Top 10 Best Dancing game Apps For Android and iOS

If you are someone whose feet pick up the rhythm of songs, and love to learn the latest dance moves, this is the best place for you. We have compiled the best dancing apps for you. For some dancing is a hobby, for few it is a form of relaxation and for others it is passion. Whether you are a beginner or in tune with your body, you will find applications here to suit your needs. 

Digitization has made learning easy for many. Previously, when someone wanted to learn choreography to a new song or a new style, they could only do so by finding some dancing classes with a professional choreographer. But nowadays, with everything on the tip of your fingers, you can learn whatever you want, anywhere you want. So, get these dancing apps on your devices and get grooving!


10 Best Dancing Apps

STEEZY – Learn How To Dance

Get the international dance studio experience here with STEEZY, which brings you dance videos and over 800 classes from the best instructors in the industry! Learn dancing at your own pace with their step by step instruction videos, which range from beginner level to advanced. 

The app houses many different forms of dance styles like K-pop, hip-hop, jazz funk, open style and many more. Use STEEZY to build your confidence by learning the techniques and understanding the core to build a better foundation. 

Pocket Salsa Free

Developed by Modernistik, Pocket Salsa is a free app available for all the salsa fans out there. It is all about salsa. No, not the sauce.
The app has all everything from basic moves, to salsa dance videos which will get you moving in no time. These are also available for download so that you can access them anytime and anywhere without an internet connection.

Not only this, you can even watch the episodes of the TV show, Addicted2Salsa on this app. Did you know you can also practice your dance moves to different rhythms using salsa instruments like Tumbao Drum and Latin Clave? This app is there to help you in that as well!

Dance School Stories – Dance Dreams Come True

This is a full on dance drama game, where you have a character who gets to live out their dream of dancing and becoming a star. Developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale, this app lets you live out your dancing fantasy in the form of a role playing game, which is absolutely fun to play!

From deciding which dance style you want to pick, to taking dance lessons and advancing to next levels, you have a multitude of choices here. You can even go for auditions and pick out the perfect outfit for your performance! There are dance battles and dance offs your character can take part in and even go to gym and lift weights. Then there is also the drama as promised, in the form of a love triangle! Can you dance to win this?

Hip Hop Dance School Game

Animate your dance and pave your character’s way to success with this app. It is another dance game, specifically for all the hip hop fans, to choreograph their own dance moves and show off their talent to the world.
Since this is a dance school game, you will learn from a mentor here, practice steps and participate in competitions. You also get a makeover in this game, from awesome dancing shoes to your clothes as well as make up! Your character might also get injured and you will have to take time to heal or you can relax in a spa after a log and tiring day at the school. With so many choices, this game is sure to give a makeover to your time!

Belly Dance Fitness

Dance has many forms, with Belly Dance being one of them. Belly Dance Fitness developed by Chelin Apps, will definitely be a fun addition to your dance workouts focusing on your core muscles. 

For someone who loves belly dancing or is curious about learning it, this app is worth a try. Everything you need to begin for this journey, you can find here. Not only will you enjoy with this dance form, you also benefit from the many health benefits of dancing, particularly which keep your core muscles strong and sculpted. Not only this, you can even find beauty tips as well as fashion tips for today’s belly dancers. Go, shake that belly! 

Polearn – poledance tutorials

Here we bring to you the best of the pole dancing world with Polearn. With around 100 free videos available, with step by step instructions to make it easy to learn, anyone can join Polearn and learn as well as enjoy pole dancing, be it a beginner or an expert. 

There are many different categories available for you to choose from and you can even download the content you like and watch it offline. Watch and learn at your own pace by pausing and rewinding wherever needed. you can also watch the videos in a horizontal view for better access. The certified instructors as well as pole stars, the complete learning experience at Polearn will be one you will never forget. 

Body Groove

Body Groove brings you the best of dance and workout together. Designed for every body type, it gives you quite easy dance steps which you are free to modify as per your requirement and get in sync with your body. 

it does not matter whther you are an expert or just starting out, since you have the choice to modify your workouts based on dance steps. You will only grow stronger and have fun, whenever you want! You get access to many amazing features with Body Groove, which will never make a workout feel dull again and will take dancing to the next level. There are over 100 routines as well as live dance sessions in store for you, with unlimited streaming access! So what are you waiting for? 

Danssup – Global Dance Platform, Dance learning app

Dannsup, developed by Appnnovators, is more than just an app. It is a community connecting dancers as well as enthusiasts from all over the globe, on a single platform. From dance videos to trainers and experts, you can find them all here. 

Create your own dance videos and, upload and share your talent on Danssup! Collaborate with people and follow your favorite dancers. There are many professional dancers available real time with their online videos to the vast danssup community to learn from at their own comfort level. You can even earn by uploading videos here, given you are a dance guru. The best part is either you can organise auditions or take part in it, in the app itself! Make connections and get discovered worldwide! 

Just Dance Now

Developed by Ubisoft Entertainment, Just Dance Now is a great dance app which lets you dance to more than 500 songs, without the requirement of a gaming console!

From Despacito to Old Town Road, get your body moving to the greatest hits of all time, with new songs being added constantly. There is even a health dashboard to keep a track of how many calories you are burning while dancing! Put together your own playlist full of your favorite songs and have dance offs and dance parties with tens or hundreds or thousands of players. Put the music on, and move those legs! 

Dance with Madhuri Android App

This is the place to be if you have always wished to learn from the best celebrity dancers out there. Dance with Madhuri, as the name suggests, is backed by a celebrity and is an online dance academy for you to learn and stay fit. 

Get trained by the finest choreographers of India here and create and share your own dance videos. There are more than 2500 video lessons with more being added on a weekly basis. Moreover, there are over 25 dance styles for you to choose from,you can track your progress throughout and each with a beginner, intermediate or an advanced level. You can access the fitness programs available and track your progress throughout. The cherry on the top? In addition to learning Kathak and Bharatnatyam online, you can even get certified here after completing all dance tutorials! 


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