Top 10 Best Drinking Game Apps

A few drinks have never harmed anyone!

Be it catching up with old friends or getting along with new ones, an evening with alcohol is surely the best way to kick it off. While it is an enjoyable experience on most of the occasions, sometimes, you might want to spice it up.

When talking about drinking, we mean sharing secrets, doing crazy stuff, laughing our hearts off or even grooving to our favorite tracks. It is a comfortable experience when done with close friends or maybe family, but when going out ith people you have only known for a while, it would be difficult to break the ice.

This is where the games come up.

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With a simple and fun game-play, designed to break the ice and make your drinking experience even better, every drinking game available for your android and ios devices is worth a shot. All of these game apps have their own set of rules and game play. Some are designed to break the ice, while others specialize in the secret unveiling, some are made to add fun and crazy dares  while the rest get you more drunk!

It is important to consider that drinking is fun when done safely, and none of the game apps aim at the promotion of drinking in any way.

To help you make the most out of your drinking sessions, in the article that follows, we have enlisted thed 10 Best Drinking Game Apps available for android and ios devices. Let’s have a look at all of them!  


Best Drinking Game Apps for Android and ios:



The very first one in the list of best drinking apps has to be Picolo!

The app does not only have a unique game play and a simple set of rules, it needs you to do absolutely nothing. All you have to do is enter the names of all the players present, and the app will take care of the rest.

The app can be played in different modes, depending upon the company you have and the kind of ambience you’re drinking in. Post the selection of a category, the app does everything by itself. It brings up cards, suggests fun games and even gets you more drunk!

Overall, Picolo is a great app to be in your device the next time you plan out a drink gig.


The next up is another super funny and exciting game to be played with your friends over some drinks!

The game is simple, after you input the names and number of players present, the app will present, one by one a dare that you must perform. What it also shows is the number of shots you could take to avoid the dare. The player on turn should do at least one of them to earn the points on the table.

The player to reach the highest point total wins.

As simple as it might sound, the game spares no hesitation in writing out the dares and It takes one big heart to do all of them!


Drinktivity is one of the most popular apps for drinking with friends. It is not for too young an audience, and is clearly designed to be played among a crowd of people who are at least 18 years of age.

The game has a collection of decks, with dares specific to their own category. Unlike the other card games, you don’t have to choose any one out of them, but instead can choose any or all of them to be shuffled randomly.

It is a great game with a simple user interface, so that you don’t have to worry a lot about the configurations- just have fun!


This one is comparatively a newer game than the others in the list, but i assure you isn’t in any way less fun than them.

The game comprises of a virtual draw card game, with a dare on each one of them. These dares might sometimes involve you embarrassing yourself or others, knowing someone’s secret or even getting more drunk!

This game is pretty different than the other party games like never have I ever or charades and hence, is more fun and exciting. Additionally, this game is available to be played in various different languages.

Dirty potato

All of us have heard about the classic rapid fire game- hot potato.

The developers of Dirty potato closely linked to that. Dirty potato asks you random questions out of nowhere and you are supposed to answer them as fast as you can. But beware, you do not have an eternity to think, only until the timer runs off.

In case you fail to answer a question before the timer runs off, you must take a drink.

The only thing that keeps it from being the best is its paid nature. Users of the app generally find it expensive and hence uncompetitive against the other available apps for drinking and games.

A simple and interesting game play, that is sure to make your drinking experience worth it!

Drink or Doom

The next up in the list of drinking game apps for android and ios is Drink or Doom with its old school graphics and a pretty customizable game play.

This game can be played with up to 12 different players and requires minimal set-up instructions. All you need to do to play the game is set your name, add a character icon and start playing! The game shows up interesting dares for you to do, or drink up instead.

The game is entirely free of cost and the only low appeal it has is in the aspect of graphics which are not very modernized.


Having listed so many games that are completely dependent on the fact that you have some booze left, this one is a normal game for parties and get togethers.

The game follows a pretty basic plan of actions, but this is also one of the most interesting ones you would ever come across.

In the game, one person needs to have his device on his head, such that the screen faces the person sitting opposite to him, and not himself. Next, the game will flash different words that the person playing apart from the device holder has to make him guess the word. The only rule is to not use the exact word displayed.

Circle of Death

This one in the list is not a single game, rather it is a collection of several party games that you can play with your friends at parties to add up to the fun.

It has all games like the game of sevens, thumb master, waterfall, never have I ever, etc. It makes sure that you have a lot to do while you are out for drinks and its definitely not just drinks.

The game does lack in the graphics section, for it is not a new game. The content, however, does full justice to such deficiency. So, if you are looking for some basic party games just to pass a few minutes, this one is a great choice to go to.

King of Booze

The King of Booze it truly a remarkable game in itself.

This gem is a card game format with every card consisting of a dare and the number of shots you must take to earn the points of such card. The very first player to reach the highest number of point total wins the game!

The game has amazing graphics and an even amazing set of rules. With the King of Booze, you’ll never have to worry about the fun factor in any kind of social settings.

Chupistica Culture

The last one in the list of drinking game apps for android and ios devices is Chupstica Culture with its pretty fun interactive user layout and an even involving game play.

The game presents a question answer roulette, in the form such that the person holding the device would read out the question on the screen and then the other player (the one intended to) must answer. Failing this, or repeating failure, they would have to take down a few drinks!

Overall, this one is also a very fun app to have on your device!

As mentioned earlier drinking with friends, coworkers, colleagues and even your partner is a fun idea. Not only do you get to experience something different from your daily routine, but also lets you let loose for a while.

However, alcohol consumption should always be done wisely, such that you don’t harm yourself or others in process. It is all fun and games until something irreversible happens. And none of the game guarantees that.

So, have a fun and safe drink bud!


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