Top 10 Best Currency Converter Apps For iOS And Android!

Are you one of those people who love to travel a lot? Or your business set up in many continents.

Then this piece of information is in right spirits for yours. You must read this information till the end.

Whether it be buying some charms or breaking a deal, the main task with foreign transactions is the need for accurate conversion in local currencies.

For this scenario one thing always come at handy. And that is currency converter. In general we can easily get the currency rates using Google currency converter.

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But still sometime we need more that. So with some advance features there are many of the currency converter app available in the market that can help you in long run.

Along with currency conversion these apps enables you to see market trends over time, compare multiple currency, and get other financial information.

Moreover no matter in which country you are travelling you can easily get the currency conversion. You can travel for weeks, hours and even for months without any hassle.

Hence, depending on a particular choice of a person we have curated some of the best apps for easing your search burden. Having said that, let’s get back to the real information.


My Currency

My currency

My currency is one of the highly rated apps for currency conversion. It is available for only iOS users. It supports over 150 different currencies all over the world.

From American dollar to Colombian peso you get everything at one place. It also supports BitCoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

And the best thing with the app is its simple user interface; you don’t even need any tutorial. Along with this exchange rates are updated automatically.

You can use 3 decimal places for greater accuracy. Additionally, there is section with diagrams showing how currency rate are moving last day, month or year.



iMoney is a free real time currency exchange rate calculating application. This app provides calculation between 170+ most used currency with simple user interface. 

And the best thing with the app is that rate data will be updated on minute to minute basis. Besides this you get some other features such as rate history chart, bank currency trading price and much more. 

Additionally, it supports custom currency precious metal conversion and other advanced features. Apparently, the app also supports offline mode with latest saved currency rates. And it is compatible only with iOS devices.

Currency Converter Exchange

Currency converter exchangeIt is a simple and user interface app that supports more than 150 currency conversion at one place. This app is a perfect tool for the people who love to travel a lot.

With this app you get many features such as currency search for actual location, currency symbols, fast & easy result and much more. Along with this you don’t even need internet connection, it work offline perfectly. It also gives charts for easy recognition of the currency exchange.

Additionally, we can also store the last updated rates. Unfortunately, this app is only available for android users.

Currency Rates

Currency rates

Want to exchange the currency rate in the fastest way possible, and then this app is definitely for you. This app certainly helps in managing travel expenses with ease.

It comes with many features such as multi-currency display, accounting & report for travel and much more.

And you also get converter widget from home screen. Moreover the best thing with the app is that you can manually add and set the exchange rates for your own benefit.

Additionally, this app also works in offline mode. No matter you are in the range of network or not, you can reap all the benefits of the app.

Currency converter ²

Currency converter

If you want to have a smooth currency conversion experience then this app is a must have for you.

It makes all your international trip hustle and stress free by keeping your finances sorted. With this you can monitor 170 different currencies with their latest rates in the world.

It supports 23 different sources of exchange rates, banks and services to make your currency switch more easier and quick.

It also supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many more. It also works in offline mode that is you can save foreign exchange rate and use it even when you are not connected to the internet.

It is available for both iOS and Android users. It displays rate and work as a calculator for currencies. Along with this you can see charts and graphics to see trends and currency rise and falls.

Currency Converter Plus

Currency converter plus

It is the easiest user interface app for global exchange rates. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

This app comes with many features such as historic rate charts, built-in calculator, easy price conversion and much more.

The best part with the app is that you can convert multiple currencies at once.

It also supports offline exchange rate for both airplane and offline mode. In addition to this it also supports rate for Bitcoin and precious metals. In a nutshell from dollar to peso you get everything at one place.

Easy Currency

Easy currency

As the name of the app say, it is one of the easiest tools to convert currency instantly.

With this app we can convert more than 200 currencies with live exchange rates and offline mode.

And the best thing with the app is that you can set your own currency list and see everything at one glance. It also supports some metals and cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more.

Moreover it works in both offline and online mode. And the exchange rate gets updated on every second that means you get the best rate every time.

Currency Foreign Exchange

Currency foreignexchange

Currency foreign exchange is perfect calculator for currencies and precious metals.

Moreover the app is very small in size that means just little space with many more benefits.

This app supports more than 170 currencies, Bitcoin, Gold and Silver. And the best thing with the app is that it allows users to modify the rate to calculate and convert accordingly to particular bank rates.

In addition to this you can get any exchanged rates in offline mode too. And this app is available in both free and paid version.

Unit Converter

Unit converter

Unit converter is another wonderful app for currency conversion. This app has such simile user interface that you don’t even need any tutorial to learn it.

It supports more than 150 different currencies with the latest and updated exchanged rates.

Moreover, each currency rate comes with country flags. And that’s the one attracting thing that you will get only this app.

Along with currency conversion it also supports different systems conversions such as temperature, pressure, speed, weight mass, time and much more.

And luckily, this app is available for both iOS and Android users.

Money Converter

Money converter

This is last bit not the least option for currency conversion. This app comes with simple yet wonderful user interface app that is useful for both travelling and business.

Along with this you get many other features such as today widget, multiple currency conversion, exchange rates monitor and much more.

And the best thing with the app is that it supports historical and trending chart for currencies exchange rate.

In addition to this it also enables us to convert currency in Safari webpage. Unfortunately, this app is available only for iOS users.


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