Top 10 Best Dreamcast Emulator Apps For Android In 2023 !

Do you love playing games and have a great interest in experimenting with games? If you belong to any of the category then this information is just made for you. 

Dreamcast is one of the most popular game consoles that allow you to play game that were only in late 90’s. Then these Dreamcast Emulator Apps will surely land you in the land of nostalgia.

Though you can easily buy any old set top box and play old games, but that will be huge burden on your pockets.

Usually they are collected only by collectors and finding a modern analogue is quite difficult task.

Moreover finding a decent utility for smartphone can be another burden for your mind.

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This is because; sometimes some files harm your device in the form of virus and stealing personal data and in some other forms.

At this juncture Dreamcast comes handy. This console comes with modern features and analogue and many more interesting games.

If I say in simple words then these Dreamcast can bring your childhood and nostalgia back in just dew simple steps.

Along with this you also get some amazing graphics and effects to enjoy.

And just to ease your burden of searching, we have inoculated some of the best apps that you can easily download on your phone and enjoy playing games.


10 Best Dreamcast Emulator Apps



Reicast is one of the widely used Dreamcast emulator apps that allow you to run ant game of your choice with ease.

This app allows you to create your own reicast folder and let you play game with ease.

But one thing that you need to make sure is that you have the BIOS of game.

Moreover after couple of actions you can easily set up and locate the game and have fun.

And in any case you get troubled there is huge customer support for your help. In a nutshell you can easily save your game process with in the app without any much effort.



Redream is another option that allows you to play your favorite Dreamcast game in high definition quality.

And the best thing with the app is that you don’t need any particular setting and permission for your game file.

All you have to do is integration of the game’s BIOS files with Redream and here you go.

Besides this it has a huge library of already existing games on Dreamcast.

In addition to this it is easily compatible with latest smartphone and as well as for the older models. You can easily choose your game and enjoy.

Retro Game Collector


It is the must have reference app for the people who are hard-core fitness enthusiast.

This app serves as a reference for any game that is ever released.

With the app you can easily keep a track on your game list and the game you want to play.

Along with this it also support many console such as Dreamcast, 5200, Colecovision, 32X, 3DO and many more.

And the best thing with the app is that it has budget tracker that means you can easily keep a track of your purchases.

Dolphin emulator


Are you looking for a siple yet intuitive user interface app that can fulfil all your need at one place?

Then this one is quite made for you. Though this app doesn’t have its own game genre but its other features will compel you to try it once.

All you need to do is integrate your own game database with the app and here you go.

Moreover, you will never have a sluggish experience with the app.

This app always comes with latest improve every week. And the app is licensed one that means there will be no data breaches.

Classic Boy Emulator


Classic boy is another best option to play your favorite games directly through the app itself.

This app not only allows you to play games just by gamepad but also with the sensor.

In short you will have hassle free experience with the app. It has huge library of arcade games such as Nintendo, Saga Saturn, Neo Geo CD and many more.

Along with this it also has some other features such as custom setting, controller profile, audio reverb and auto save option for games.

Retro Arch


Retroarch is a powerful and easy user interface app that makes your gaming experience is a cake walk thing.

This app is one stop shop for your entertainment. Along with this it has many features such as eye catching menus, file scans, database view options, ability to play game with cheats, built in remapping and much more.

It has more than 80+ program and multiplayer program to play. And the best thing with the app is that there are no ads, no fishing, no restriction on usage and no spying.

It also has Multilanguage support and ability to remap with ease.



If you are looking for an app that can fulfil all your needs of entertainment in gaming world then this one is just for you.

It is open source software that comes with great graphic quality and real time rewinding of the game.

Besides this it also have some other features such as cheat file support, Sega 6 button support, touch input with multi button support, real time rewind, fast forward and much more.

And the best thing with the app is that it has auto save option that means your game will not ruined.

Retro Game Centre


Do you want to discover classic emulation games and play inside the app? Then this app is quite useful for you.

This app comes with many features such as emulation game database, built in universal simulator, zero configurations, ROM scan, support to various Bluetooth gamepads and much more.

Moreover, it has a huge library of 15k+ games that you can easily choose as per your preference and enjoy.

It also supports game search, provides convenient sorting, and filtering based on a game. You can also link local room with the app and can play inside the app itself.

Dig Emulator


Dig emulator app is another unique yet simple user interface app that allows you arrange game with ease.

This app painlessly organize your retro game collection. It automatically scan your device for games, download cover art, and assign emulators.

Moreover, you can also install your own simulator and install yourself.

Additionally, it has some other features such as 83 system support, merged game sets, android home screen game launching, 6 game view types, customizable themes with pictures and videos. And it also supports the zipped CD images.

MD Emu


It is an advanced open source such as Mega drive, Sega CD, Mega Drive and many more.

It has simple user interface that means you don’t even need any tutorial to understand it.

Along with this it has many other features such as SVP chip support, CD emulation, 6 button controller, 4 player multi app supports, and high quality sound emulation.

And the best thing with the app is that it has cheat code support as per your game preference.

You can also configure on screen multi touch controls. Additionally, you can work and play in easy orientation.

In a nutshell it is the best place to enjoy games and get back the nostalgia.


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