Top 10 Best Fake GPS Apps For iOS And Android

GPS is one of the best ways to get the correct location information from anywhere.

Whether you are planning to visit a store or going nearby, it make it easy for navigation.

There are different apps that work on your phone based on your location.

Moreover, if you are using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tinder and other alternate apps then you must have enable GPS on smartphone.

But what if you want to use any app that is restricted in your country? Or it is mandatory to have a preferred location in the app to make its uses?

What you will do? You will forget about using these kinds of apps or you will find an alternative.

Just hold your horses for a while and read this information till the end.

There are many fake GPS apps available in the market that you can install on your phone and reap all its benefits.

These apps allow you to hide your real location and get a new and virtual location on your smartphone.

Using this app you can not only enjoy restricted apps but also can prank with your friends and relatives.

In this article we have dodged out some of the best fake GPS apps for your smartphone.


10 Best Fake GPS Apps

Fake GPS By Hola

Fake GPS LOcation

This is one of the highly rated apps that are widely used by people. It is available only for android users.

You can easily make your friends fool by showing your fake location. Besides this it also allows to choose any location outside of your country.

It also has an option to make friends through chats on different location based social network site.

Additionally, it also enables you to check the location of a particular address through this app.

Moreover it is free and allow you to use unlimited fake GPS through its usage.

Fake GPS

Fake GPS

Fake GPS is another app to create fake GPS for multiple locations. It allows you to easily change your phone location to anywhere in the world.

And the best thing with the app is its easy user interface. You don’t need any tutorial to use this app.

With this app we can easily set the desired GPS location in the world with just few clicks.

But there are certain mandatory things need to be checked. You need to allow mock locations and only GPS mode in this app.

And also make sure that fake GPS run before your app.

Fake GPS Location Changer

Fake GPS Location Manager

If you are looking for an app that can help you to change your location in simple way then this one is just made for you.

It is compatible only with android devices. You can use this app to pull a prank or show that you are somewhere else as an excuse.

It also overwrites your current proximity elegantly so that you can prank your friends on any social media sites.

Along with this it has many features such as GPs location finder, immediate interaction with joystick, and some other techniques to change location efficiently.

VPN Fake

VPN Fake

It is another simple yet unique user interface app that is available only for android users.

This app spoof your phone location and teleport you to any place on the earth.

You can select any location such as New York, Rome, Italy, or any other place.

You can easily prank your friends by making them think that you are at some other place.

Besides this it simply mock your GPS coordinates and allow you to take its full benefits.Additionally, you can also save location and use them later in the future.

Fake GPS 360

Fake GPS 360

If you are looking for an app that can allow you to choose any location from all over the world, then this one is quite efficient.

This app let you easily change your location through its usage. You can easily hide your real location and can share a new location from all over the world.

And the best feature with the app is that it allows you to get and use location without using GPS system of your smartphone.

Additionally, it also has an option to put coordinate so that you can get location even without any internet services.

Find Location

Find Location

Find location is another app that allows you to fake your location in simple easy steps. This app is only available for iOS users.

Using this app you can easily fake your location with your friend and family for a specific period of time.

Whenever you use this app it just locate your address nothing else. Along with this it has many features such as easily locate me, temporary sharing of location, simple privacy controls, and many more.

Additionally, it also supports Google map, Apple map and many other such applications. And in case of emergency it automatically sends your temporary location address to your friends.



As the name of the app says this app is another tool to get the fake location over your phone.

It is specially designed for the people who want to do prank with their family and friends.

You can easily create smart alarm limits at the time when speed limit is exceeded for sending an image.

Along with this you can generate reports, see the check INS and much more. In a nutshell it is an easy to use app that fulfils all your needs at one place.

Change My Location

Change My location

Change my location is a free and easy to use app that lets you create a coordinate stimulating location.

And to do all this it doesn’t even need your smartphone GPS.

Hence, the entire world is just in your palms. You can easily do prank with family and friends while using this app.

Besides this it has some other features such as fake GPS location, world maps, easily export of your current location to your WhatsApp, Instagram and some other social media sites.

And the best thing with the app is that you can simulate your current location with blue dots.

Safe Locator

Safe locator

As the name of the app says this tool is quite useful for creating fake GPS location in safe and secure way.

With this app you can easily do GPS tracking in real time with your friends and family.

Along with this it has some others features such as parental control, arrival & departure time, friend search option in the festival, location of your lost phone and much more.

You can also share charity run route on Facebook by using this app.

In a nutshell it is the app that helps you to easily hide your location and get a fake location on your smartphone.

True Location 360

True Location 360

True location is the app that helps you to look up the caller location with city, area and Pin Code all together.

Along with this it also have many other features such as location finder, number track, people track, lost mobile tracker and much more.

And the best thing with the app is that all your data is highly secured and safe that means there is no risk of data breaching.

Additionally, you can also track your friends and family in real time. Unfortunately, this app is only available for iOS users.


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