Top 10 Best Cloning Apps For iOS And Android

Have you ever been in the situation when you are juggling between your personal or professional life? I think we all have gone through this.

And at a time it become so confusing that how to keep it separate. Earlier it was easy to keep different phones and tablet for our official and personal work.

 From bills, recharges to documentation and maintaining a monthly budget we are totally depended on different apps. As it become easy to handle all the work at some time.

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But with different devices sometime it gets tough to remember which account or app we are using for particular work.

As a result it become little messy to organize everything. But not to worry just like everything, technology has the solution for this problem too. Now a day’s many cloning apps are available in the market.

These apps make your burden little less. With these apps you don’t need to manage multiple account or multiple devices. You can clone any app and handle all work at one device.

What all you need to do is just download the app and handle all your work. Here we have dodged out some of the best apps for you that can ease your burden of handling work.



10 Best Cloning Apps

Dual Account

Dual Account

Dual account is one of the highly rated cloning apps specially designed for iOS and android users. This app come with simple user interface and very stable to use.

With this app you can create multiple accounts of app on one device. Along with these you get many features like file transfer, file locker, photo locker, and sharing option to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And you can also manage your public and private account of any social media app; additionally you can also set privacy to each cloned account. And it supports more than 20 apps to log in simultaneously.

Parallel Space

Parallel Space

Parallel space is another app with simple user interface that allow you clone any app. Along with this you get many features like use multiple social accounts, easy switch option between account, track upcoming events,  protect your security with lock.

We also get an option to clone some other apps like Bitcoin, Price tracker, utilities app like calculator and many more. And it’s one of the best options for WhatsApp business and advertising ads.

Though it available free but if you want to access some enhance feature you can get premium subscription.

Phone Clone

Phone Clone

As the name of the app suggests this app allows you to form a replica of all the applications on your device without jailbreak.

In addition to this you can also use it to clone your contacts, photos, and videos. This app has a clean and smooth user interface.

And its best feature is that you can transfer data from your one device to another too. And all this cloning work is just done in four steps.

So if you are looking for an app that can give you fastest speed in cloning your application then it is the best option.



If you are the one who is looking for an app that can help you to handle multiple social account on one device, then this one can do all the work. 

It supports a plethora of social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, twitter, and many more. And it’s one of the best feature is that you can keep log in of more than 3 account of a particular app.

Additionally , this app boasts of fairly easy user interface that makes your cloning app process a child’s play.

Super Clone

Super clone

Do you have problem to manage the multiple social accounts? Then this super clone app can be beneficial for you. This app allows you to manage more than 2 accounts.

It can run unlimited multiple account for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp messenger and other social media apps and games.

With this app we can easily switch between professional and personal accounts. And moreover you can customize your apps to differentiate from original app.

In addition to this it also provides you security to each app and all your cloned data and original data is separated.

Clone It

Clone It

Clone it is another superfast and easy user interface app that allows you to clone a batch of data. With this app you can easily backup and transfer 12 types of mobile data from one phone to another in two easy steps.

And for doing this you don’t even need a cable, computer or network. Along with this you get best transferring speed up to 20 M/S which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Additionally, you get super security for your each cloned data there is no need to worry about data leaks and breaches.

Whats Web

What's web

With whats web cloning app you will have two different mobile devices with the same WhatsApp account. And all this cloning work is done in three simple steps.

Along with these you get a special feature called dual story option which allows you to save WhatsApp on your devices that you can share later with friend and family.

In addition to this you can view your history, save statuses, and media files in various available formats. And it comes with such an easy user interface that allows you to access this app through QR code.

Clone App

Clone App

It is also one of the best options to clone your multiple apps on the same device. It also supports cloning of WhatsApp account with different colorful skin at the same time.

Along with these you get many features like colorful mode, magic stickers, clone sticker and support to 32 & 63 bits apps. And its best feature is that you get a private and free VPN without any ads or disturbances.

In addition to this you also get an option of cloning multiple games with same account. And you can also join Facebook and  twitter community to get more updates.

Dr. Clone

Dr. Clone

Dr. Clone app allows you to sign in two accounts of single app simultaneously and create a private space with hidden apps.

And this app is 100% free with zero 3rd party advertisements. Along with these you get many features like parallel social accounts, dual accounts, a particular hidden private space and much more.

In addition to this you can also lock your any app with a passcode and get rid of data breaches and leakages.

You can even block and display notifications as per your preference.

Parallel Account

Parallel Account

This app is last but not the least option to clone your apps and accounts with ease. With just one tap on this app we can easily switch between professional and personal accounts.

Along with these we get many features like parallel accounts option, optimize for battery and RAM performances, friendly and stylish user interface and much more.

And it supports almost every app so you don’t need to worry about anything just one tap and you get access to all of the features for free.


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