Top 10 Best Dating Simulator Game Apps For iOS & Android!

Are you tired of playing games like shooting, puzzle, and jumping from platform to platform?

If you want to try games that can give you scenario like real life situation, then you are at right place.

This piece of information is just for you. One of the most popular games SIMS was launched long ago. But its popularity is still there.

People love to play that game cause of its engaging content.

And keeping the same thing in mind many game developers have launched the same game in different format and style. Among them one of the popular is Dating Simulator apps.

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There is plenty of dating simulator apps available in the market that gives you an excess to enter in to a new world.

In this genre games are based on topics like friendship, romance and thrill.

These apps allow us to sharpen our strategic capability and analytical skills by takin part in real life scenario.

Moreover, if you lack in this particular area in your life you can simply use this app and get everything you want.

Along with this it is another opportunity to rekindle your relationship with your partner.

Here we have curate some of the best dating simulator apps that can take you in another world and help you to enjoy fullest.


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Romance Club


Romance club is one of the popular romantic game plays that are available for both iOS and Android user.

This app give you access to a place where you make choices as you play.

In this game you can customize your avatar, design your outfit, fall in love, romance and date cute guys and much more.

Additionally, you get a huge array of story such a Dracula, Heaven Secret, Love at outer space, and Legend of the willow.

Along with this we can develop connection with our favorite character as an enemy or a friend.

Campus Date


If you want to experience a romantic game in campus life scenario, then this app is just made for you.

With this app you get many features such as dating, girls and guys, daily gifts, easy customization to the outfits and much more.

Along with this we can also choose unique place to meet from a huge array of interesting location.

And if you solve the path of heart of each girl then you will be awarded with additional bonuses.

Unfortunately, this app is only available for android users.

Love Island

Love Island

This love island game put you into the heart of reality TV shows Love Island.

This show is quite popular among 12 million people worldwide. With this game you can play create and customize your own character.

We can choose how our love story unfolds. You win goodies with the choices you make.

Along with this there are 150 episodes and 3 seasons to play with. You get many challenges such as baby challenge, CASA Amor, Fire pit recoupling, cake challenge, wedding and much more.

It is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

Sinful Puzzles


Do you have the courage to go through the circle of hell and conquer the friendship?

Then this game is just for you. In this app you have to use all available to methods to get the demon princes or girlfriends.

You can get intelligence, charm, resourcefulness and humor to win more rewards and goodies.

Besides this it has many features such as colorful infernal locations, interesting tasks, tests, exciting worldly story and much more.

Unfortunately, this app is only available for android users. It is a unique game than can make you hook to your phone for long.

Passion Puzzle

Passion Puzzle

Passion puzzle is fascinating and free to play dating sim game where you can dive in to summer love adventure.

This game enables you to enter in to a costal place and helps you to make friends.

You can try to win the heart of beautiful females and level up in the game easily.

Additionally, you also get to solve 3 match puzzles to score up against your competitors.

It also gives many features such as anime, anime games, Japanese culture and much more. Luckily, this app is available for both iOS and Android users.



Moments is another highly interactive game for dating. It is available for both iOS and Android users.

With this app you can become part of a novel and can create your own story by making choices.

Along with this it has many features such as meeting with different novel characters, customize dresses for characters, date with your love, party and wedding with loved ones and much more.

Besides this you can figure out your problems, make good endings and earn rewards.

We can also share the story with friends and family & enjoy together.

Puzzles of Love

Puzzle Of love

Do you want to take the feel of a famous personality all across the world?

Then this is the best you can ever have. This game allows you to be a famous writer who writes romantic novels.

Your goal is to find your new muse in thousands of beautiful girls and perhaps even single love.

Along with this we get additional amps, gifts or toys to help you pass the game.

Besides this you get huge range of characters that you can choose as per your preference. You can also unlock plot events to get closer to the game finish line.



If you want to romance men, women, and non-binary characters with in the app. Then you are definitely at the right place.

This app allows you to get into a story and choose your love interest from 70 unique characters.

Along with this there are many series in the game such as ever after academy, tales of the wind, sin with me, queen of thieves and much more.

You can choose any of them and enjoy to the fullest. And it also allows you to play with your friends and family.

The Arcana

The Arcana

The Arcana is a fun yet mysterious dating simulator game. It is available for both iOS and Android users.

This app allows you to romance and fall in love with anime characters.

It has 6 different characters with which you can have romantic relationship.

And the game is accompanied by beautiful graphics and landscapes that give it a catchy look.

You can also become the protagonist and who get attention of all the character around you.

Along with this we can also enjoy our choice of mystic tarot reading. Moreover, it also enables us to earn reward by taking part in mini hunter game.

My Candy Love


My candy love is a flirting game where scenario changes depending on the choices you make.

With this app you can collect the outfits and illustrations, flirt with your favorite crush, and participate in different events.

Besides this you can also customized your different avatars from millions of looks and clothes.

And you can play 3 parts together and play any of them. Additionally, you also get new episodes regularly.

In a nutshell, this game is totally equipped with every ounce of adventure that can fulfil all your entertainment needs.


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