Top 10 Best Multiplayer Chess Game Apps!

Chess is one of the most interesting games dating back more than two thousand years. It managed to stand the test of time, and in the modern world is still one of the most popular board games.

In the age of digital technologies, many computer chess games have been created, including those for smartphones and tablets for a wide variety of tastes.

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We present to your attention the TOP of the best chess Game apps for smartphones on Android and IOS, among them are game portals and training courses on chess.


Best Chess Apps

Chess Guess

chess guessA relatively recent application for teaching chess has already won the hearts of fans of the traditional game. 

You’re visiting study 50 of the simplest, well-commented games of the nice world champions + one uncrowned champion, genius of combination and open play – Paul Morphy.

In each game, tasks await, where at a turning point you have got to guess the move or the full variation for the globe champion. By completing the complete course, you’ll significantly improve your strategic understanding and tactical vision.

At the instant, within the application you may find: 400 commented games (50 games for every champion), quite 2500 tasks for guessing moves, audio comments (!), Detailed statistics on completed tasks, biographies, photos, play sort of each champion. 

Deep Chess


Deep Chess is a great game app that allows user from all level understanding to  play and enjoy the game. It supports difficulty starting from beginner to GrandMaster.

It has 21 levels with more than 400 chess puzzles to solve. Unlike other traditional online chess game apps, it supports both multiplayer as well as against computer mode.

The Graphics are too user friendly and you can customise it using options provided. It allows you to switch board between green, blue and brown color.

Also, It provides chess learning guide. Additionally, it facilitates saving of game that you can download and unload later to continue.

On the top of it, this provide hint moves as well as option to undo the moves. This app is available in free version with in-app purchase option. It has its internal reward system too, that keeps the spirit high. All you have to do is to play this game to explore more.



In essence, an analogue of the portal, there are different game modes, tournaments, each player is assigned a personal rating, which changes in line with the results of the sport.

Additionally, to classical chess, you’ll play about chess games like “giveaway”, “horde”, “Swedes”, and other “fantasy” chess. The sport supports about 80 languages, therefore it’s popular everywhere the planet.

Another nice bonus program is totally free. It’s also one in all the most effective online chess applications. Available for android and iOS.

Play Magnus

play magnus

The chess app is additionally available on android and iOS platforms. Its essence is that you just can play with the globe champion Magnus Carlsen at different age stages of his chess career, ranging from the age of 5.

The application contains an analytical module that enables you to go looking for errors within the games played. There’s a video about Magnus Carlsen’s chess career. The applying has gained popularity among young chess players who are at the start of their journey.

Chess Puzzles

chess puzzles

This app is not like most chess games. Your attention is invited to a variety of tasks where you need to find a win for one of the parties. Puzzles are considered tasks to checkmate in one or several moves, plus positions for winning material. 

The developers believe that the difficulty of some tasks reaches a rating of 2000 or more, and these figures correspond to the level of a candidate for master of sports in chess. By tackling the proposed positions on a daily basis, you can improve your tactical vision. 

If the offered tasks are not enough for you, you can purchase the full version of the program. The downside to this app is that it won’t improve your strategic understanding of the game.

CT-ART 4.0

CT-RT chess

The application is a digitized version of the book on solving chess combinations by Maxim Bloch “Combination motives”. The application also consists of “puzzles” tasks in which you need to find a win for one of the sides. 

Unlike “chess puzzles”, tasks are systematized according to topics, each of which represents some kind of chess technique, for example, tasks for “double hit”, “link”, “distraction”, “enticement”, etc.

The ELO rating system is built in, to measure your progress. A good program for developing combination vision, but it is also unlikely to add strategic understanding to you. The disadvantage of the program is, perhaps, its cost. For the full version, the developers want $7.99. App available for android and ios.

DroidFish Chessdroidfish chess

An analogue of the popular Stockfish chess analytical module, which allows you to investigate the games played. More suitable for “advanced” chess amateurs, dischargers. The program supports PGN, FEN and EPD files.

Like many programs, you’ll be able to adjust the problem level. If you participate in tournaments and practice professionally, the program are a superb assistant within the analysis of games. On the plus side, the app is free and has no ads up to now.

Follow Chess

follow chess

The application will appeal to those who follow what is happening in the world of chess. In real time, you can view games from major international tournaments and analyze the progress of the game using built-in engines. Multiple games can be viewed on one screen.


chessbaseThose who are seriously interested in chess no longer need to have a personal computer or laptop next to them to work with the bases of games. Chessbase is now available for smartphones.

More than 5 million games are collected in one application. You can easily find the games of any world champion from any tournament. 

Watching the opening you’re interested in or uploading your own part is also easy. Allows you to download and save PGN files. Access to the full version costs about $8.99. The app is available for android and ios.

Chess Free


The board game from the developer AI Factory Limited is one among the foremost popular games of this genre for mobile devices. Everything that a chess player’s soul can wish for is here.

The sport features 12 difficulty levels, advanced game modes, championships and achievements – and even the flexibility to avoid wasting your ends up in the cloud. The sport interface is easy. However, there are eight themes to settle on from.

You will not find in-app purchases within the free version, but you’ve got to accommodate ads in it. To induce eliminate ads, you’ll be able to buy the paid version for $ 0.99.


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