Best Face Swap Apps For Android And iOS

You have probably seen while browsing websites or on social networks photos where people exchange faces. Something like the face of a baby instead of the face of his father and vice versa, or all in a group photo with the same face.

To change your face in a digital photograph, it is only necessary that you have a Smartphone based on the iOS or Android operating system, in which to download and install any of the applications to put faces in photos that will be described below. 

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Take your time to discover them and select the one that best suits your personal tastes.


Best Face Swap Apps



Obviously we have to start our list with Instagram. Who doesn’t have an account on this amazing app?

Part of the success of this application is due to the quantity and diversity of face filters and effects to exchange faces or add stickers, gifs or masks to our photos and videos. With hundreds of available filters you can choose the ones that you enjoy the most to make a fabulous story and share it with your followers.


Snapchat was one of the pioneers with the tool for swapping faces. This successful application allows you to add masks, filters, change people’s faces in photos or even create videos with the changes. As if this were not enough, the app works as a social network in which users can share snaps with their contacts.

Face swap liveFaceSwap Live

Face Swap Live is definitely one of the best apps for swapping faces. It allows you to do it in photos or videos recorded from the application. In addition, the application provides various stickers and skins, as well as the option to search for famous faces so that its users have the most fun.

iswap facesiSwap Faces

Have you ever wanted to swap the faces in your photos? Well, this application makes it easy for you, since you can do it in less than a minute!

You do not have to match the eyes, nose or mouth, the application does all this automatically, facilitating the entire process. You just have to take a photo with the camera or open one that you already have in your gallery and swap the faces or select one of the different masks.

face swap boothFace Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth is another one of those face swapping apps that you can try. With this app you can select exactly what part you want to change, such as the eyes, mouth, nose, etc.

In addition, it is possible to exchange faces between different photos, change faces with famous people or even save faces so that you can use them again in future editions. Face Swap Booth already comes with several celebrity photos so you can use them while having fun swapping faces. 


MixBooth is a great app for swapping faces and making fun montages. It has more than 5 million downloads only in the Google Play Store.

With this app you can mix different facial features of several photos at the same time and create funny images. It is simple and very easy to use.

In addition, everything you create from the application can be shared directly on your social networks. 


Some applications have not been created with the purpose of replacing one face with another, but they have fun masks with which you will transform your images in an original way.

MSQRD is part of the Facebook applications and its dynamics is similar to how Snapchat works; With it you can create original selfies, transforming them with animated masks and share them with all your friends within this popular social network.

We recommend you download it as soon as you can, since since it was recently acquired by Facebook, it has not been determined whether it will be part of the installation of this network; so if you want to enjoy it, be sure to download it timely.


Exchanging faces with precision is what allows one face to fit perfectly on another and this is done effectively by Reflect, since its operation is based on artificial intelligence, therefore it is able to accurately detect the location of faces in the image to make a perfect coupling, thus the results look natural and more realistic.

It has tools with which you can soften the skin of a face, as well as apply the color that best suits the person who is reflected in the photograph, this makes the image more attractive.

Reflect allows you to adjust the level of exchange to create complete or partial modifications, thus providing realistic and innovative aspects.

If you are a lover of memes, you should know that this application has ideal tools for their creation and also allows you to share them directly on social networks; so everyone can know your fun creations. If you have always wondered how they do it? This is one of the most used applications to create this type of humorous images.

AI face editorFace App – AI Face Editor

The photos you have seen on the web are likely taken with FaceApp. The application uses an artificial intelligence work and analysis mechanism, which helps to change your appearance accurately, quickly and easily in a couple of seconds.

With FaceApp, you can get old and learn what you look like in your old age. Test the appearance of a star or a blogger – how would you look with other facial features? The result of the transformation is always interesting, but we can’t always make up our minds in real life. You can try all these changes in FaceApp and see if your hair, makeup or appearance will work for you.

Artificial intelligence analyzes your appearance so well that you can add a smile to the photo, where you have an absolutely serious face, or try a new hairstyle. A few simple changes will help you define the style and bring new characteristics to your life.


What do you imagine when you hear “murmur”? Of course, an animal, most often a cat. Of course, we all come from the apes, but sometimes you want to be a cat, a lion, a panda, and even a Grinch!

The application has an artificial intelligence system, which automatically detects the face. This system allows you to apply masks and effects directly on you. Besides the fun masks, you can also use the pretty effects – put a flower crown in your hair or jewellery.

In the MRRMRR, you can record video clips along with these filters. The masks are superimposed in real time and you can try on a few before taking a photo or recording a movie. Change your appearance in just a few clicks.


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