Top 10 Best Cut and Paste Photo Apps For Android And iOS

Our smartphones have a wide range of functions that we use on a daily basis, including the ability to take great images. Phone cameras have also advanced significantly.

You have definitely encountered this situation at least once in your life: you are taking a group photo and need to select the one in which everyone looks amazing. One of the people in the group photo has his eyes closed on one photo, another is speaking, and the others appear to be bored; Like this, people edit their images captured for a variety of reasons.

They might want to include some amusing elements in the photographs. It is necessary to adjust the illumination or they just want to improve the appearance of a photograph. Smartphones’ applications provide a solution to all of these problems.

The features of these apps have also evolved as technology has advanced in recent years. Some of them even feature incredible facial recognition or automatic processing capabilities, which can make the editing process a lot easier.

So, here’s the best cut and paste photo apps


Top Cut and Paste Photo Apps

PicsArt Photo & Video Editor


PicsArt has around 150 million users worldwide, which is a proof to the excellent services it provides. One of the most popular smartphone apps is their Photo & Video Editor.

Why would you install a different application for each step of the photo editing process when you can have everything in one? This app contains all of the editors in one place and should be your first choice.

Background Eraser to remove unwanted background in images, remove item to clean up and delete specific things on photos, adding amusing texts, numerous filters, and more are some of the key functions of this app.

This application is also a great option for a simple cut and paste picture editor because it allows you to select an object and then cut and paste it into other photos.

Cut Cut – Cutout Photo Background Editor


Cut Cut is a professional photo editor with a huge variety of backgrounds and filters to choose from. There are moments when you can snap some stunning photos, but the surroundings will let you down, such as a dirty wall or items lying around that aren’t really pleasing to the eye.

This app can make your life easier by removing that dull background and replacing it with one that is more fascinating. This application achieves this purpose by providing an artificial intelligence-based background removal method, which means your shot will look better with just a few taps on your smartphone screen.

Users can also use AI to select and trim out an object in a photo before pasting it somewhere else and can also personalize their photos with fun elements like stickers and filters.

Adobe Photoshop Mix – Cut out, combine, create


Adobe is the dominant player in image editing software, and they continue to provide their users with a variety of tools, including the new Adobe Photoshop Mix.

This application is a lighter version of its desktop software, giving users access to some of the most important functions found in full Photoshop. It doesn’t just cut and paste photos; it also converts your image with its Photoshop mix, cutting, pasting, and mixing different objects from other photos to create beautiful images.

At any time, you may use the app to modify the colours of your shot and enhance it. Colour settings such as brightness and contrast can also be adjusted by users. Furthermore, the availability of a non-destructive editing procedure means that no matter how many times you modify your images, the original file will remain unchanged.

If you enjoy photography, the Adobe Photoshop Mix includes a wide range of tools to choose from. You can look into its creative cloud photography plan, which includes the most powerful editing tools, including Lightroom and Photoshop.

Cupace – Cut and Paste Face Photo


Another great photo editor app is Cupace – cut and paste, which allows you to cut and paste faces from one photo into another. If you enjoy making memes and amusing photographs about your friends and family, the Cupace app is the one for you.

You may use the app at any moment, and you can generate new photographs by combining both personalities and locations. You may also add text and smileys to personalise your shot. This application has a function that allows you to preserve all of the faces you’ve previously edited out of photos.

As a result, you won’t have to go through the same process again if you need them again. This application also has a zoom function, which allows you to zoom in and clean up the changes made by the automatic procedure. The positive feedback generated by over 100,000 users indicates how handy this app is.

Auto Photo Cut Paste


The Auto photo cut paste application allows you to cut photos and paste them on another image or backdrop using the auto selection tool. For a more traditional way, you can use Manual Erase or Lasso Erase, which will offer you complete control over the cutting process.

The auto photo is quick and simple to use; all you have to do is touch the area you want to cut out, and the app will automatically detect and cut it out for you. There are various editing tools included in the application. Meanwhile, Auto Erase can help speed up the process by automatically isolating an object for cutting. 

Apart from different editing options, this application also includes a variety of photo backgrounds. Beaches to urban landscapes are among the subjects. You can also have some fun with the Face Swap feature, which allows you to swap two faces.

PhotoLayers – Superimpose, Background Eraser 


You want to make the background transparent but aren’t sure how to do it? If that’s the case, this application is for you. PhotoLayers is primarily concerned with the automatic detection of objects and people in photographs.

You’ll need to choose the background image and the main image — the one you want to take off – before you start editing. You can break the image into layers and modify each one separately, similar to how you would in Photoshop. Crop the image to a more usable size.

Dimensions, orientation, and transparency can all be adjusted directly in PhotoLayers; the most important thing is to remember to save the output after making any changes. The eraser can also be used as a point eraser to only remove specific areas of the backdrop.

You can blend up to 11 photos – 11 layers of the image – at once.

Cut & Paste Photo Blend in Pic

Last on the list comes, Cut & Paste Photo Blend in Pic. It is a multi-purpose photo editor and may be used to make memes as well as cut and paste photographs.

You must first draw a line outside of the object you wish to cut, then position it on the desired background or swipe the faces.

There are also a variety of photo merging options. There are a variety of stickers and photo effects to choose from. This application is more basic than the others, but it is still useful for creating imaginative fantasy graphics and amusing collages.

While this application is free to use, subscription models are also available, which provide users with new picture upgrades to help them enhance their photos app.


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