Top 8 Best Comic Maker Apps For Android and iOS

Everyone has the ability to create something new. They draw and can use their imaginations to create fantastical worlds and characters that are either humorous or powerful, or both.

We all enjoy reading attractive illustrated storybooks and comics. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve all wondered if we could write a storybook on our own.

While writing down the entire plot and then drawing the characters can be somewhat time-consuming, there is another, much more convenient method of achieving the same goal. Use your smartphone to do so.

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There are numerous apps available from both the App Store and the Play Store that can be used to create amazing stories with stunning graphics and appealing backgrounds.

Some of them even have animation capabilities. With these applications that even let students create sequential art, anyone from elementary school to high school may be a comic book artist.

Here are some of the best comic maker apps!


Best Comic Maker Apps

Comic and Meme Creator


Comic and Meme Creator is one of the best apps to create comics. The working of this application is based on frames.

You must first log in with either your Facebook or email ID before beginning your project in this app.

You can use a sequence of frames to create a meaningful comic plot. You can even insert your own characters into the comic and meme creation.

You can customise a frame by adding people, objects, extras, backdrop, and moving background. Aside from that, you can customise the frame with memes, effects, faces and photographs from the gallery and camera.

You have 8 different types of text areas to choose from if you wish to add a textbox for making character lines.

You can check the comic’s tale in a slideshow format after you have added enough figures, memes, and speeches by tapping on the preview.

When you are finished, save the comic in comic strip format or animated GIF format, whichever you want, to your phone.

Comics and Cartoon Maker


Comics and Cartoon Maker has a very user-friendly interface and is absolutely free to use. You can give your comic strips a more realistic feel.

It is easy and lightweight and works smoothly on any phone. It allows you to make a comic by importing photographs from your gallery or even just clicking on a picture.

There are several filters to choose from and after selecting one, you may add some speech bubbles to create a comic effect. You can also use this application to capture a fresh photograph.

For the entire scene, there are 8 speech balloons accessible to make dialogue and write stories. It has a saturation, brightness, contrast and detail slider that you may use to fine-tune the filter and achieve the perfect edit.

After the comic is finished, you can save it as a JPEG or PDF file.

MediBang Paint


You can make a comic out of a sketch with MediBang. It is more of a painting tool where you can create characters and then export them as a comic strip.

You cannot import speech bubbles or comic strips into your comic since they are not built-in. Brushes and pencil tools are included, and using this app on a tablet or iPad is recommended.

It offers over 100 free brushes as well as a variety of fonts. There are also a variety of typefaces, pre-made backgrounds, and other resources available. Once you learn how it works, it is simple to use.

It has a simple and user-friendly interface with all of the tools on the left, the canvas in the middle, and the layers set out on the right.

Once you have registered with MediBang Paint, you will have access to their cloud storage. As a result, you will be able to simply backup, organise and share your work.

This app assists you in bringing out your inner artist. In general, this is a fantastic application for creating your own comic.

Rage Comic Creator – Docomix


One of the most popular free comic maker apps is Rage Comic Creator.

This application also allows you to make funny comics, anger comics, funny stuff, humorous memes, tales, presentations and more.

You can also add characters, text and a variety of hilarious or troll faces.

You can easily share it with your friends via email, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in several file types such as JPEG, GIF and others, after the completion of your project.

You can also set the time between two slides in Rage comic designer, which is a useful option. Docomix is a fun application that will keep you entertained.

Clip Studio Paint

If you want to make your own comic books, Clip Studio is the best choice. The software is paid, with the Professional and complete versions costing roughly $25 and $109, respectively.

Basic settings such as determining the resolution and kind of comic print are fully customizable. The interface of the paint board is similar to that of Photoshop.

To draw the fantastic comic character, you can use a variety of paint brushes and painting tools.

The app is accessible on a variety of platforms, however the ideal way to use it is with a digital pen.

If you are willing to put in the effort to learn how to use Clip Studio, you will find that it contains a lot of features that will help you improve your drawing and comic-making talents.

Comic Puppets Lite


One of the best free comic maker applications is Comic Puppets Lite. It has a highly user-friendly UI.

This application may be the most effective way for you to express your talent.

There is also a community for Comic Puppets Lite known as comicpuppeteers.

Users can become members of this community and gain access to a large collection of characters and backgrounds.

Characters can be placed in any order you like. Many objects, such as wings, glasses, caps, expressions, and other accessories, are available. To make comics, you can even customise your own images.

You may also use comic strips to create humorous memes or to wish someone and share them on social media.

Comic Page Creator


Comic Page Creator is among the greatest comic creator apps for those who want to create a single page rather than a whole comic tale.

People who only wish to make a single page of imagination with fun or a message can use it.

When you first open the application, you’ll see a single screen with a variety of options. It can be puzzling for newcomers since there are no guidelines or labels for them.

Users can choose whether to keep a single frame or add a second frame according to their needs. Keep in mind that there are only two frames available.

Character creation is simple; simply swipe the slider to add comic characters and the slider makes them vary every time.

You will have complete control over the character’s face angle, foot and hand movement and direction. This is a great comic maker application for modifying character movement.

Comic Strip – Comic Maker


Last on the list comes Comic Strip – Comic Maker. It is identical to Comics and Cartoon Maker but includes fonts, sources, filters, and speech bubbles to the scene.

The procedure for making a comic strip in Comic Strip-Comic Maker is simple. First, pick a cartoon character, then either take a shot using your camera or select one from the gallery.

To give the comic a distinct look, you can apply a colour gradient on top of it. It combines a mixture of filters to give your photos a professional touch.

This application has a useful feature that allows you to select photographs in bulk, after which it applies automatic filters and corrections to generate a proper view. You also may insert stickers, speech balloons, titles, filters and more.

Once these comics are finished, you can share them with others.

Filtering can also be done manually. You can also change the border and choose from a variety of layouts.


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