Top 10 Best Cartoon Yourself Apps !

Cartoons are everyone’s childhood emotions. I bet during your childhood you must have wanted to make cartoons for yourself. 

Now we have booming technologies that allows us to do most of the things we want. Through this article, we will help you to engage your life with cartoons again by using some cartoon yourself apps. Cartoon yourself apps are quite trending nowadays. 

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By the way, there are many Cartoon Yourself apps in the market. But In his article, we have sorted out some cartoon yourself apps that will remind you of your childhood memories. Also, you can learn animation and storyboard using these apps. 


Best Cartoon Yourself Apps


MomentCamMomentCam is an amazing app for making your customized cartoon. You just have to choose a photo from your gallery, then select between comics and emoticons after this MomentCam will change your avatar.

You can create templates, emoticons, and funny cartoons from your photos to exhibit your mood in the comical and cutest way.

The app allows you to personalize your avatar completely like hair, glasses, beard, skin tone, and much more. The extraordinary thing in this app is quotidian updates for every Occasion, and culture. 



 Painnt is quite sturdy in Cartoon Yourself apps. Painnt gives you a moment to fuel your creative side. The developer of this app used advanced AI technology to give you a satisfying and unique experience.

Art created by this app is very accurate and flawless. You can create your art with tons of fully customizable HD filters. Turn your photos into Paintings that looks very actual and beautiful.

This Cartoon Yourself app gives you a chance to show your creativity to the world. There is a community option where you can display your paintwork and receive people’s feedback. You could enable high resolution via app subscription.



Still waiting for you perfect cartoon avatar? Then Toonita is a must have app for you. 

Toonita app is a complete cartoon yourself app with some amazing photo editing features. Unlike other apps, Toonita processes image in highly professional manner and do not degrade the image quality.

While using this app, first you have to prepare your image by using various photo editing tools such as crop, rotate and adjusting the size of your nose, mouth or eyes to give more cartoonic effect.

Then image processes through stylize stage where you can select your cartoon avatar from more that 20 available styles. You can change the color of the photo to cartoonize it and create a funny face for you.

Next is professional stage of enhancing image by adjusting contrast, brightness, hue , saturation and much more. After this you get to add stickers, bubble dialogues and what not. This stage make your image more dramatic and adds comic effect to it.

And the very final stage allows you to add filters to your cartoon avatar like sepia, black and white and much more.

Toonita delivers a high quatlity cartoon avatar. This app is available for both android and iOS users.

Moment Cartoon 

Moment cartoon

This cartoon yourself app converts one of your moments into a colorful and joyful life. The most special thing about this app is the filter flash effect.

Moment cartoon app will give you many specifications like sketching/ special drawing/stickers and frame/focus and orientation/clarification and much more. 

There are also some avatar editing tools by which you can customise your hair, glasses, beard, and much more. Make stickers of yourself photos.  

In this app, you can participate in many selfie contests. The winner will be one who gets maximum likes in a week.



This Cartoon Yourself app is very funny and cool. In this app, you will get how much your photos change artistically.

In this FaceQ app, you can create a cute, cartoon avatar of yourself photos with various funny gestures. You can make any character which is in your mind. Customize your hair, beard, eyebrow, glasses, skin tone, cheek, nose, and much more. 

Today, this app is very popular due to its very convenient and good services. You can also make stickers with your friends.  

Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon photo editor

This Cartoon Yourself app was very impressive. It is a bit different from other Cartoon yourself apps. It will transform your photos into cartoonist and painting style.

In this app, you can make your clicked photos into sketches, oil paintings, pencil drawings, and a lot more. This app gives you an autofocus function in which you just have to click anywhere and art will be more veracious. 

You will get a different variety of filters, frames, sketches, and many things. You can apply Cool and Artistic effects to make your art more impressive.

You can directly share your edited art in your social media account. You can use the back as well as a front camera for capturing the images. This app has very satisfying outputs.



This wonderful app was developed by Prisma Labs, Inc. This app has a good market value due to its fast processing and extraordinary design. You can easily edit your photos even without knowledge of Photoshop.

You will get 300+ art styles in the Prisma library. There is an image enhancement tool in which you can adjust exposure, sharpness, contrast, brightness, etc. of photos. In this app, you will also get the largest collection of different artistic designs.

This app releases you daily fresh art filters. You can also share your photos with Prisma’s community and get some inspiration.



FlipaClip is an incredibly funny animation making tool. You can make your cartoon short movies or GIF files with your own story. 

This app will give you the best animation making experience. You can add audio, dialogues as your voice, put images and videos. 

FlipaClip is the best platform for learning animation and storyboarding. You will get lots of effects like skin effects, sound effects, visual effects, and much more.

After making a unique and exciting animation movie you can share it with FlipaClip’s community and win exciting prizes.



This app has unbelievable skills that create your art precisely. This app has used appreciable 

AI Technology to create your art with fascinating. In this app, you can adjust, stylize, retouch, and highlight the photo. Record video from your phone and do whatever you want. This app is the gem of cartoon yourself apps.

In this app, you can create your cartoon images or comic movies by using different tools. This app is a high-resolution, high-quality photo editing app that transforms your images into a funny cartoon. 

Clip2Comic app is available in different languages. How they render the video so quickly that will amaze you.  



Now come to our next app of cartoon yourself app list. This app was developed by Bobble AI Technologies. This is a kind of AI keyboard that will make your conversation more fun and friendly.   

Bobble app was fully congested with stickers, emojis, hilarious GIFs, memes, font style, themes, and many more. You can make GIFs by just typing any text in your keyboard and then press GIF you will get the exact GIF.

Bobble also provides you the special stickers, emojis for every special occasion. This app is available for different languages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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