Top 10 Best Classified Apps For Android & iOS

Classified apps give you an amazing experience in selling and buying goods. It is the best place to find the items of your necessities in a short time and comparative less money. 

You do not need to go anywhere just sitting and relaxing inside your home, you can make money from your goods you no longer need. Sell it on classified apps with a price tag according to your wish and you could buy an almost new good from these apps.

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Many times, we face lack of money but we need to buy certain things then these platforms are the best where you could buy the second hand goods in very less price. 

These apps searches in local areas at first for the goods you want to buy so that there is no difficulties in carrying the goods. We have listed the top 10 classified apps for you which makes your selling and buying of used items very easy.


10 Best Classified Apps

Ksl classified

KSL Classfields

It is one of the most popular classified apps. This app makes your tasks easier in buying and selling goods. People often use this reliable app for Garage Sale.

Beside these tasks if you are searching for a new home, this app would help you in it. Many new and used cars are listed so you could find the best one. 

It has a job section which gives a reminder of new jobs opening and other job opportunities. This app provides you the list of local service pro contact number numbers and their rating. 



Wallapop is a free, fast and easy to use app. Want anything to buy or something to sell this is the best place.  You could find the best stuff in bargain prices. 

The app has many different categories for different items which makes your searching very easy. You could make money by selling your used stuffs. 

There is no delivery charges charged on you and the payment happen in person, locally. Try this app to sell collectible and vintage items and any item you no longer use it.



This one app is enough to fulfill all your need. When you talk about selling and buying goods, finding jobs, homes or local home services. 

You could have all you want at your doorstep. If you want to buy or sell any kind of properties, you could do it easily through this app. Avail home services from home cleaning to home beauty services.

 Need plumber ,electrician, painters or many more ,you can find them on app. Find secondhand cars, mobiles, electronic appliances, home décor items to buy and sell in the app.

Gumtree motors


This classified app is the best place to buy and sell motors. The app shows you thousands of car parts, motor vehicle parts and tucks in your local. 

The items are shown with its full description and clear images so you do not have any trouble. If you want to sell vehicle or its parts, it’s a task of minute .

You would find many buyers in one or two days in your local. You can communicate with others from direct messaging them for buying and selling in the app.

Varage sale

Varage Sale

This classified app is the perfect place to sell or buy stuffs safely. 

The app gives importance to the safety of their user that is why you need to go through the manual process before they allowed you to buy or sell things. 

You could filter categories and browse local listings to experience personalized shopping. Feel free to sell or buy any kind of stuffs like electronics, jewelry, household stuffs, clothings or more.



This is a famous classified app that makes buying and selling things simpler and faster. 

You could make your profile, see the profile of other to know from whom you are buying or selling to. The chatting feature in app make easier to communicate others. 

You could find anything you need and it is just a three step process to sell what you no longer need. Organize and highlights ads in easier and faster way to get contacts to sell.



This classified app is top rated buying and selling app. You could find and discover classified in your local as well as far away. 

Not only this app let you find a place to live, hire local services or get a new job very easily. The new auction feature called 5mile app Dash allows you to bid brand new item. 

The best thing about is when the user is unsatisfied with the product he could claim for refund. The app keeps your information safe and do not share with anyone so discover new item.

eBay Market Place


This classified app is next in our list. Discover amazing deals straight at your home through the app. 

Buy home essentials, electronics, fashion essentials and many more. Have something to sell, list all your items in the app and make money. 

The app shows you many used cars and its parts, at very low prices. Shop the best brands at amazing prices from fashion to electronics and many more at the prices you wish.



We suggest you the app to buy and sell classifieds. The app offers you best deals near your places so do not miss the amazing offers.

All kind of stuffs available in the apps like if you are looking for july 4th supplies, you could buy it from the app. Declutter your home by selling the items you no longer used in app. 

If you are looking for used cars, housing, electronics or any other stuffs, search on the app. Download the app to sell and buy stuff easily and safely.



This is an easy to use classified app that has more than ten million users and is one of the most downloaded app you can buy and sell most items anytime and anywhere connecting millions of people. 

Delivery of items are very secured with contactless courier deliveries so you can shop and collect without leaving your home. The app give you buyer protection so you could have your piece of mind. 


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