Top 7 Best Fake Broken Screen Apps For Android & iOS !

In this article, we are visiting show you a number of the cool apps of 2021 that may give your phone some fake but realistic broken screen effects. you’ll use them to play along with your friends and family or perhaps scare them using broken screen apps on your smartphone. 

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The list here consists of some simulators, entertainment apps, and wallpapers. Choose the one that suits you best and have a good time.


7 Best Screen Broken Apps

broken screenBroken Screen Prank

When you start the app, it will ask for permission to draw over other apps and grant the necessary permissions. There are 3 options Crack (Touch), Crack (Shake) and Fire Screen. The Crack Touch and Crack Shake show 4 different styles of cracks that look realistic and cool.

Select any of the four Styles by tapping one. Now every time you touch or shake your phone it will show the broken screen. The best thing is that you can wear your screen under the cracked screen layer and you can swipe and view or open any app, and they work exactly fine without any lag.

Now when you tap for the fire screen you get 6 options of fire (tap), fire (puff), electric, unlocker, drink and snake. The first three features are built into the app and for the other three, you need to download them separately.

When selecting Fire (Touch), your screen will burn at the specific point where your finger makes contact and this function does not support multitouch.

The next characteristic is Fire (Strike). As the name suggests, it will shoot fire from the bottom of your screen. Once you select the button, it will show you how it works with animation. This specific feature makes use of the microphone of your phone, the more intense the sound of the blow, the greater the flames. But fire seems to work with any kind of sound.

The Electric gives an animated animation to your home screen.

Cracked Screen Prankcracked screen prank

The app will also ask for your permission, you must allow them, otherwise it won’t work. Now when you enter the home screen of the application, you will find 3 main options: Crack Screen, Destroy screen, Fire Screen.

If you opt for the Crack screen, a new window will appear with 4 different patterns of cracked screen. Select any one and it will ask you for the desired Crack mode. It’s all about tapping, shaking, and syncing. 

The touch will allow you to activate the simulator. The shake does the same when you shake your phone and for the timer you need to set a time ranging from 0 to 60 seconds, which will activate the simulator, once your preferred time is up.

The Destroy screen offers a wide variety of weapons such as Wolverine’s claws, pistol, pistol, hammer and knife. You can choose between any of the weapons and destroy your screen.

The fire screen works the same way as the previous app.

3D cracked screen3d cracked screen

This application offers you a very interesting way to mess with your friends and make them think that they broke your phone. When you open the app, you can tap on the Start button and you will come to a new window, which says Test your reflexes and coordination. 

Tap the Start Test button and you will be redirected to a blank screen. The yellow orbs will appear randomly on the screen and you must tap them. At the end of the test, the screen will gradually activate the simulator and your friend might think that you might have accidentally broken the screen while tapping hard.

You can also just use the option below, where you can skip the game and instantly get the broken screen pattern as your wallpaper.


Add it and break it!

crack it and break it

This is not a simulator app like the other apps mentioned above. It has 4 entertainment functions. 

The image breaker is a great feature that satisfies, allowing us to set background by selecting it from the gallery or taking a snapshot from the camera. The image will be displayed in the frame and tapping on the screen will break it.

The Bulb, offers you many bulbs, arranged one after another. When you put your fingers on these, they explode. This feature supports multi-touch and is very entertaining.

Another feature is the Balloons, they are also the same as the bulbs. The balloons are also arranged all over the screen, and we can use our finger to make them explode. The last one is bubble wrap that works the same way too.

Screen cracked by Stripeymilkstripeymilk broken screen

Besides broken screen, the app gives you other types of screen malfunctions such as colour leakage and bleeding.

The effects are really impressive and realistic. The application offers you 3 different styles of anomalies. First, we have cracks that have 5 different subcategories, they are partial cracks, bullet holes, fully cracked, circular cracks, and tiny cracks.

Then we have the leak section, which has 4 subtypes, they are Half, Splash, Pixel and Wide Leak.

And then we have misc. which has 3 kinds of screen colour bleed: colourful, side and middle.

In the options that we can access from the top right of the screen. We get an activation method like Touch, Delay and Shake. We can also configure the trigger settings, such as to touch, the amount of time you need to wait for the screen to break when the screen is touched. 

For delay, we can set after how long the screen will break on its own, while for shaking, we can set momentum while shaking your device. Other than that, we have a response section where we can set the vibration for cracking and also use sound effects.

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Gyro 3D broken screen3d gyro broken screen app

This is a great live wallpaper app and it is really useful and entertaining. When you open the app, you will see a cracked skin with a printed circuit board inside that moves when you tilt and turn the phone.

The electronic board has some bar graphs. These bars indicate real-time information about your phone’s battery, CPU, and RAM usage. Other than that, when you get to the settings, which is at the bottom left of your screen, you get other functions as well. 

The first two options allow you to obtain information about the application. When you get to the third option, it allows you to choose the sensor you want to use to move the broken glass, our recommendation is that you choose the Gyroscope. It also allows you to configure the sensitivity of the movements.

It allows you to set the graphics of the broken screen, a high setting will allow a more realistic feeling to the broken glass. But choose wisely, performance will be based on your phone’s specs.

You get two wallpapers and a transparent screen and you can also choose any background from your Gallery. It is also possible to set the crack visibility if you don’t like the crack, just set it to low and it will disappear.

The best thing we liked the most about this app is that it doesn’t show any ads.

Broken Screen Live Wallpaperbroken live wallpaper app

It gives you a very simple broken wallpaper. You get a nice scenery and as soon as you touch the screen it shatters with a sound of broken glass. We can’t change the wallpaper, that’s inconvenient, but otherwise the app works like a charm and has no lag.

The best feature of this app is that it has a dedicated night filter of its own, which is a great add-on. It protects your eyes from the blue light emitted by the phone. You can turn it on or off yourself, or just set the automatic timer. For quick access, you get the night filter option in the notification panel.

This application also allows you to configure the intensity of the light. By default, it is set to 0, but you can increase it based on your satisfaction. The higher the intensity, the more vintage the screen becomes. The other option is Screen Dim, the more you increase it, the lower the brightness.



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