adding details from library.

You can even draw your own designs through pencil and add it to your library or tech packs. It is very much easy and feasible to use, so you will have hassle and bustle free experience on this fashion designer app.



If you are a fashion designer then Shopify will act as a platform where you can sell your products and earn through it.

 You can easily contact your customers, keep a track of your orders, accepts credit card payments. 

One of the best feature of this app is that it integrates with other platforms like Facebook and Instagram allowing you to do things from one place. 

Shopify has everything that you need to run your e-commerce business, so this is one of those must app which should be present there in your phone.



Next comes the most basic and at the same time most important app for fashion designers which is non- other than Ruler app.

 Ruler app provides you most accurate measurements in inches and centimeters. 

It is very user friendly and feasible to use and has slides which measure small objects very accurately. It is compatible for both android and iOS devices.

Tayasui Sketches


As the name suggests Tayasui Sketches helps you to make best sketches with its realistic tools. This app has over 20 ultra-realistic tools which will help you make your sketch more alluring. 

Even though you will be using this app on your phone, but its realistic features will make you feel that you are really sketching. 

This app also allows you to share your work in the sketches community where you can share your work and see others work.  Moreover, you can use this app to enhance your sketching skills and grow in your field.  


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