Top 10 Best Couple Game Apps For Android & iOS

Whenever you get someone special in your life you always want to be connected to them no matter how far they are from you. 

Have you ever felt that you are growing depart from your partner and all your efforts are getting futile with the growing distance , then there are many apps that can help you erase all your worries in one go. 

These apps give you full access to their feature and help you reconcile with your loved ones .These apps can be used as sharing chat, audio, video, playing games, quizzes with your partner and know more about them.

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You can gain access to all the apps freely and can play any game in online and offline mode too. Isn’t it amazing to have your partner always on edge of your phone sharing secrets and laughter with each other. 

Making memories knowing each other more like never before and making your bond strongest forever. 

And along with this these apps give you access to the matchmaking too and get you a partner for life time. Here are some beautiful and easy user interface app that we get for your love life.



It is one of the highly rated couple games app that give you chance to be more close with your partner.

More than being an official it’s a private app for couple who can share and save their precious photos, videos, thoughts their upcoming schedule for meeting, special events and all this is  just between them as the app say. 

Along with these this app give you access to a large collection of emoticons and gifs so that you can express your feeling in a creative way. And moreover all you data are highly secured and encrypted. Isn’t it too easy to have your partner close to you just on one click.

Truth Or Dare

truth or dare

It is also an amazing and easy to use app .This app give you access to more than 1000 dares and truth questions along with this all the dares are categorized in to five levels from fun to hard that you can choose as per your choice and get to know more about your partner secrets. 

You can also personalize your dares as per your choice and do more fun with your partner. In short this app is a great choice to break the ice and take you relationship up to a zenith.

The Couple Game

couple game

The couple game is one of the popular relationship quiz game that give you a real time experience of quiz.

It is also the best long distance relationship game where you just share the link of the game and play on your own devices .

The most unique feature of the app is you can ask any question as per your choice or given in the app and then it count of all the correct answer and declare higher scorer winner. So let the game on and know more about each other.

Couple Widget

couple widget

Couple Widget is a private secure couple game app which gives you a great place where you can save dates and special events reminder and countdown of all beautiful anniversaries in coming future. 

Along with these this app give you beautiful widgets, themes and personalized picture access to decorate your reminder and date that you can secure with your own password. 

That’s how this app made it too easy to share and save your beautiful moments with your partner at one place.

The Couple

the couple

The couple is one of stylish couple app that automatically track the days you have been with your partner. 

This app gives you a variety of theme, emoticons, background effects and images, widgets style option to create your own reminder and notes, stories for your special day. 

It’s most striking calling feature help you connecting with your partner directly from app. And all your information you can secure with pass codes. In short this app save you from forgetting any moment that deserves to be shared.



Talk to you app is one of the extraordinary questionnaire and conversation starter couple app that beautify the partnership deeper and deeper. 

This app give you access to 400 questions from different aspects of your life and help you to do honest conversation with one another. 

And you can also share your own question and get to know more about your partner in a creative way. This app made it easy to get together and make communication worthwhile.



Desire is one of the perfect couple games that make you connected with your partner in fun manner. 

It has pre-loaded categories for dare like love, outdoor, fantasy, dress code, valentines and more. 

You can choose the dare according to your like and score points and you can even set time limits to complete a dare too. 

Along with this you get private chat and journal options keep a private space just between you and your partner. And you all get this just free on one click.



Ipassion is also a fun adult game app for the couple. This app gives you access to ask question according to your preferences and likes then your partner guess the answer and on each correct answer you get points and the one with more points win the reward. 

Along with this you can also chat about all the questions you were asked and about to ask. In short this app can make your communication a cake walk with all the features.



Bliss is also an adult couple game with both free and paid options. This game can be played in both online and offline mode. 

This app has 700 built in action set for you and when you roll a dice you land to a space and you are given an action based on the space you landed and you have to perform in given time limit. 

Along with these this app gives you an option to add your own music to enjoy

Happy Couple

Happy Couple

Happy Couple is a fun quiz style game for couples that give you a place to know more about what your partner thinks or feels about you. 

This app give numerous questions that you can ask to your partner and earn points with each earning points you unlock the higher level of the game and you also get tons of gifs to surprise your partner on winning or losing. 

Along with these you get daily tips to have a better relationship and reminder option for all your upcoming special events. And moreover you never get worry about your data as you can set your password on your own.


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