Top 10 Best Expense Tracker Apps For iOS And Android!

Are you tired of maintaining your financial assets with traditional methods?

And despite all your effects your bated efforts your money is disappearing at the faster pace.

Then hold on all your though for a while and have a look at this information in the end. Usually in past it was easier to maintain the details of expense that used to happen in a month, week, or year.

But with the pace of time things have changed deliberately. With the mundane activities of the life and hectic work schedule make it tough for us to keep a track on expenses.

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In this scenario, you can do two things, either you hire someone to handle your expenses or you do it yourself.

But choosing the former will just be a burden on your pocket. So the best is to do it yourself. Now you must be thinking if not traditional pen & paper method then what? 

Now there are plenty of expense tracker apps available for both iOS and Android user which can help you to keep your expense tracking at fingertip.

Here considering different choice of an individual we have curated some of the best apps that can make your finance handling a cake walk.


10 Best Expense Tracker Apps

Mint Budget


Mint is a little space on your mobile phone that enables you to control your expense with ease.

With this app we can set financial goals and get actionable insights and advice.

In simple words it helps you to know better how much you spend monthly, weekly and yearly.

 Besides this we also get a bill tracker that keeps all the information at just one place. Moreover all the data and information is highly secured in this app.

And we can easily see our budget & analysis in a comprehensive way. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Visual Budget

Visual Budget

Visual budget is one of the most useful apps for keeping a check on all the expenses. It is available only for iOS users.

This app can be used to handle several accounts simultaneously at one place. And the best thing with the app is that it automatically create expense & income category as per you needs.

Additionally, you can assign a budget to any category and evaluate your income & expenses.

It also features the overview tool that allows you to see the breakdown of your transaction, and the changes in the balance on the blink of an eye.

Live Expenses

Live Expenses

Want to keep a track on all the expenses in real time? Then this app is the best you can have.

It is compatible only with iOS devices. The most useful feature of this app is that you can add expenses just by clicking the photo of the bill.

And this app helps you to gather and to optimize all the expenses that occur on daily basis. Besides this we get access to two different account one for personal & other for profession needs.

It also has a currency exchange feature. Additionally, you don’t even have to pay for anything its free of cost.

Budget Watch

Budget Watch

It is very simple yet intuitive user interface app. This app is all about the daily expenses that you carry through out a month.

With this app you add your budget and it will simply record your day to day transaction.

Along with this you get an overview tool to see how close you are to budget and where most of the money is getting spent.

Apparently, you don’t even need an internet connect for it, you can manage everything offline. We can also import and export bill through this app.



Spendee is another good quality app that tracks your spending, optimize your budget, and help you to save money.

With this app we can track money automatically through bank sync or by manually.

Not even this we can create budget according to particular occasion. Isn’t it amazing to have all at one place?

The best feature with the app is that we can share our account with family & friends and track together.

Additionally, all the data & information is highly secured in this app.

Xpense Tracker

Xpense Tracker

If you want track your expense without wasting time and money, then this app is just for you.

It is an easy and comprehensive user interface app that can be extended up to desktop.

With this app we can record all expenses, customize the categories, sort expenses by different options, simplified the data entry and much more.

Besides this we get easy mileage tracker with this app. It also allows you to email your expense reports directly to Wi-Fi or PC.

Additionally, we can also back up whole data in to cloud. Unfortunately, this app is only available to iOS and users.



Monefy is another app that comes with simple and easy user interface. This app is available for both iOS and Android users.

With this app you add your expenses extremely fast. Moreover, we can see our spending distribution in an informative chart for easy understanding.

Along with this it has many features like multicurrency support, report period time limit, tracking of recurring records, passcode protection, built in calculator and much more.

And the best thing with the app is that even in free version there are no ads. That means truly a hassle free experience.



It is convenient expense tracker app that is available for both iOS and Android. With this app you can scan receipts, track business & personal expenses, and book travel all at one place.

Along with this it have many features such as multi-level approval workflow, mileage tracker, automatic credit import, per diem support and much more.

And the best thing with the app is that you can easily export custom reports.  The app is free with extra purchases related to premium features.  

And the whole service is highly secured with HTTPS Protocol.

Money Control

Money Control

As the name of the app says this tool help you to save money along with expense tracking. It is available for both iOS and Android users.

Moreover, the app comes with intuitive design and efficient features that can make expense tracking a child’s play.

Along with this you can add photo of your all receipts and get rid of paper work. It also has a feature of cloud service to back up all your data.

 And you can also highlight the spending and expense in different colors for easy recognition. Additionally, it also generates details in pie chart to display everything visually.

Home Budget with Sync

Home budget

Want to keep the home budget at control then this app is one of the best you can ever have.

With this app you can easily add expenses and also attach the bills. Along with this you can easily brows expense entry by month, attached photo of receipts, and automatic exchange rate conversion.

One of the best features of the app is multicurrency conversion.

You can also create, edit, and delete bills and recurring bills. And in case you forget anything you can also set bill reminders to escape from end time hassle.


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