Top 10 Best Dress Up Games For Adults

Do you love fashion? Did you enjoyed playing fashion games when you were a kid? The time has changed, new apps are coming in market every day. There are many Dress up games available in market.

Fashion is a part of our life which plays a big role in our generation and influences everyone. 

When a person sees someone first time, then that person makes the impression of you from your attire. People appreciate those who has a great sense in fashion.

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Many app are designed to play, where you could dress the model as you want. You could have your fun by playing these games. 

You would enjoy playing these games and it proved to be very helpful for the people who are making career in fashion.

These games are very interesting which do not limit up to dressing only. Besides dressing up someone, they give you other tasks like you could shop, and maintain the wardrobe for model. You could also participate in competitions.


10 Best Dress Up Apps

Fashion Fantasy

Fashion Fantasy

This is a popular game which allow you to go on a fashion adventure. It is an interesting game where you could unlock new chapters.

Complete the task according to your sense in fashion and you even get chance to create your own designs

Explore new trends in fashion with taking new styling challenges and win it. You could compete with your friends and other players in these challenges.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

This app is named after a very famous celebrity Kim Kardashian. You could enter into Kim’s world by playing the game. You could create your own star, dress up them with new fashion and rise to fame. 

You could walk on the red carpet, encounter other celebrities. Visit the beautiful places, clubs and many more. You could date or dump other celebs and marry them, have kids and make your own home just the way you want.

Fashion Empire

Fashion Empire

This dress up game is very interesting where you could style women. You could play the game offline as well. It came up with the feature of designing unique items from elegant to edgy. 

You could dress up yourself and other models. Also, it allows you to participate in the quest across many cities and enjoy the journey that is filled with adventure. The game has story mode with fashion shows, fascinating character and freedom.

Super Stylist

Super Stylist

This is a super fun game which you would love to play. This fashion story game is all about styling and dressing your clients and do their makeup. 

You could build a huge client base with your impressive sense in fashion. Play the role of fashion stylist in the game and open a fashion stylist business. 

Create perfect stylist look for your customers and make money. Use this money in buying stylish new clothes and accessories. Become famous fashion stylist and accompany your clients in big events.

Covet Fashion

Covet fashion

This game is one of a kind in which you could dress up the models and give them a glamorous look. The best feature of game is the different brands you could shop in the game are in real. 

You could shop over 175 brands and discover new styles. Vote in the fashion covet to win amazing in game prizes. Connect and play with your friends in fashion houses. 

Links are given which open up to the places from where you could shop the clothes and accessories of brands featured in the game for real.

Dress Up Game Stylist

Dress up

This dress up game is next in our list where you could give perfect look to your models by full makeover. Dress your models with stylish clothes and accessories. 

Do their hairstyles and makeup then your model is ready for runway. You could play in multiplayer mode and compete on events. 

The game is available in 25 different languages. Participate in exciting theme and breathtaking challenges and amaze everyone with your styling abilities.

Love Nikki

Love Nikki

This is an interesting dress up game with an interesting story line. Join the journey of a girl Nikki who travel seven countries of world and discover new trends in fashion. 

The game focuses on dressing up with high image quality and interesting game play. It brings stereoscopic gaming experience to you. 

Thousands of gorgeous outfits that almost covered every dressing styles are present in the game. Compete battle against other designers and win over them. Play with your friends by joining in various in game activities.

College Girl Team Makeover

College girls

This dress up game is popular in which you are the fashion stylist of 5 most popular girls in a school. Dress these school girls from choosing 1000 of fashionable clothes accessories. 

You will be able to choose the color of skin and eyes, appropriate hairstyle and makeup. You could try giving different looks to the girls like a business women, a party girl and more. 

Choose the background according to you and show off your sense in styling to others.

Fashion Fever

Fashion Fever

This dress up game is next for you in which you could show your talent and dress up a supermodel diva in the trendiest outfits. 

Shop from trendiest fashion brands and expand your wardrobe. You could give the most perfect looks to supermodel for different occasions. 

Also, you could dress up your model for red carpet and fashion runways to become famous across the world. If you love fashion, this game is recommended for you. Try out different looks on your models for different occasions like photo-shoot or runway and explore more in fashion.

International Fashion Stylist


You can step into the world of fashion through this game. Here, you participate as a fashion stylist and all famous celebrities want you to style them. 

You could fill your wardrobe with gorgeous outfits and accessories. Additionally, you could put up your own show and start your own fashion trends. 

You could play the game with other players as well and it is available in many languages .The game offers you two style savvy modes which are style diary and style events. Dress up your models with different looks and enjoy the game.


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